Saddam hussein


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Saddam hussein

  1. 1. “Saddam Hussein” Lounge Lizard Acts back in Business @ “Ritz-Carlton” Vail Colorado…..<br />(Ticket on Sale)<br />Billionaires Charles and David Koch (Tea Party) plan for toppling President Barack Obama in 2012.<br />To the Speaker of the House of 212th Congress going Fu=king “Nowhere” ever again and consider give up your day job. (John Boehner) ha, ha, <br />“Now” what do you know about these development <br />Energy and Chemicals Billionaires “Charles and David” Koch, <br />(Tea Party) plans, for toppling President Barack Obama in 2012.<br />You can tell the (Tea Party) at the next (KKK) meeting<br />“Real Rich” and “Extra Easy Cheesy Plan…Just have ya “Dumb Super Billionaires” Collective Crooked Asses stay out of the Fu=king News <br />(Hell) I figure this “Motherfu=king real goofy Semi- Special Ed. School Red Neck <br />XXX Unholy Couth Retarded Slow Civil/Criminal 2011-2012 Financial Ugly Coup Crap “out” <br />Clear back when I cuss you out on the “Wire” Months ago to tell the ass hole “Tea Party”<br /> (Get Your Ass in Line) <br /> (Me) Drunk…..went and figured the “Complex Coup Billionaires Plans” over a simple (American) Colt 45oz Beer, <br /> A Big Bag of “Top Grade Ditch Weed”, a (4) piece Chicken Snack pack with some spicy potatoes wedges, and some “Chick-o-Stick Candy…. <br />While scratching my “Homeless Dirty Stinky Ass under the I-10 Freeway, “Wishing for some more “Stone man munches snacks” <br />Boy you “White Klansmen Cracker Fuckers” are real extra slow in 2011 <br /> What’s is the Dry Crooked Turd hurting while coming out of the old Jim Crow Red Neck Cracker rectum ordeal <br />(Your) crooked racist rich Congress guys were much better than this special ed.<br /> Support from “ “Billionaires Gone Klan Wild” stuff… the past<br />Well here is the Deal….(John Boehner) “Speaker of the “Loser House”<br />I was feeling piss out of the mouth, gloomy-n-Thangs<br />Got a special encrypted phone call, said “Cmdr. Bluefin”<br /> The (Wolf) got something for you, better hurry your “Black Ass over to a Free T.V. (VIP)<br /> …Me think who is the fucking “Wolf”…then I realized……. News <br />Do you know Lot’s of fu=king People (Today) of many different color were all frozen still in the store window (Poor) watching the Coup’<br /> Looking at your Crazy Country Redneck Motherfu=kers Billionaires Greedy Corruption Corporation(s) <br />In (KKK) plans to secure “Saddam Hussein” with Millions in Donation too <br />Fu=king Will you Kiss my (Black Cmdr. Bluefin Drunk Ass) <br /> Did I miss a special “Dark United States Ninja Navy “Death Ops.”<br />Now we had a real big blow out party, plenty of every fu=king thang <br />Plus more of some of the other extra party favorites was present too and (all) sleep happy naked just after when the very<br />Last time I saw “Saddam Hussein” <br />The Sheep Scank Nuts Genocide Iraq Killer Prick <br />And you (Republicans) and “Tea Party Slow Special Ed. Folks” <br />Can Fu=king really check for yourself…..on this too but”<br />“Saddam Hussein” certainly did not want a “Goat Nut Nap Sack Cover” <br />Over his “Big Crooked Desert Dog Sand Crab Head” <br />Before his “Neck went “Snap”… the bottom of that hanging stage…….K<br /> He said “Mother Fu=k you dam stupid (Americans) <br />I am still the IRAQ Ruler ………..(ha, ha) <br />You should have seen the defiance in his piss off eyes too… <br />When he was so veins bolting out of his neck upset on making extra so sure he yell Fu=k You Koch Brothers Billionaires (Americans) <br />Steal my Dam Fu=king Oil…….<br />Now how in the Hell ya “Tea Party” Crooked (KKK) Billionaires do it <br />DNA Clone <br />What is really the freaking crooked grave robbing ordeal in Congress……..<br />I am impress been read my “Sherlock Holmes” Case of “The Crooked Mormon” (The Mummy Lives) <br />(Got Milk) or (Got Koch Billionaires)<br /> Job’s for the Nig=ers and White poor trash after 2018 (Election)….? (Never) ha, ha… <br />O.K. Speaker of the House ….”Dude”<br />(John Boehner) <br />When you pop your confused head in on the “Hostile Tea Party Coup Freaks” Frat house <br />Keep this deep in the “old attic” up stairs brain department of make a mental thought <br />“Do you freaking” now really “Tea Party” sure (Absolutely) “XXX Motherfu=king <br />For sure know where “in what part of Hell” is exactly “Osama bin Laden” …<br />Don’t want Stiff Leaking Left Eye Fu=ker just to sudden pop up on a “Brother”<br /> Showing off his “Bomber Vest” hosting a promotional at the Voting Disfranchisement “Tea Party Polls” <br />“Cmdr. Bluefin” <br />And now back to you “Wolf Blitzer” @ The Situation room <br />