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Video inspirations mood_boards-4 new


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Video Inspirations
  • 2. Genre When creating my initial ideas I considered genres such as Modern R&B, Grime, Country, Pop, indie and rock. Therefore the images on the slide show below are from music videos from artists such as Devlin, Delilah, Yasmin, Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood and Natalia Kills which all fit into one or more of the above genres. All the music videos below conform to the typical codes and conventions of their particular genre for example the music video “runaway” performed by Devlin conforms to the typical codes and conventions of the grime genre by being filmed in a location consisting of council houses and being set in a city. Therefore when creating my own music video I will take into consideration the typical codes of the particular genre I decide to base my music video on, however I would also like to break away from some of them.
  • 3. Type of Music Video The slide show below shows a variety of images taken from a number of music videos which have combined both performance and narrative. In my initial ideas I was particularly interested in creating a music video which combines both narrative and performance. Like the music videos shown below I would use editing techniques to combine the two, I would do this by cross cutting between scenes of the band performing and scenes creating the narrative. I also like the idea that by including a narrative you can break the conventions of a typical music video by including diegetic sound such as dialogue at the beginning of the music video to add to the narrative
  • 4. Setting In my initial ideas I decided that I wanted my music video to be very realistic, being primarily narrative based, therefore the settings throughout my music video will all be realistic. Therefore all the images below are of places that a narrative could take place, for example in a house, a council estate, in the country side, in the city and even a train station.
  • 5. Type of Characters The images on the slide show below are of artists that inspired the type of characters I would use in my music video. When creating my initial ideas I took inspiration from music videos such as “professor green-read all about it” and decided that the video itself would consist of a male rap/grime artist who will be represented stereotypically with casual clothing, short hair and tattoos featuring a female artist from another genre of music for example R&B, indie or dance therefore combining the two genres of music. The woman will be represented strong and confident like the female artists shown on the slide below.
  • 6. Camera Shots & Cinematography All the images on the slide below show the variety of camera shots and angles I would use when creating my own music video. There is a long shots and a establishing shot shown on the slide below, this is because at the beginning of the music video I would have a long shot of the setting, the camera will pan across the setting to help establish the setting, giving the audience a clear idea of the location it is set. The slide show below also shows close up shots, this is because I decided that there should be a close up of the artists when they are performing so that the audience can easily see and recognize the artists. There are also examples of low angle shots which I decided should also be used when the artists are performing which will make them look powerful. There are also a number of other camera shots shown below such as twoshot, point of view shot, mid-shot, aerial shot, group shot and a over the shoulder shot.