Repairs Renovation Gilmore Backup
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Repairs Renovation Gilmore Backup



Draft of Presentation for April 5th 2100, SSA event Charlotte, NC

Draft of Presentation for April 5th 2100, SSA event Charlotte, NC



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Repairs Renovation Gilmore Backup Repairs Renovation Gilmore Backup Presentation Transcript

  • Renovations, Repairs, Reconfigurations: Steel BuildingsLouis Gilmore: Miller Buildings Inc. LouisGilmore@MillerBldgs.com1408 Bethlehem PikeFlourtown, PA
  • Renovations: Steel BuildingsRenovations: -Façade improvement: pre-cast panels, climate controlled walls and roofing. -Roofing upgrade: Coatings, re-roofing, roof replacement. -Interior upgrades: Add diamond plate corners and kick-plates, touch-up paint, Burglar-bars, HVAC rooms, lockers, cart storage… -Curb appeal: Mansards, awnings, canopies, dormers Louis Gilmores Presentation – Miller Buildings
  • Pre-cast wall panels (Fiber Cement panels)Pre cast wall panels by: Nichiha, Hardie Plank, CertainTeed, others…
  • Pre-cast wall panels $ 5. 50/s f to $15 ./sf insta lled
  • Roof coatings and applicationsRusting roof: Bad image, corrosion has Roof coatings will revive appearance,started, leaking screws will cause extend roof life up to 15 years, costsdamage to stored goods. Roof about $1.50/sf to $3./sf installed.conditions may require a retro-fit roof or 30% less cost than roof replacement,a roof replacement (engineer required). Includes Manufacturers Warranty, Reduces Energy Costs: 90% UV reflective, Repairs Roof Leaks, Minimal Disruption, Long Term Solution, Cost Efficient Maintenance. Weather Barrier is a leading brand, for metal roofing.
  • Roof coatings: Steel BuildingsElastomeric Coatings: Liquid EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): “Liquid rubber for roof repair”.Apply above 55 degrees. Power-wash dirt and grease, apply one coat rust-inhibiting bonding primer, 2 coats elastomeric coating. Applications of 20,000sf to 30,000sf/week…estimated at $1.50/sf installed.
  • Repairs: Steel Buildings: Painting walls and doors Before After
  • Case Study: Renovation: Mr. Storage
  • Retrofit roof replacement (Over Existing roof) New purlins, called Roof Huggers, are installed over the existing roof, centered over the existing purlins, about 5’ apart.
  • Retrofit roof replacement (Over Existing roof)A condensation barrier (R=3)is applied over the purlins. Agalvalume standing seam roofis attached to the new purlinswith clips, eliminating roofpenetrations.
  • Retro-fit wall replacementOpenings are cut in, and framed out for new windows. New Girts, insulationand wall panels are installed with trim. With the roof in place, the interior fit-out for the mezzanine and conversion can take place.
  • Steel plank floor system.Steel drop ceiling, insulated.
  • Ramp to 2nd floor$ 23,000.
  • Case Study: Renovation: Re-roof
  • Retro-fit re-roofing:Low profile screw-down roof…1979 Leaking at the ridge…Leaking at the eave Miller Buildings, Inc. Est. 1976
  • er ov w ht Ne rig f . led roo d. al n nst w d de s i do s a lin ew rim ur cr e t p s ew ting rakN is nd ex ve a ea
  • Special trim covers existing roof.
  • Condensation barrier added New standing seam roof
  • Standing seam panels, attached with clips.
  • Conversion: Existing building
  • $20./sf: Miller Buildings
  • Renovations: Interior upgradesDiamond plate cornerguards and kick-plates.
  • Repairs• Jamb replacement• Corner repairs• Trim damage• Roof damage• Graffiti removal• Snow/Ice damage, plow damage• Rust and corrosion repair
  • Steel Building Repairs: Piers “Old School” Steel pier: Circa 1977, rusted from salting for 33 winters.
  • Steel Building Repairs: Piers “Old School”Rusted structural steel has been removed and replaced, bolted intoplace, primer has been applied, ready for field paint. Cost $ 75. to $125./ pier replacement.
  • Steel Building Repairs: Piers “Old School”“Multi-Rib” header/jamb system, cheap to build, a challenge to repair…
  • Steel Building Repairs: Jambs: Modern designSnow plow damage
  • Steel Building Repairs: JambsGalvanized structural jambs, pre-painted jamb cover. Simple to replace, nopainting, no welding…$30./jamb cover Jamb covers installed. Before installing jamb covers…
  • Converting existing outdoor portablestorage to climate controlled space… •New Insulated roof •New insulated walls •New entrance doors •HVAC System •Lighting, electric, alarms… •Increased revenue •Engineering?
  • New retrofit roofing structure allows for a continuous 70’single slope roof, enclosing the existing structures, and thespace between the buildings.
  • 70’ standing seam roof sheets cover all (6) buildings
  • New insulated wall system will allow for a perimeterhallway to access the existing units.
  • Steel Building Repairs: Corner damageSteel building components are simple to repair. Miller Buildings, Inc. Est. 1976
  • Steel Building Repairs: Trim damage 20’ Rake Trim: $56.1 Downspout: $30.
  • Vandalism NEW: Roof, walls, insulation, framed openings 65’x130’x21’ $ 65,000. or $7.70/sf iti ff G r LouG ra affit i
  • Reconfigurations: Adjusting the mix… Miller Buildings, Inc. Est. 1976
  • ReconfigurationsConvert outside access unitsinto indoor climate controlledunits. Recessed entry area
  • ReconfigurationsConvert indoor accessLARGE units into smallunits. Increase revenue
  • Reconfigurations: Adding small units (outside)
  • Reconfigurations
  • Upgrades and preventative measures…Upgrades: Mansards, Canopies, Parapet walls.Preventative measures: Clean gutters, heat tape, snow-guards, Bollards, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire extinguishers.Damage: Fire, Flood, Mud, Wind, Snow,Directional signs, one-way striping, reflective bollard covers. Miller Buildings, Inc. Est. 1976
  • Mansard structures
  • Canopy structures
  • Parapet walls
  • Vertical mansard
  • Gutters must to be cleaned!…wrong length screws trap leaves.
  • Prevent ice dams withsnow Guards and heatcables. $4./lf to $6./lf ?
  • Wood wedged between purlin and insulation , causingroof damage!
  • Natural disasters Endwall failure: HurricaneRoof failure: Blizzard Mudslide Tornado
  • Fire damage
  • Fire damage
  • Wind Damage
  • up -lift for ed llo w n: A e sig a ll d wP oor
  • Poor roof design: (18 years later) Failure and complete loss,damage to stored goods.
  • Fire Restoration: Roofreplacement, Door andfiller replacement, trimreplacement, newinsulation, new partitions.
  • Solar…Easy ?
  • • Solar equipment may add 3#/sf to 7#/sf• Most buildings, are designed to allow an additional 3#/sf collateral load. Many buildings are NOT designed for additional loads.• Solar equipment set on an angle, will effect the wind load, possible uplift issues may arise.• Any equipment attached to a roof panel will void the warranty• Standing seam Roof panels have a 20 to 30 year life. Solar panels are forecast to last 30 years.• Unbalanced snow drifting can be dangerous. Hire an engineer.
  • Renovations, Repairs, Reconfigurations: Steel Buildings Louis Gilmore: Miller Buildings Inc. 1408 Bethlehem Pike Flourtown, PA 19031 View this presentation at: Linked-In: Louis Gilmore