Crooked hurricane katrina attorney willie m. zanders et al notice of appeal


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Crooked Dead Man Grave Robber Hurricane Katrina Attorney Willie M. Zanders Notice of Appeal

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Crooked hurricane katrina attorney willie m. zanders et al notice of appeal

  1. 1. In The United States District Court<br />For the Eastern District of Texas<br /> Beaumont Division<br /> Civil No. 1:2011cv00005<br />Louis Charles Hamilton II Plaintiff Herein<br />Plaintiff Notice of Appeal<br />Vs.<br /> Willie M. Zanders (Attorney at Law), <br />Walter A Dennis and Rosemary Dennis<br />Collectively Defendant(s) <br />Comes now the Pro Se Plaintiff herein Louis Charles Hamilton II files a “Notice of Appeal” and for just cause the Plaintiff will show the “Honorable Court” as follows:<br /><ul><li>Plaintiff being honest and very respectful state (Hamilton II) never received from the “Honorable Court” the report-n-recommendation of the undersign Honorable Magistrate in this matter. (My Mail is Under hostile attack with numerous official mail being stolen)
  2. 2. If this was the legal case the Plaintiff would having made a additional reply filing on very respectful objections, with all reasoning being supported by all, documents, and exhibit(s) being now filed in this “Notice of Appeal” presented in this “Matter” that Defendant (Attorney at Law) herein and Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) herein did in facts and circumstances conspire, and committed all acts and actions as describing “Mail and Wire Fraud of the Honorable Courts systems, the United States Mail and Money Laundry, Fraud of FEMA and Private insurances among other civil and criminal charges fully being presented herein.
  3. 3. Plaintiff (Hamilton II) will also state before the “Honorable Justice” not only did Attorney of record herein Defendant (Willie M. Zanders Esq.) assume (2) persons Pro Se Defendants real (Identity) in U.S. Federal Court for monetary actual fund in excess of ($2,500) for over 2 ½ years period date starting on the 12th day of May 2007 during the course of all litigation in (2) U.S. Honorable Federal Courthouse committed to doing the same (RICO) fraud activates before three different “Honorable Federal Judges” and civilly against the Pro Se Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein
  4. 4. When in all facts and surrounding circumstances Defendant (Zanders) acting “extreme rogue being legally “Pro Se” on “Civil behalf” of the Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) herein (Zanders) is an actual legal License Attorney at Law for both the State and Federal Honorable Court System in and for the State of Louisiana.
  5. 5. Defendant “Willie M. Zanders” Attorney at Law herein having full knowledgably criminal intent “within his degree of Law” appearing “Pro Se” thereafter (Zanders) ghastly master mind since 2008 a gruesome (RICO) “Mail and Wire” Fraud scheme of things in the usage of a physical “Dead Man” whom being “Dead since 2008” as a appearing witness for Trial in 2011,
  6. 6. Defendant ”Willie M. Zanders herein further being grisly with the actual horrific filing of the same “Dead Man contractor invoices” whom being “Really Dead” after his murder incident shocking further involving Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) herein since 2008 no less
  7. 7. (Zanders Esq.) in 2011 appearing before a “Live U.S. Federal Trial went the extra gruesome (RICO) “Mail and Wire” Fraud scheme of long distances things” in “committed grave robbing acts in making Attorney work product out of the “Murder Dead Man Contractor” physical material evidences namely building material contractor receipts and construction invoices to hid squander off asset, and continue a criminal intent laundry money and fraud of the Honorable Court scheme of things in excess of $80,000.00 from FEMA and “Private Insurance” for related Hurricane Katrina Damages On the behalf of Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) before the Honorable Magistrate Karen Wells Roby during actual Live USDA Federal Trial.
