To: Live and Die in LDS Mormon..."Salt Lake City" Utah


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Unholy Gruesome Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints "Sovereignty" against Negro (Louis Charles Hamilton II in 1989-194 at Death of "Unborn Child" and Wife (Rachel Ann Walker), kidnap Minor Children "Chandra & Natasha Hamilton" to be shocking raised (Mormon) against Natural Father Civil Rights in America

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To: Live and Die in LDS Mormon..."Salt Lake City" Utah

  1. 1. To “Live and Die” In LDS Mormon “Salt Lake City Utah”…………………….. First: To Commander in Chief “Barack Obama” (Smooches)  Now You “Sir” Can “Officially See” with your own two “Cool 100% Honest Eyes” what the “Major fuss” was all about when (I) Sued (Utah) over my Lovely (MIA) Daughters (“Chandra & Natasha” Hamilton) A.K.A. Walker …xooox! They were found yesterday after 20 years of MIA through the “Holy Spirit” of “Jesus Christ”, kicking it with my Holy Grandmother the Nun…  Their Pictures are now safe, forever! To include my “New Cover Picture” on my “Face-Book”, With Family Pictures being process as your reading this to be lay to rest in my “Mothers & Fathers” Homes where they belong since the start of their Sweet Birth..!  We are indeed their Family Too They were not ever been born out of simple “Mormon Magic” My Such Lovely Babies……xooxoxoox!  No doubt (I) Will being Praying for you (President Barack Obama) & (Your Family)as always this very day, and (I) have a small favor to ask, but later ………..xoxooxoox! (I) Needing to have some seriously strong “cuss wording” with your U.S. Attorney Crooked Ass Eric H. Holder Jr., and His Assistant U.S. Attorney John M. Bales & Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea L. Parker et al (OK)…xoxoxox! Mr. United States Attorney, Himself, “Eric H. Holder Jr.”, You “Sir” Very Fuking Lame to your own “Negro Race”….. (I) have pay absolute 100% attention to your “entire career” and when you held up your “Crooked Ass Hand” and sworn to the Oath of The U.S. Attorney office,
  2. 2. That included the “Full USDA Protection” of all Americans, this meant to be also the full protection of all of US USDA “Nig-ers”, too, you “Sorry Bastard”..! How did you even come to think that (I) am so nig-er slow, stupid & could not figure you out, or never find out the fu-king truth about my Two Children as you looked down upon me as “slow dirt” you can just walk on with the full weight of your “U.S. Attorney Office” when you were helping the “Crooked Mormons” Namely “Lowell and Helena Walker” of “Salt Lake City Utah” in a real Day Time heist and corrupted aid in the theft of my Daughters Home Video, from UPS & CVS Pharmacy (WOW) you “Sir” just added to Inundated me with More Grief…. * See United States Federal Docket No. 1:2011 CV-oo240 Hamilton II Vs. U.S. Attorney Office. CVS/Caremark and UPS * Your “Loser Ass” is not so not innocent at all, (You) even stole your very own “Summons and Civil Complaint” Docket No. 1:10-CV-00808 fully delivered to your office as you stole the U.S. Mail (That’s Criminal) Da’ It All Started from the Top and Rolled down hill to your U.S. Attorney Assistant(s) “John M. Bales” & “Andrea L. Parker”, “Attorney(s) at Crooked Law……………………. Me (Louis Charles Hamilton II) Having Already proven these facts in U.S. Court filing with the 100% U.S. postal tracking, that led right to your sorry, lame, extra slow ass…. ”However”, Honorable Justice, Judge Ron Clark and Honorable U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith F. Giblin As (I) have come to learn over the Many Years me as a real (Negro) are Not to be taken seriously when they Cast and Judge me to be a no good not normal 3rd Class Negro Citizen as they treat me appearing before their Honorable Court as Trash too from past rulings…………… Da”
  3. 3. Never am (I) wrong and (I) always have the 100% True facts before (I) even walk inot the Clerk of Court Office to file such a Civil Complaint, but this here “American Judicial System” always “white wash” the Truth at the Hands of Such dishonest (Federal Judges), Your loser Ass did in fact went and cross the honest line to doing such dishonest crooked actions in the Position of the “United States Attorney” with the Full blessing of a “Corrupted American Judicial System”, That never in the Past Honor (Any) Real African Negro American as Real Citizens, but we all must fall sadly heartbroken at the end of a rope hanging dead…” That’s How the “Real America Works” since the force of Wrongful Slavery to the Very Day..! Judicial Hanging at the end of Ink…………………….! As I figure it took you about 2 Minutes to issue the full order(s) to destroy that Home Movie Video, of my two daughter(s) Chandra and Natasha Hamilton to make Dam sure the “Crooked Ungodly Mormons” are Very Happy, as they fully already declare me to be the Devil in Court & Nig-er Trash with your Lame Aid… You Can Shut your Pie-hole too, (I) tracked every inch of all facts in my expert way (I) been