Louisiana Actors Expo Sponsorship packet 7.11


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Louisiana Actors Expo Sponsorship packet 7.11

  1. 1. Louisiana Actors Expo Sponsorship ProposalThird from R ! Eric Thompson, Vice President, Twentieth Cenury Fox; L ! R, Writer/Directorr/Producrs: Jason Hewitt, Steven Esteb, Katherine Brooks, Matthew Dickens, Lolis E. Elie
  2. 2. Louisiana Actors Expo SponsorshipThe third annual Louisiana Actors Expo brings together over 300 actors, writers, directors,producers, casting directors, talent agents and acting coaches for a day of professionaldevelopment and networking opportunities.Film industry professionals from Los Angeles to New York will converge on NewOrleans, Louisiana for the largest event in Hollywood South. The two day event includespanel discussions with writers, directors, talent agents and casting directors. In addition, 1there are opportunities for actors to audition for casting directors and to meet privatelywith talent agents. The Expo will also feature an exhibit are for business andorganizations that provide the tools and services for actors, such as acting schools andcoaches, headshot photographers and make!up artists.This year, The Expo will be produced in conjunction with the Cutting Edge BusinessConference.
  3. 3. TESTIMONIAL• Vice president Twentieth Century Fox, Eric Thompson ! "Loved it! Thank you!"• Talent Agent, TAG Talent, James Boyle ! "You are an incredible woman, what a success the eventwas, I was blown away by the attendance and participation. It was a pleasure and honor to be part ofsuch a great thing for our industry and the actors. Im excited for next year. Thanks for having us!!"• Actor, Cat Tomeny ! "I thought it was money & time well spent! It was a great opportunity to meet,audition & get feedback....Which is an unusual situation. So many times I would have love to said "so,how did I do"?"This was a great experience & I appreciate all the hard work that went into puttingsomething on this scale together! "Thanks again for all that were involved, see you next year!"• Actor, Shima Ghamari ! "The Actors Expo is by far one of the most informative and e# ectiveprofessional development events I have ever attended."• Actor, Nadene Berenger ! "I want to thank you again for organizing the Expo. It was wonderful and 3a great experience for my nephew. He was seen and stared down by a casting director who showeredhim with business cards of agents and c.d.s and gave input on his look, etc. It was amusing yet it madehim feel great about himself. He enjoyed the improv classes immensely. Hes definitely got a step upbecause of the Expo!"• Actor, Tamarah Murley ! "The Casting Sessions were defi nitely a highlight of the day for me. Beingnew to the New Orleans market, it was a golden opportunity to get face time with these prominentCasting Directors; CDs who are casting projects right now! "• Actor, John Lovett ! "Thank you for arranging the Expo. You did it proud."• Talent Agent, Hale Talent, Rebecca Hale ! "You did a great job! I thoroughly enjoyed it!"• Director, Gravy Films, Steve Esteb ! "You did a great job. A great success. Stay in touch."
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  5. 5. Gary Marsh, CEO and founder, of Actors Access and Breakdown Services, the premier online castingportal, utilized to cast over 98! of the fi lms produced in the United States.Casting Directors, Elizabeth Coulon, Coulon Casting, and Ryan Glorioso, Glorioso Casting. 5
  6. 6. In addition to panel discussions and Q&As, actors were also given the opportunity to audition with casting directors who are currently casting projects and looking for new talent. Actors were given 24 hours to prepare for their audition.6
  7. 7. 7 L ! R Judd Lormond, actor and audition coach;Casting directors Elizabeth Coulon, Ryan Glorioso, Lisa Marie Dupree.
  8. 8. 8 Lawrence Turner, Agent, Del Corral Talent; Executive Director NOARC Shanda Quintal
  9. 9. 9Breaking Into Acting 101 3rd from L ! Diana Boylston, AFTRA regional representative; L ! R " Agents Leslie Creppel; Cast Our Kids, Erin Guidry; Trinity Talent; Liz Atherton, TAG Talent
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  12. 12. Louisiana Actors Expo Sponsorship SPONSORSHIP Principal !250 ! Includes Company/Name/Logo and a very special thank you in event program "Includes one complementary ticket to the event#12 Supporting !1,000 ! Above plus Company/Name/Logo on all Expo marketing materials from now till end of event "including all flyers as well as all e!updates# "Includes two complementary tickets to the event# Lead !5,000$ ! Above plus Company/Name/Logo on Louisiana Actors Expo, NOARC and Cutting Edge: CE websites for the next six months "Includes three complementary tickets to event# Oscar Winner !7,500 and above ! Above plus sponsorship acknowledgment during opening statement of panel discussions ! Sponsor banners displayed at both the Actors Expo event and the music festival. "Includes four complementary tickets#