  8. 8. (Zanders Esq.) herein actions was not only dreadful committed Fraud to cheat the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) in actual funds on a construction contract since 2007 after Hurricane Katrina related damages
  9. 9. But also to include but not limited to Defendant (Zanders) Attorney at Law herein having full criminal intent and in fact did supply to using the “Attorney work product” evidence of said “Murder Dead Man Contractor” in 2011 in a further, frightening, horrible, and hideous criminal acts and actions to commit further “money laundry scheme” and serious criminal fraud upon the “United States Federal Court Eastern District of Texas and The United States Federal Court of Louisiana (New Orleans Division) in this repugnant “Mail and Wire Fraud scheme of things since 2007 with the same ghastly acts being committed during Live Federal Trial.</li></ul>Plaintiff exhibit (A) *shows received May 29th 2007 in the U.S. Federal Eastern District of Louisiana a Pro Se Motion docket No. 07-1510 to dismiss complaint of Plaintiff (Hamilton II) with Co-Defendants signature (Rosemary and Walter Dennis) claiming Pro Se work production of this legal filed court document to dismiss against (Hamilton II) very professional legal working document produced at this time by said Pro Se (Walter and Rosemary Dennis)<br />Plaintiff exhibit (B) * A second Motion to dismiss against the Plaintiff by Pro Se Co-Defendant again (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) only this time file in United States of America Eastern District of Texas Federal Court Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-289 ) with Co-Defendants signature (Rosemary and Walter Dennis) claiming once again Pro Se work production of this very legal filed court document in (Texas Federal U.S. Court) to dismiss against (Hamilton II) and once again a very professional legal working document produced at this time by same Pro Se Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis et al).<br />Plaintiff exhibit (C) Judgment by United States District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, JR. For the Eastern District of Louisiana dismissing Plaintiff (Hamilton II) claim against Pro Se Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis et al) on the 27th day of September 2007<br />Plaintiff exhibit (D) U.S. Eastern District of Louisiana Federal Civil Docket for case #2:09-CV-07029-EEF-KWR Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) claiming once again Pro Se status before the Honorable Louisiana Federal Court<br />Plaintiff exhibit (E) U.S. Eastern District of Louisiana Federal Civil Docket for case # 2:07-CV-01510-GTP-SS Co-Defendant Walter and Rosemary claiming once again Pro Se status before the Honorable Court Texas Federal Court<br />Plaintiff exhibit (F) U.S. Eastern District of Texas Federal Civil Docket for case 1:09-CV-00289-TH-ESH Co-Defendant Walter and Rosemary claiming once again Pro Se status before the Honorable Court Texas Federal Court<br />Plaintiff exhibit (G) Legal Agreement of Willie M. Zanders (Attorney at Law) dated for May 5th 2007 for legal work of a Attorney service make payment in the amount of $2,500 Dollars to (Zanders Attorney at Law) for all of the legal work, document, exhibits filed by Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) in 2007 and 2008… being suppose (Pro Se) to dismiss ….signature by Co-Defendant (Walter Dennis) against the Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) whom is also Pro Se.<br />Plaintiff exhibit (H) receipt for payment of legal fees to (Zanders Esq.) in the amount of $2,500 with signature by (Willie M. Zanders Attorney at Law) date May 12-2007 for the Pro Se Work Filed by (Dennis et al)<br />Plaintiff exhibit (I) *Response to Court Order* document produced by both Co-Defendant(s) (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) herein and filed in the United States Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana on April 12th 2010 <br />Stating fully and very clearly herein for the “legal effect” of the Fifth Circuit Honorable Justices Court of Appeals and declaring before the Honorable Undersigned “Honorable Magistrate Judge:<br /> “Defendants” (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) “have no knowledge of the Law” and “hired” Attorney (Willie Zanders) for representation in this matter. <br />The Defendants were under the impression that (Zanders) would enroll and respond to this matter. A copy of the contract and receipt of payment for his attorney fee is attached.