bless to obtain since birth and real gift that truly sucks sometimes, but make no mistake what you been led to understand from your Stupid Slow Ass Assistant U.S. Attorney(s) John M. Bales & Especially (Bitch Ass) U.S. Assistant Attorney Andrea L. Parker in Beaumont Texas…! Gives you no right to comment to a criminal act being in your Official Position as “The United States Attorney” Dip Stick………………. My Best Point of Proof how sorry you are is in fact the handling of the 2008 Incident in Which “The New Black Panthers” in Intimidating outfits and wielding a club stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia, In 100% Direct act’s of Voter disfranchisement against “White Voters” Your Lame U.S. Attorney Ass came to the logical conclusion in your own words “Stated “His” People are the only ones that merit Protection…..
  4. 4. And at that very second those gutless words that left your Dumb Lips (Me) was wishing real bad I could have really transport your sorry lame U.S. Attorney Ass & all of them Black Panther Nig-ers back to 1864 So The (KKK) could enjoy having their real way with You & All of Them XXX Super Stupid Slow Ass New Black Panthers retarded asses, While The (Klan) was 100% for sure being Knee Deep up in your “Loser Asses” Da’ In order that you truly did “See & feel real pain” of what it was really like to be under sorry Intimidation Act’s of “Voter disfranchisement” (You) Dumb Porch Nig-er..! Every race in America including “Whites” deserved the full 100% protection of the U.S. Laws, not just for your people, namely “African Negro Americans” because your holding office… What a “Real U.S. Attorney Loser”, was my real gut hurt feelings, when you then just let real “ignorant diarrhea” of “racial hate” leaking out before The America public, from your own sorry lame mouth..! That helped prove to me you are very crooked stupid and Backs wood Negro slow & was very much involved in the acts of Theft directed at me..! As I fully investigated your Sorry Lame Ass,(100%) to come to the Real Truth….Somebody using very high order(s) to snatch a simple Home Move Video from a UPS Truck that is in all facts a Moving Safe, on Wheels to end up with just a empty package ….and a MIA Home Video..! Well (I) am one of your People too as you claim….as you help the “White” Crooked Ungodly Mormons” “Lowell and Helena Walker” steal a simple Home Movie Video to Hid My Daughter ID from me forever..! Where was my (Negro) Protection from the Office of The “United States Attorney” hun……..?
  5. 5. My Two Daughters “Chandra Dyonne Hamilton” and “Natasha C Hamilton” A.K.A. (Walker) was force into being “Mormons girls” against the wishes of their Dead Mother (Rachel Ann Walker) who did in all facts, came to know “Christianity” as this made her Parents quite upset..! And also against my wishes as their natural Father who came to know “Christianity” as a Catholic, being raised by his own Grandmother a “Holy Nun” you Prick Bastard, you done nothing but help hid the real truth from my Daughters for a brief second and exposed your “Extra Crooked Ass”…………………. After she was found dead (I) was not even allowed to bury my own wife in Utah (OK) You “Dog Maggot” …She is bury in Woodland (Utah)in a Mormon Grave as a Mormon Dead Women while being a Christian Wife”, Notwithstanding the 100% facts when she was fully excommunicated from The LDS Mormon Church of Salt Lake City Utah By her own Sorry Ass “Mom and Dad” for loving (Negro) men (ok) Ass Stain, long before me, Da”. And force to have an actual abortion from her actual first (Negro) baby long before me and my two daughters and Long before my two step daughters whom also are having (Negro) blood in them at the Hands of her ungodly Parents “Lowell and Helena Walker” in order they protect their pure Mormon Race..! You Just Jump out there with the full weight of your “U.S. Attorney Office” and With your Dog Ass, and Ditch my Life as (I) am Nig-er trash in your lame sorry eyes……. Do you know the actual difference between “Mormon Cult” and “Christianity” that you just played stupid Ass blind too, like you always do, as you Fu-ked me over to have a small chance to even ever see my own Natural Daughters in this Life..! on even a simple Home Movie Video You need to be removed from Office of the (United States Attorney) “Cuz” you “Sir” are 100% “Unholy Yourself, Very Unprofessional, XXX Slow and Quite Corrupted Too, and did nothing to protect my Human rights as a Negro African American, as you claim,
  6. 6. But dial back the Hands of time as you claim your People are the only ones that Merit Protection………………………………………………………..! (OMG) give it a rest Ya Sorry Lame Bastard..! This Congress is Very Slow too, but they are very real in being tired of your Loser Suck Ass Lame Ways, Mr. U.S. Attorney Eric H. Holder Jr. If (I) can catch your “Extra Slow Dumb Ass” in acts of crimes,…. (I) Know For dam sure Congress is so slow & lame, ha ha …….(Later)…… “You Sorry Crooked Prick ”, (Thanks for Nothing but The Hurt of a “Fathers Heart”) Grrrrrrr….!