“United States Navy” Cmdr. Bluefin 2014 Smooth Fu king Public Notice”


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“United States Navy” Cmdr. Bluefin 2014 Smooth Fu king Public Notice”

  1. 1. “United States Navy” Cmdr. Bluefin 2014 Smooth Fu-king Public Notice”  To: President of the United States of America (Barack Obama) ….oxoxooox! (Hey My Presidential Brother.) Miss me….. Da”  Ya Kicking it Commander in Chief “Smooth-n-Cool, (Nice) Da” ha, ha … (Smooches).  To: “Speaker of The House “John “Broken Bogger” Boehner”……..” You Slow Green Slug Ass, Big Extra Sorry Goat Neck, Ugly Ass Crying, Red Neck Cracker Bitch”……………………………………….. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. To: Texas Great State No. 1 “Infamous Super Jail Bird” Governor Rick Perry, “My Sugar Sweet Cajun Cmdr. Bluefin Congratulation’s on The “Federal Abuse & Corruption Indictment Charges”, Da” ha ha…xoxxox! Another “Sneaky Snake Shrimp” on the “Hot USDA legal criminal grill” (ouch)…………………… To: “Quentin Tarantino” Hollywood Dude (I) got a XXX Cool Movie Ideal for ya, have ya four eye people call “Cmdr. Bluefin” four eye people (ASAP)……… (Smooches)…..xoxoxooxox!  First: To President “Barack Obama”, The correct word for this here underlined day is “Moratorium” “A temporary prohibition of an activity”. As you (Obama) Sir’ having been fully aware’ that (I) Louis Charles Hamilton II a/k/a “Cmdr. Bluefin” (USN)…..xoxoxoox! Been in a “legal limbo context state” from the particular activity of stating on The “Live Wire” and to include but not limited to via a USDA Federal Court House of Law”.
  2. 2. The actual real fu-k up’s and correct criminal conduct dealing of theses Red Neck “bubble Head born and breed” (American) Crooked Ass Pirate Crackers”, Both Male and Females…from past /present……………… That this here (United States of America) DNA is fully 100% completely made of…………. But as you wondering at this correct moment in time @ the “Oval Office” why in the “Hell” Quentin Tarantino movie maker with such “Hit” Like “Django Unchained” should he not hurry the fu-k up and have a soon to boost “4 star sequel” And Exactly Whom can I send to “peel the fat meat ugly wig off “Militants in Syria”, “Well” Mr. President (Sir.) Let’s me help fill in your “Today Smile”  A Federal Criminal Indictment against Governor “Rick Perry” Crooked Ass Is the equal direct result of a 2014 Reparation Act for “Slavery in America” (Thanks)., ha ha…….  What a loser trying to run from the Long Arm of the Law, omg, ha, ha Once a Crooked Red Neck Slave Master, Always a Crooked Red Neck Slave Master, Did he not read the memo’ da’ Let me Get’s back with you in a Moment Mr. President (Obama)……. Must deal with stupidity ………………….a/k/a “John Broken Bogger Boehner”,
  3. 3. “Hey Ho Ass” Speaker of the House (John Boehner) …………………. Have you lost ya’ Dam extra stale Red Neck Cracker Loser Ass Mind”, And so I am not making any mistakes, (Boehner) Your Loser Crooked Cracker Red Neck Speaker of the House Stupid Ass, decided in a drunken dream and Chooses to no less file a civil lawsuit against President Obama, And for what”, may it stand for that (I) am still 100% lost on is, your legal conclusion just claim is “That” President Barack Obama”, The first acting “Negro” President no less, is failing to faithfully execute the Law (Among other things) of the United States of America. The Same (USDA) Crooked (American) Laws,that has been made under the influences of (White Man) corruption “Trade Mark” Being establishment since the year of 1619 to force slaver against my (Negro) people, And fully enterprise in the hostile 2014 established making of this herein extra crooked ass Red Neck fu-ked up (America) as it is standing to date year 2014 And without any update for my Family and (Negro Race) a simple honest just slavery compensation package, for such wrong doings”. But a simple late but well deserved Federal Criminal Indictment against Crooked Ass Governor “Rick Perry”, (OK)……… (I) take that” Da” Well FYI: To (Rick “Crooked Ass” Perry)