<br />The Plaintiff requested complete copies of all Defendants’ banking records. There are concerns about releasing some of the requested information, such as banking statement throughout the dates of August 28th, 2005 to August 28th 2009. The Defendants are withholding these statements at this time as this information is “too sensitive”<br /> (Among other legal details) dated 12th day of April, 2010. <br />Containing Signature of both Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) <br />Plaintiff exhibit (H) Pro Se Defendants motion to enroll counsel Willie M. Zanders, Sr. (LSBA No.13778) filed in Louisiana Eastern District Court on Jun 7th -2010<br />“However” Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein having actual physical documents” namely exhibit (G) and (H) clearly by Defendant (Zanders) herein “own admission” his “own signature” and his admission of accepting monetary funding for said legal services stating clearly back on May 12th 2007 his (Zanders) full acknowledgment of his legal representation as to being in the full capacity of a license legal counsel Attorney at Law <br /> For the full behalf and legal interest of Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) herein an actual (USDA) Federal civil suit against Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) as described in Plaintiff exhibit (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) <br />Whereas” Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) herein filing supposedly Pro Se Professional (A-1 Class Attorney Documents) before a “Honorable Court” of Law with Co-Defendants (Dennis et al) herein very own Admission herein in Plaintiff (Hamilton II) exhibit (I) <br />Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) of having no knowledge at all of the Law to appear before any of the Honorable Court(s) especially filing the very Professional Attorney Work Product as giving a full picture before the “Honorable Court” by Plaintiff (Hamilton II) exhibit (A) and (B) (Two) motion to dismiss complaint filed in Texas and Louisiana Federal U.S. Court System while Supposedly (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) portray and appearing Pro Se <br />Both Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) did in fact use these legal documents, in addition, (Zanders, Walter and Rosemary Dennis) committing to among other things the complete destruction and alter of much other physical evidence during the presences before an “Honorable United States Federal Court of Law” in Texas and Louisiana to defeat the Pro Se Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) <br />Plaintiff state, assert very respectful before the “Honorable Court” full with contain actual evidence produced herein that “Willie M. Zanders” an legal Attorney at Law (LSBA No.13778) herein did in all “facts and circumstances” received $2,500 dollars for such “Pro Se Rouge masquerade Legal Attorney work product services” in the complete (RICO) “Mail and Wire Fraud, Money laundry, destruction, and alter of much other physical evidence during the presences before an “Honorable United States Federal Court of Law” <br />In Texas and Louisiana. In direct violation against the Plaintiff Civil Rights to suit in common Law among other things further violation of: <br />Canon 1, DR 1-102(A)(4) which states that "[a] lawyer shall not: (4) engage in conduct involving dishonesty", fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation." <br />Plaintiff exhibit (J) “Pro Se Defendant (Dennis et al) Motion to enroll counsel and time to respond to motion pending before the Court. Filed in United States District Court Eastern District of Louisiana on June 7th 2010 contain both signatures of (Walter and Rosemary Dennis)<br />However Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) being respectful before the “Honorable Court clear and point to facts and circumstances (Zanders Attorney at Law) having assume legal reasonability for the legal affairs of Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) back on May 12th 2007 @ such timing in the obliteration and destruction of “material evidence namely Construction contractor Invoices, a large portion of Building Material receipts, to include direct destruction of over 32 construction photographs describing and depicting the Home rebuilding process of the Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) by (Plaintiff) herein Located at 3826 General Taylor Street in New Orleans.<br />However Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) being respectful before the “Honorable Court” clear and point to facts and circumstances furtherance (Zanders Attorney at Law) did in fact as described by Plaintiff exhibit (A) and (B) among other court documents provided bogus monetary computation figures to hid Co-Defendant (Dennis et al) major squander spree they spent in (Texas) after their forced evacuation from Hurricane Katrina while the Plaintiff was working on their home in New Orleans L.A. in excess of $30,000 dollars being wrongfully spent provided by FEMA and Private insurances, <br />To include but limited to (Zanders) attack the Plaintiff construction reputation, as described by Plaintiff exhibit (A) and (B) among other court documents<br />But one the “Additional Legal Cliff Hanger(s) Pro Se Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein taking the precise time to described before the Honorable Magistrate Justice is factual that Defendant (Zanders Attorney at Law) committed to additional criminal (RICO)money laundry collusion scheme of things in