Dear santa president (obama)


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Houston Texas City Hall Meeting Notes..for a Toilet and Shower for the Poor

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Dear santa president (obama)

  1. 1. “Cmdr. Bluefin” to Dear Santa “President Barrack Obama”…(COD)….xoxox! “Showers and Toilets” <br />To: President (Obama)…xoxoxoox<br />To: Mayor Annise D. Parker…………………….<br />To: City of Houston Texas “Council Member Ed. Gonzales”<br />First “Council Member “Ed. Gonzales” of Houston Texas, <br />Hey fu=king retarded slow “Idiot (Special) “Ed. Gonzales” did I not tell your slow stupid (Ass) in your City of Houston Texas (Special) “Counsel Chamber as I walk up to the entire Counsel Member others…(Other) than your slow special Ed. country brain fried Ass….on live Video feed too…….<br />And in front on the (Actual) sitting Mayor of the City of Houston Texas Live face…and every fu=king body in the City of Houston filling the Chambers looking on, <br />As I stated my name clearly I am the Man who filed suit against Houston Texas Scrooge Attorney Harry C. Arthur Esq… stop him from closing down the (Beacon) Operations and Made sure if any person or persons did not understand that I stated (Christ Church Cathedral) <br />Care to explain why are you asking (Me) to go to a referral services for the dam (Beacon) soup kitchen….which I (already) filed its entire operation and procedures as exhibits in Federal Court <br />On how The “Motherfu=ker”…of a place I can go for referral service for (Help) “you dizzy bastard”……..<br />What egg head crap “your snorting” on any way (Goof)……Ya Country City Council (Free Pay Check Collecting Crooked Ass)…<br />Better “Hit”….Country fast fu=king “rewind button” A-hole….on the expensive City Hall “Video player” and pay close attention to the (Real) Part when I said do I Have to file “Suit against” <br /> The City of Houston Texas (Slow special Ed. dip) you seen me when I was looking directly at all of you <br />And at your Mayor live too…<br />(That the real me)<br />Fu=king think I am playing, You better get your fu=king “Legal City of Houston City/District Attorney Office Team(s) in touch with <br /><ul><li>“Reality” what your slow Council Member “Ed. Gonzalez” surly is fu=king not at all (The Homeless and Poor) other then excepting a Nice City of Houston Texas pay check to wear Nice Pretty High Dollar end $2800. Dollars worth of fine designer “Suit and “ginger perfume”.
  2. 2. “Reality” …..Checks your slow dip ass in on to that pause button when I look at your serious city country special ed. “stupid ass”. Real snap fast when your motherfu=ker ass stupid enough to go and ask me the dumb question (Again) to go to the Holy (Beacon) for Help……
  3. 3. and do you remember I ask your slooow stupid ass in so many terms of wording of sorts where in the “lost fu=k you been” …
  4. 4. And got super fucking piss XXX fast “Ninja Navy” Fast….Saw the big vein sticking quickly out of my “forehead”…..left eye twitching…… (That’s how fu=king slow you are Ed. Gonzalez City Council Member)
  5. 5. …….your Special Ed. City Country Goofy Ass….registries a full fu=king 14.2 (Stupid City of Houston Texas Council Member on Camera) as he piss directly on me…….”Cmdr. Bluefin”
  6. 6. Did you see the United States Naval hat on my head you piece of Crap………
  7. 7. Well lets you …..being Mr. Dumb fu=k being surly (Retard Special Ed. Gonzalez) City of Houston Texas outstanding Council Member and (Me) work on doing the outstanding math
  8. 8. You got an easy 14,000. Homeless trash on the street of Houston Texas with only (Three fu=king shower) and (four toilets)…..
