The unexpected


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This is a story based on a true event of a friend ho committed suicide last year. i didn't personally know him, but i have a friend who did. this story is the beginning of what i hope to eventually create into a book.

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The unexpected

  1. 1. The Unexpected. No one thought it would happen this way not even me, and that’s saying a lotconsidering I was his best friend. We’d been friends since kindergarten when he sharedhis crackers with me because I had forgotten mine. He was the nicest kid anyone couldever possibly know. With the best smile, laugh, eyes… no one hated him; or at least wethought so. He was just so happy all the time! He acted as if nothing could get in his wayor change what he believed. Sure, he got picked on because of his smallness, or the fact that he didn’t dategirls, but maybe he hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet, or he wasn’t allowed to date girls. Iknow half of that isn’t true, but did they? Maybe some of them. But they couldn’t havethought they were rumors, could they? What happened to this world? Back in the oldendays people would think of it as sin to bully or gossip. Everything has changed sodramatically in such a short time. If I could, I would go back in time and right all thewrongs, and save him. What if he was trying to tell me he was going to commit suicide?Was I too into myself to hear his plea for help? I noticed the distance from others, thelack of interest. Suddenly he wasn’t there. I waited at school for his appearance. Firstday, second day, third, fourth, fifth. A whole week goes by without any sign of him.What kind of friend wouldn’t call? But on the sixth day, I got it. A call. It’s from hisparents, Mr. and Mrs. Westcott. Sorrow fills the crevices of their voices. I demand toknow what’s going on with such force it shocked me. Through sobs and gasps, theyfinally get it out. He tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in a tree in his backyard.Apparently he’d been acting strange all week. Like giving away personal items. Theydidn’t know what to do; they just thought he was sick or something.
  2. 2. “But we were wrong,” they had said about him being sick. Only they weren’twrong. He was mentally sick. After finding him hanging almost lifelessly, they callednine-one-one and cut him down from the tree. When an ambulance arrived, they took himto hospital and did everything in their power to save him. But it didn’t work. His throatwas too damaged. It was a sealed deal. He had his life taken away. Why, you ask?Because he was bullied. I always knew he had trouble with bullies, but I didn’t know itaffected him so much. He was gay. So what? I’m sure just every one of those bullies watched at leastone show with gay people in it and never made fun of it. They’re insecure low life kidswho want to make others feel bad because of their own insecurity. You know what I haveto say to those people? Get help! And you know what hurts the most? It’s mainly myfault because I never stopped to ask, “Hey, what’s wrong? You seem kind of down.” If Idid, would it have helped? Probably. Oh, Seth… I’m so sorry!Chapter one: Eyes puffy, lined with red from rubbing them, I walk into the school building. It’snot going to be the same without Seth. He was the highlight of my mortal life. I can feelthe stares of other kids as I walk towards my locker. Everyone knows what happened toSeth now. It was on the news, and there was a candle-light service for him last night. Istayed there until five this morning, just crying and saying his name over and over again,hoping the cameras would come out and say that I have just been punk’d’. Only it didn’thappen. If there is anything I could do to bring him back, I would do it in a heartbeat. AsI walk down the hall, I notice that the talking has gone down to a light whisper, all eyeson me. I open my locker and put my books inside it. Before shutting it, I look at thepicture of Seth and I from last years’ Halloween party. We were both ninja’s and his hada pink headband.