the production of a bogus corporation document filed before a Honorable Court of Law namely Plaintiff (Hamilton II) exhibit (K) “Broadmoor Development Corporation document ” which stating to the effect of (Dennis et al) application for assistances by volunteer’s for market value of 900 hours of free volunteering work total $16,596.00 signature by unknown person describing himself as Jonathan Graboyes which this person do not exist as proven by the Pro Se Plaintiff (Hamilton II) during the Trial in this Matter which (Zanders) attempted to have another person swear under oath as to the computation figures of free $16, 596 (free Labor work) by volunteer and the authentication of the document exhibit (K) being very legit However under cross examination by the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein being respectful before the “Honorable Justice” state calmly said under oath witness absolutely denied the document authentication or any enrolment or attachment to the document made by volunteer to be working for free on the Home at 3826 General Taylor Street in New Orleans L.A. <br />To include but not limited to the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) pointed to said (Honest) witness before her departure from the witness stand why should any volunteer be working on Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis Home for a free (900) hours in excess of $16,596. When FEMA and Private Insurances gave them funding in excess of $84,000 (Eighty Four Thousand Dollars.<br />*see Plaintiff exhibit (L) Picture of Very Nice Church Volunteer hanging sheet rock for free on the Co-Defendant (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) after they already squander off in excess of $30,000 dollars<br />Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein further state before the Honorable Justice Defendant (Zanders Attorney at Law) herein completely concealed Plaintiff exhibit (K) from the discovery of this cause of action from Plaintiff (Hamilton II) up to approximately (8) actual days before a Federal USDA Trial to hid the criminal (RICO) “Money Laundry” scheme of Things in regards to free (900) hours in excess of $16,596. Being done by “Church Volunteers <br /> With (Zanders) flat out refusing to turnover said discovery document even after a court order until exactly (8) days before the Trial. <br />Which said bogus late “Court Order” finally being produced a flipping 2 weeks before Trial in this Matter leading to a Motion for Recusal of Judge Karen Wells Roby in the aided, and full protection of (Zanders Attorney at Law) numerous illegal (RICO) “money laundry” scheme of thing <br />And protection of (Zanders) mutable hidden Identifying (Persons) being between the capacity of both “Pro Se and Actual Attorney of Record” scheme of things with the added destruction of many “Material Federal Evidence during the commitment of a USDA Trial.<br />Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein Provide very surprising respectful before the “Honorable Court” exhibit (L) Priority Mail filed on the 28th day of March 2011 in the United States Federal Court Clerk for Louisiana district document No. 63 for case 2:09-CV-07029 is the very non-Pro Se first Official act as Attorney of Law Defendant (Willie M. Zanders) herein provided to the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein the following Attorney at Law Zanders very “Honest and quite cuite Personal Pretrial Outline and Order several days late no less before the actual Trial with the added Discovery of the bogus “Volunteers providing free work” and the amount of free services expenditures documentation” Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein exhibit (K) above and The Dead Man who tell no lies………….<br /> The absolute wicked, deplorable and quite taking me back out of even my very own (Sometimes foolish Crazy Negro) common understanding of appearing Pro Se within The United States of America Legal Law before a “Honorable Court of Law” <br />However in this XXX Hideous Halloween shocking (RICO) cover up scheme of things of a long road in horrid collusion in the Documentations of the “Dead Witness” and then (Puff the Magic Zanders) Spring this Holy Hell Frightening deathly Trap on the Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) herein in the last (5) minute of a Federal Trial……..OMG Your Honor I Swear” I just found out this very moment my Witness is “Dead” <br />Screw this Court……..My skin freaking starting crawling so very scared and I wanted out of that court room extra fast from such a quite ghoulish Loser Place.