  9. 9. The Place only open 4 days a week</li></ul>Question 1. What do I do with the Sh=t stink crap leaking out of my Ass the other three days @ 72hrs no less…<br />fully brown-n-green, wild-n-wet running Sh=t. on the other three full 72 hour days that the Holy (Beacon) is closed……Dumb dip’<br />Question 2. What do I fu=king do with the hot vinegar smelling acid warm piss running down my shorts, pants, or dress the other three freaking days at 72hrs no less… that the (Beacon) is still closed you dizzy burnt corn breath dumb prick. Can I come to your home Bitch….<br /> You special Ed. Gonzalez got a fine sexy pretty (Ugly) wife….? <br />With that suit ……surly fucking (Not) Hun….xoxoox (Smooch) “cutie pie” shut your stupid mouth next time you see me …let another City Council Member speak for your dumb behalf……………….K (Dizzy Bitch)<br />Question 3.<br /> How in the (Special Ed.) Fu=k you going to fit around 10,000 homeless people person trash …..into only a (six) shower stall…. in simple time table of only 6 hours from 9-3 of operation in one dam day….for only 4 day a week you<br />Dumb Crooked retarded City Council Gonzalez Prick….<br />Where in the Fu=king Hell is the Government “kick backs” going too (I want some too)…..xoxoox<br /> Fu=king build me and (Us)..a simple dam (Toilet & Shower) where “We the People” are treat with respect…..too<br />Listen close you (Houston Council Prick) people have nothing for us homeless people trash …but a 4 day a week (Toilet & Shower)<br />Dam gym fully off limits <br />Extra mean, stupid, slow, sorry and very crud and extremely rude too…….while your building large meg money project for lilly white world”……in the fu=king Nation 4th largest city……namely (Houston Texas)<br /> try a simple shower and toilet latrine (Dumb slow Bitches)<br />I fully show your staff a simple answer to every body problems which is in the best sanitary interest condition for this city of Houston Texas…the homeless population and mental ill, <br />I Have not had a dam real bath in months because of you out of touch with the (Reality) of our “Homeless broke sorry life <br />When you nice prick rich fu=ker(s) go you snail asses home to a nice home eat, fu=k your mate….and just to quick temper and too dam ready to just walk all over (Us) homeless trash…..and talk dumb slow trash too…. <br />Well Special Ed. Council Member Ed. Gonzalez” and Mayor Annise D. Parker (Fix the Problem at the Gym) and fix the Homeless bath shower center which will benefit all of Houston as I described<br />I met with your staff before I left and clam down a (Bit) and as we talk “His Honest City Official reply was there is <br />Federal Funds here in Houston Texas which can handle this Sanitary Toilets and shower Project….I even gave your “Houston” staff an Very Award winning Architect design by the student of “Loyola University” in New Orleans<br /> Who also built the homeless Shower and toilet place there which is “real nice” and very much a working progress….<br />And further more informed your Houston city staff even down the dam road in fu=king “Austin Texas” they have a similar project, like also (Los Angles C.A.) and other major cities other then slow fu=king city country ass too dizzy asleep to be crooked (Houston) Texas…<br />You got my personal cell phone number too and here is my e-mail <br /> use the Bitch… and let me (ASAP) know when I can wash my tired dirty fu=king over three months no bath black homeless Veteran stinky ass…………K <br />This Sh=t been going on now over 3 year fu=king long enough….<br />You slow goofy Special Ed. Gonzalez Prick Member in the Big $$$ special suit….real slow –n- definitely retarded free Check City of Houston Texas Council Member Crooked “Bitches” try finding time to expedite and get to building so it to (Actually) “Work”.<br /> (Me Mutable Master Builder too) duh”….not just a Nig=er”…you Idiot”<br />To President (Obama) Call Earth “Satellite” via “Country Ass Houston”. And Respectfully “Sir”…. Please tell these slow Dixie Land spinning wheel Special Ed. Slow Dizzy City Council Top Class Country folks and their “Mayor”<br />“We the people want” fu=king “Houston Showers and Toilets” with the 447 Billion dollars Bill<br />everybody tramp is (Actually) pissing every dam where, and fu=king crapping on everything…..duh’ <br /> How Real Dirty Fu=king sloooow can you go, <br />Dam Scrooge Lawyer is trying to legal corrupted business of robbing the Churches and the Judges got their fat asses sitting on the “Scale of Justice” in the “1865 Dirty South.”<br /> <br />