  4. 4. Did The Saying See Me now or See Me Later Ring any fu-king Bell’s in your good suit wearing Motherfu-king Smooth Extra Slow Criminal “Yet” Nice Cool Smiling “Mug Shot ASS”………………….. OMG, ha ha……xoxooxox! Texas “San Jacinto River “ Dioxin Contamination” should be added to the Federal Criminal Case against your pay off “Governor Rick Perry” for you part in covering up such a EPA criminal act as acting Governor for so many year’s .. But getting’ the same old behind the back pay off’s “Governor Chest” to keep you as acting Governor= No Justice for Texas at fu-king all Your Smart Slave Master Governor Red Neck Ass, tried to fu-k over the Negro race of Texas by among other things The Voting Disfranchisement scheme of things which landed in Federal Court”… and did you stop there Hell No….. You hid the Hurricane (Federal Relief Money from the poor (Negro) of Houston Texas (Until) (I) Snap on Mayor Parker ass in Houston and Hear her tell me to my face on Live TV no less She is just the slow ass messenger it being done on a State of Texas level …….. (OK) please get that nig-er off of TV out of my face He “Crazy” “Yet” you “Old Rick Perry Confederate “Iron Side” Mr. Untouchable Rick Perry (OK)…….. Skid Row Federal Prisoner #334679 a/k/a (Rick Red Neck Slave Master Perry) Here is Cmdr. Bluefin Federal Prison Jail House Tip No. 9, for ya Free of Charge……… If your Loser Jail Bird Ass, let ya Jail House box wine batch cool down after just being made in “trash bag” from old fruit’s and set it off safely stash in the “steel toilet”…. For a full week and 1/2, it helps in the added of a certain real extra sweet musky unmistakable MD 20/20 taste
  5. 5. For ya “Real Mean Sugar Sweet Gay 290 lbs. “Negro Lover Big Meat Bunk Mate” Da”… ha ha, as his Dark Meat is going deep, deep smooth up in ya”…………………….. (OK)  To include take my advisement 24/7 solitary cell is the best & safest place for your “Stale Red Neck Cracker Ass”, Cuz they (Prison Population) are going to really love fu-king you in the “Prison Shower” and many real mean “Negro brothers and Illegal Hispanics” beat downs in The “Yard”. (OK), ha, ha”…….xoxoxoxoox And whatever you do (Please) don’t drop the Fu-king Soap’. Red Neck Governor Dude”………………………”. But back to you (Crooked Ass Booger Boehner) “Yours stupid ignorant Rank Ass is asking about (Obama) & American Job’s, as (I) simply put it to you directly Crooked (Red Neck) Loser’ in the past………………. Fix up the American fu-king Negro Broken down USDA Nation-Wide extreme gross Ass Slum’s where you house & keep them Nig-er’s for over the past 188 years And all of America Will be Working full time around the clock 24/7 with more than enough job’s for the next 35 years none stop night and day in three shifts you (Ugly) “Speaker of the House “Red Neck Ass Prick Booger digging Bitch” As (I) already gave (America) the full 2014 Financial Free Formula, filed in Federal Court but your choice is to lick The Tea-Party Crooked Ass Butt Crack and be Mr. XXX Extra Stupid Speaker of the House with a blind eye to (America) real needs, A real truly Honest “Red Neck Slave Master Cracker”…….. Da”
  6. 6. In Conclusion: “Commander in Chief” …A/K/A Mr. President (Obama)  Send in the United States Navy Ninja’s to host a Sweet old (American) Brutal USDA “Meet and Greetings” Ninja Party for the “Militants in Syria”, My Old Bluefin Team is free……” & we can Fly off the grid under radar  Keep up the real good USDA Government Work for all of them (American) Slow Ass Peoples and Fu-k The Speaker of the House’ John Boehner” He is an XXX Extra Slow Squeaky “Dumb Ass”……………. To Include Slave Master” Red Neck Governor Rick Perry is official (Now)……………. Greasy Fat Back Prison Pig Knuckles mix in with creamy butter Grits on “Texas Toast”  Cmdr. Bluefin is Going off Line’ ……………………. (Dial Tone)