<br />Defendant (Zanders) Attorney at Law comprehension and legal awareness with chilling clients “The Adams Family” collectively herein extra XXX in quite being grisly unholy ….on the OMG…. Legal Court Drama Data …..Such Sick, Sick, Very Stupid, extra Grave Robbing Attorney at Law Firm forbidding criminal grave robbing collusion with his blast from the past “Adams Family clients full in the flesh <br />To include but not limited to “The Adams Family” herein having gruesome enough walking “Hand in Hand” with )Puff The Magic Zanders Esq.) on the XXX Death Row (RICO) criminal wild side of scary, taken the fright night of all holy extra scary what in the hell of things being<br /> Invite into a Flipping Federal Court of Law on a “Money Laundry” Scam of things via a “Dead Man” And I (Plaintiff) must being with smiles point to His “Honorable Justice” and the Entire “World” no less factual circumstances surrounding<br />“Walter Jovel” the Illegal Hispanic Immigrant being quite stiff Dead since (July) of 2008 No Less………<br />Fearsome Defendant(s) et al collective alarming (RICO) scam in bringing on the “Dead Man” While “Adams Family and Counsel all having quite serious dreadful fully knowledge to obtain, supply, then provide execution with the full court press in exploitation of “The Dead Witness” Walter Jovel” and his construction invoices in 2011<br />*See Plaintiff creepy daunting exhibit (M) “Walter Jovel” XXX Wrongful Dead Man contractor Proposal (Dated) July 5th 2008……..<br />Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein declare and assert before the “Honorable Justices” after this exact moment in time July 5th 2008 “Walter Jovel” hung his last contractor door on the Dennis Front entry way @ the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) breach of Contract Job, where he was committed to wrongful death associated premeditated Murder few moment later for his small cheating crumbs of payment from:<br /> “Adams Family Walter and Rosemary Dennis” whom was most likely already cheated just like the Plaintiff, and the “Church Volunteers” doing free labor work as described previously and respectful above with proof supply herein.<br />“However” scary night at the Courthouse daunting Defendant (Zanders) creepy Halloween “Attorney at Law Firm herein having the “special Ed legal ability” to now provide and especially not being his “old slithering crooked self in past Pro Se Law no less from 2007 throughout 2010<br />At this ungodly “bloodcurdling time frame” on March 25th 2011 in the year of our Lord (Zanders puff the magic Esq.) file in a Professional USDA United States Federal “Clerk of Court office” a Pretrial Outline and Order Stating with upsetting (Zanders Esq.) signature No Less…..on said Pretrial Outline and Order filed herein in support of all true astonishing facts <br />That witness “Walter Jovel” will be (having the ability to Crawling out of his Grave) and “Honestly Swear” to testifying before The “Honorable Court of Law” in New Orleans Louisiana before Her’ Magistrate Judge Karen Wells Roby exactly on April 11th 2011 at 9:00 am <br />Fully committed about all of his construction work and all payments he received to help repair home of “Walter and Rosemary Dennis” ………<br />Creepy terrifying enough (Puff the Magic Zanders Esq.) sat down real smooth-n-cool ending this with a…….……OK<br />(Yep)….I swear Plaintiff is extra live on that one and now a question posed to all of the Entire “Honorable Justices” throughout the United States of America except for the extra cheating foolish slow Judge (Karen Wells Roby) whom I already told and made real plane and extra clear what happen next <br /> Just what Spanish/English “Holy” interpretation firm “Super Puff The Protected Magic Esq.”, XXX Special Ed. (Attorney at Law) Willie M. Zanders herein is hooked up anyway with….. To provide such said comforting, shocking, and very staggering “Dead Man” legal heard interpretation to the court reporter fully under oath testimony.<br />P.S. (Does Pro Se Plaintiff Hamilton II get to cross examine the Professional Attorney Extreme Dead witness too…..?) <br />Plaintiff Louis Charles Hamilton II herein also blot from the blue bombshell super extra surprise provide, before the “Honorable Court” and “Justices” exhibit (N) a Letter from Liberty Lumber “To Whom this may concern:<br />On May 10th 2007 Mr. Louis Hamilton open an account with liberty Lumber. He paid $7000.00 in cash. We began delivering material down the street to 4891 Tchoupitoulas St. to his customer, a Mr. Floyd Davis.<br />Mr. Hamilton at some point had a dispute with Mr. and (Mrs.) Davis and we closed the account on October, 2007 and we wrote of $8.22 (Eight Dollars and twenty two cents.<br />Obviously for a debt of $8.22 we never placed a material mans lien on the subject property at 4891 Tchoupitoulas St. Mr. and (Mrs.) Davis is incorrect in telling the “Court” a Liberty Lumber Lien was placed on His Property. Sincerely, “Thomas Huntsinger” (Owner) dated April 6th 2011 <br />However Defendant (Puff the Magic Crooked Zanders Esq.) (RICO) Theft Dead Man Grave Specialist further on or about” To Wit: March 25th 2011 in the year of our Lord file additional supported perjury and collusion being direct material information in a Professional USDA United States Federal “Clerk of Court office” on the same shocker “Dead Man” revelation Pretrial Outline and Order Stating Now Fact Witness:-Delores Davis- Ms. Davis will testify as follows: <br />“The contractor, Mr. Louis Hamilton of Multi Construction, was