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Technology Slidehow

Technology Slidehow



This is a slidesh

This is a slidesh



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    Technology Slidehow Technology Slidehow Presentation Transcript

    • During the construction of our thriller we learnt how to use different types oftechnology and it has benefited us in many ways, we have gained new skills and developed our old ones.
    • During the construction of our thriller welearnt how to use different types of technology.We used this to make our thriller as interestingand as realistic as possible.One of the main types of technology that weused was the iMac. The iMac was the mostcommon piece of technology that we used. Thiswas because the iMac had all the programs thatwe needed to edit and make out thriller.On the iMac it had programs such as Final CutExpress, Livetype and Garageband. These werethe programs we could of potentially used for The image above is of an iMacour thriller. which we did all of our technical work upon.
    • During the construction of our thrillerwe used mobygratis.com for ourmusic. We used this site for our musicas it’s one of the sites that we wereable to use without having anycopyright issues. We downloadedthree different tracks fromMobygratis to use at different stagesfor our thriller. When going on thissite, we had the chance to choosefrom a selection of tracks that would These images of Floridabe suitable for our thriller. Once we requesting permissionhad all agreed on the selected tracks for the music and theFlorida requested a license and once confirmation form.approved, I was able to add themusic to the visual during the editingprocess. To use the track we had todownload the selected track andapply it to the timeline of our movieon Final cut Express.
    • We also used Final Cut Express to edit ourthriller. This was the most important piece oftechnology that we used to edit our work on.To use this we had to upload our video directlyfrom the camera. Some of the things we coulddid on the program was be addtransitions, effects and music on to thetimeline, to make the visual look and soundmore professional. The use of transitions madethe visuals go to the next scenesmoothly, effects made it look as how wedesired it to look and finally the use of musicto make it sound like a Hollywood stylethriller; therefore we used multiple tracks forour final piece. This is a screenshot of me editing our thriller on Final Cut Express.
    • We used surveymonkey.com to Before we started our filming we talkedget audience research. We about the target audience. We then got ourasked them the following results and looked at what people wanted inquestions: a thriller and what aspect/feature they1) Are you a male of enjoyed the most. The first option which our female? audience choose was suspense and in second2) Do you enjoy place was mind games. Once seeing these results we added both of these thrillers? aspects/features onto our thriller. Our target3) What is the best audience are teenagers/young adults. aspect of a thriller?4) How many times do you go to the cinema in a month?5) Where do you watch films from?6) How old are you?7) What are your This is an illustration of the results that we favorite thriller received after we films? posted our question on surveymonkey.com
    • Blogger was the website which we used to postdaily updates the process of what we weredoing for our. I used blogger as a diary andwrote all the things we had done,we updated itevery time we had something to write, weadded pictures, videos and audio during thefilming, of our final product. Blogger kept trackof everything that we done. We also analyzedfilms, thriller openings, music, mise enscene, characters, setting and researchedtarget audience. The image above is my blog and the image to the left is where I can edit any of my posts.
    • During the construction of our thriller we also used live type for the titles and the actors/actresses names. We used live type to make our thriller as interesting and as professional/realistic as possible. The font that we used throughout the whole thriller was“cracked”. We used this font since it represented a thriller the most, we used effects on the fontsto make it look more animated like the editors of the film industry use. The use of the font also created tension and suspense which we needed since in fact we were making a thriller therefore needing to use the aspects of a thriller.
    • Youtube was also a very important technology that weused. We used youtube to upload our work on toit, then transfer it onto our blogs. We also usedyoutube to watch thriller openings or certain aspectsof a thriller to analyze it and be able to use what welearnt, in able for us to produce our own thriller.Youtube was very importantin our list of technologiesbecause it helped us research thrilleropenings, endings and titles and how effectively theyare used. We were also able to watch previousthrillers from past students to help us come up withideas and camera techniques that were available tous.
    • These images were taken when The camera which we used to film we were in the middle of our filming process of our thriller was Canon MD101. This was the entitled Mistaken Identity. most important piece of technology as it was the main source that we used for us to be able to film our thriller, research for target audience and also film our preliminary task. We used this camera and the tripod (Slik U8000). Both of these pieces of technology were important as we used both of them to film. This is the equipment that we used to complete are filming.
    • Mobile phones was also an important piece oftechnology that we used whilst constructing ourthriller; although we did not use our phones as muchas the other pieces of technology. To construct ourthriller we used didit when needed and it was veryhelpful. One of the main reasons why we used ourmobile phone was to take pictures of our location thatwe where going to film in and take pictures whilstfilming. Another reason that we used our phones wasfor bluetooth, we manages to connect our phonebluetooth to the iMac’s bluetooth to transfer photos.We also used the iMac’s bluetooth to transfer files toand from other iMac’s.This was very important andhelpful as I made the construction of our thriller easierand more effective.