  3. 3. “Evelyn, you would look so magnificent if you wore a pink headband,” he hadsaid to me when we were getting ready earlier that day. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing,” I say, adding a big smile. He justlaughed and flung it at me. Later that night, there was a picture booth thing going on andwe spent almost all our tickets just taking pictures. We wanted it to be a night we wouldremember. Out of all the pictures we took, only two of them turned out. Seth had his inhis locker, and I have mine here. I take my history book out of my locker for first period and slam my locker shut.When I turn around, everyone’s eyes are on me. I give hostile looks in every directionand say, “What? Do I have something in my teeth? A kick-me sign on my back?” Peopleslowly start to turn away and the talking becomes loud once again. I start to walk downthe hall when a junior named Drew shoves me with his shoulder. “No,” he said, “nothingon your back or in your teeth. Just found a new ugly thing to look at it.” “Then look in the mirror, Drew,” I say. He just pretends not to hear me andcontinues down the hall. He was one of the people who bullied Seth. When I rememberthis, it takes all my energy and strength not to turn around and cuff him in the neck. It’spretty much the best self -defense technique for a girl, really. Especially when he’s ajunior and I’m a freshman. The stares don’t stop all day. It’s torture, but I cope through it because I don’twant to go home. My parents will just keep on bugging me over and over again on if I’m“okay” or if I want to “talk about it”. God, I hate it when they do that! When anyone doesit. There’s nothing worse. You think they’d get a clue after almost fifteen years. Mybrother, Vander, was and still kind of is the same way. We get along great. He’s nineteen,but still hasn’t moved out from our mom’s house yet because he can’t – or won’t – getinto a college. I don’t mind him staying with us. Actually, I love it! If he moved out, Iwould be left alone with our parents. We both hate them. We don’t even call them momand dad. We call them by their real names, Rose and Alex. They are divorced and I stillhave to keep on going back and forth from their houses. It really takes a lot of energy outof me. Seth always told me to look at the brighter side of things…. I guess he didn’t. Anyways, I’m with Rose on weekday’s, and at Alex’s on weekends, includingFriday. Vander lives with Rose because it’s mainly where I am and he and Alex don’t get
  4. 4. along at all. It’s pretty much because Alex got remarried to a girl named Delvia. She’shorrible! I can’t pee without her yelling at me. One time I had just shut the door to thebathroom (which swings open) and turned on the shower to take one when she startedyelling at me to let the dog in. I was mad that she couldn’t, so I swung the door open hardand fast. Well, it turns out that she was standing right outside the door when I opened itand it smacked right in the nose. I tried to tell her I was sorry – though I’m not sure if Iactually was – but she grabbed my shoulders and backed me up into the bathtub where Ihit my head hard on the metal faucet. I also got drenched from the water. Swear wordscame out that I didn’t even know I knew that were aimed at Delvia. That’s when Alexcame in. a little too late, I would say. Of course, I was blamed for this whole situationbecause I should have been more cautious when I open doors. Alex took Delvia to theemergency room while I stayed home. When they pulled away, I called Seth and told himwhat happened. “That’s the way to get her,” he told me when I told him about smacking her. Ilaughed. Not really because it was funny, but because of how cheesy it sounded. Sethalways knew how to cheer me up. So did Vander. They actually got along really well,even though Vander knew he was gay. He was never the kind to make fun of people.That’s what I like most about him. Everyday when I would come home from school,Vander would ask me how Seth was doing and if he was going to come over. But most ofthe time I didn’t let Seth come over. Mainly because of Rose and Alex. Seth liked Rose for the most part. That’s only because he didn’t live with her andonly saw the show she put on when people come over. If he had stayed at my house formore than two days, he would see the things she does to me when she’s drunk. I try toleave as much as I can when she is drunk. If I am around her, she will hit me. Most of thetime Vander is there, even though he hates being there. It’s because he is worried aboutme. I am tempted to call the cops on her sometimes, but then I would end up with Alexand Delvia. If that ever happened, I would run away. I’m sure he wouldn’t care, though.He just thinks I am an uncontrollable girl who is mental. He has never actually said thatbefore, well, the uncontrollable part he has, but still. It hurts all the more. I can’t cryabout it though. That will show I am weak, and if that happens… then I am nothing.
  5. 5. The only friend I really had was Seth, but with him gone I don’t know how long Iwill last. I know I should probably get help, but I can’t bring myself to do so.