hired April 2007 to renovate our home at 4891 Tchoupitoulas. Mr. Hamilton approached us as a licensed contractor. Mr. Hamilton first removed all our furniture from our home. Items such as, a 65 inch TV, sofa, refrigerator, stove, freezer, and bed with mattress. He told me he placing them in storage. <br />Our home furnishings were of great value to us and I have not seen our belongings since Mr. Hamilton took everything away. <br />Mr. Hamilton then brought several workers to tear down the house. He went to “Liberty Lumber” to order materials. We then gave him a check for $10,000.00. The Materials were delivered, but he did not pay the lumber company. Later Liberty Lumber placed a Lien on our property for their money and we had to return the materials to them again. He also ordered dumpsters for hauling and cleaning, but refuse to pay for them. We then had to pay for the dumpsters out of our own pocket. In total, we paid Mr. Hamilton $19,000.00 as a down payment, but he never did anything. When I approached Mr. Hamilton, he began cursing and acted violently. The police were called many times to have him removed from the property. This incident left [my] husband and me in a state of depression and we hope something can be done about this man.<br /> Plaintiff assert, declare and simply state (Puff The Magic Hollywood Perjury Producer Dead Man Grave Robber Zanders Special Ed. Esq.) forgot that this Pretrial Outline and Order <br />Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein offering Before the Honorable Court” as disturb crooked extra exhibit (O) contains stupid Esq. Signature No Less….. And Officially filed herein before a “Real Honorable Courthouse” in support of all true continue freaky astonishing facts and very much in direct conflict with Plaintiff exhibit (N) Letter from “Liberty Lumber” owner in regards to a direct lien upon the subordinated perjury witness supply by (Zanders Esq. Magic Crooked touch) in supply such a hostile <br />After Ghoulish Defendant (Zanders) Attorney at Law herein thought he catch a napping Ignorant take by stupid surprise Pro Se Plaintiff (Hamilton II) herein with this disturb further foolish conduct “Plaintiff” herein Just Simply Destroyed this “extra side kick stale salad” Burnt bake beans fart smelling “fully pre arrange crooked witness on the USDA 90,000 volts “Electric fully fry your witness ass on the stand with the hidden Production of Plaintiff (Wham)….exhibit (N) and copy of all COD made payable to the Plaintiff from “Liberty Lumber” to the point after direct examination of Ms. Davis…in her numerous well pre plan ahead host of a going shopping spree fabrication, manufacture, cock-and-bull stories with little over board in the “fib” department trumped-up sorry ass story(s) and I will be seeing ya soon “Sir. Satan” in Hell falsehoods…..<br />(Sir Knighted Puff The Magic Dead Man Grave Robber Willie M. Zanders Esq.) very much rightfully so flat out refuse to even look at his witness an or very much cross-examine his own “pre arrange corrupted witness” within his special possession of a Professional Attorney <br />Having the now extra slooooooooow retarded needed (ASAP) crooked ability to try and “produce”, and or “compound” and or help me “Sir. Satan” Conjure up out of his leaking rectum a “Magic Dead Man Grave Robber Esq.” single simple minded question before a Court of Law.<br />The Plaintiff assert respectful before the “Honorable Court” furtherance’s that the Plaintiff (Hamilton II) was “Hoodwink” and kept from having any fairness in (among other things) a normal safe discovery phase between Pro Se Crooked Zanders Esq. and the Adams Family Clients collusion in the absolute destruction of “Material Evidences” and behind the scenes manipulation of the Federal Courts records and its “Official Wire System”, with (Zanders Esq.) also having complete Home New Orleans Federal Court Advantage over the Plaintiff in this (RICO) cover up twisted “Train Wreck” <br />As described herein to the point the U.S. District Federal Magistrate Judge in New Orleans absolutely denied the Plaintiff, to have any witness before his own declared Trial which Plaintiff request only 2 <br />And they both were on the witness list which was refused, and the Judge declare one witness the Building Engineer was not on this list but “However” he actually was Plaintiff expert witness for Trial Yet this also was flat out refused.<br />The U.S. District Federal Magistrate Judge in New Orleans (Karen Wells Roby) first grant Plaintiff Motion in the Production of the Defendant (Among other things) Banking records from 2005 to 2007 right after Hurricane Katrina made land fall “time frame” <br />Showing a depicted crooked banking trail of Co-Defendants (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) herein squander shopping spree with FEMA and Private insurance monies to actually fix the Home (among all other documentation) requested “However” after slithering Pro Se (Zanders) realizing his (RICO) money laundry handcrafted wizardry scheme of things will be surly exposed <br />As Plaintiff completely pointed out the criminal on goings of this Crooked Attorney being both Pro Se and Counsel of Record….to the Court with the Added factual act(s) of Plaintiff herein declaring “Open Warfare upon Crooked Hurricane Katrina Attorney Willie M. Zanders et al all over the “Internet” <br />The U.S. District Federal Magistrate Judge in New Orleans (Karen Wells Roby) then took back her order and acted as if this has no meaning for a rightful discovery request to pursue the truth with making sure that nothing physical in banking records shall ever be release but only what Pro Se (Zanders) Attorney at Law shall release which is a pile of Banking Number with no cancel checks to support the banking number at all <br />Plus moreover the banking figures are for 2007 through 2009 not what was granted 2005-2007 banking records plus 2007-2009 showing the deposited of FEMA and Private Insurances Money and the spent of said money process of said Squander $80,000 cash which is at the “Heart of The Force Breach of Contract”<br />In The Complete Selfish Squandering of the Contractor Money for repairs of a Hurricane Katrina Damage home<br />*See Plaintiff exhibit (P) herein banking records of (Walter and Rosemary Dennis) or plainly put a Pile of worthless discovery waste of my Pro Se (Hamilton II) 2007-2011 (5) years civil suit sorry ass time to include but not limited to jerking my toilet chain F—King trash…<br />Fully supported by the USDA Federal Court Magistrate Judge (Karen Wells Roby) providing the full wrongful elimination in providing Plaintiff (Hamilton II) any fair play at all against the Professional Attorney at Law (Puff The Magic Dead Man Grave Robber Slow Crock pot Crook Zanders Esq.) <br />Plaintiff assert before the Honorable Justice Such a sorry state being in a “Hoodwink” provision in the complete circle of collusion between Pro Se (Zanders), (Dennis et al), (Zanders Attorney at Law) and The useless (Court) compliances in absolute destruction in discovery material request and the lost of a previously granted motion now down the tubes also in the “Big Crescent City Cajun Country Judicial Fix”.<br />Plaintiff having already filed a special XXX now reoccurring Motion for Recusal of the Trial Judge. <br />Conclusion Mr. President (Obama) <br />(I told you surly you were going to be real piss off too)<br />Co-Defendant Mr. Walter Alvin Dennis herein Testify under oath that he use the [Nice] Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) to rip of the Insurances Company for extra monies to fix the roof.<br /> Which Plaintiff respectfully assert before the Honorable Justice this is very true……..(he did the scam twice)<br />“Plaintiff” (Hamilton II) herein having common High school education enough surly to state to: Co-Defendant Mr. Walter Alvin Dennis and have him respectfully repeat this rude response for clearance for the “Court and for more “Important” the Court records. <br /> Which he did: <br /> Testify under oath (Again) that he (Mr. Walter Alvin Dennis) use the [Nice] Plaintiff (Louis Charles Hamilton II) herein to rip of the Private Insurances Company for extra monies to fix the roof.<br />Plaintiff assert before the “Honorable Justice” this was a needed factor extra roofing monies after they (The Creepy Adams Family et al) spent the first Insurances Company roofing monies on an additional squander shop till you drop “Holy Hell” of a ongoing (RICO) Free shopping spree.<br />“However” USDA Federal Court Magistrate Judge (Karen Wells Roby) in New Orleans L.A. dismissed the Federal civil case knowing all as outline herein plus extra bogus in refuse Plaintiff (Hamilton II) any witness at all and to include any fair civil legal play at all against The Special Smart XXX Professional Crooked Hurricane Katrina (Zanders Esq.) and his “Magic Destruction act” with (Dennis et al) of all “Material Evidences” and photographs wither (Zanders) was acting Pro Se or Attorney of Record… <br />To include but not limited to “XXX Twilight Court Room Dead Zone” <br />(OMG) “Your Honor I See an “Extra Purple Little Mexican Carpenter Walking Dead Zombie Person” Live and extra stinky from the grave ready to testifying before “The Honorable Court”. And ruled (among other way out their things)<br /> The Court having no official finding of Fraud……<br />(Yep)…..................O.K.<br />Conclusion Mr. President (Obama) <br />(I told you surly you were going to be real piss off too)<br />And I have some more (XXX) bad News for the 2011 “Commander in Chief” of The United States of America (Obama) and NATO<br />Camel Breath Goat Scank Nuts ”Col. Moammar Gadhafi” shell shock Ass he is not hiding in “Tripoli Libya” in a deep bunker safe…..<br />“That ass hole” gave you guy’s the “Middle F—King finger” and slipper his scared dusty ass off into Pakistani crooked turf. <br />By: Louis Charles Hamilton II<br /> Pro Se Plaintiff (Herein)<br />And you’re also so included “Very Live” in “The Sherlock Holmes”<br /> “XXX Real Non-fiction” Continue Mystery Case of: <br />*The Crooked Hurricane Katrina Attorney*<br />