2011-2012 Koch Coup Brothers


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Hi ya fellows, The “Koch Coup Brothers”

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2011-2012 Koch Coup Brothers

  1. 1. To Coup’ Charles and David Koch “Hosting” “Saddam Hussein” Lounge Lizard Act @ “Ritz-Carlton” Vail Colorado…..<br />This Day has been fully waiting and Thee Jesus Christ <br />Written it well in Stone….xoxoox<br />Hi ya fellows, The “Koch Coup Brothers” <br />Or more proper trim fitting in 2011-2012 Financial Coup’<br />The Duke Brothers “Randolph and Mortimer” “Duke & Duke” <br />What is Fu=king up” Sorry it’s me <br />“Billy Ray Valentine” <br />How is the “Duke & Duke” Koch Brothers social hierarchy ruling Thangs going on with the “Tea Party” Coup’ <br />Any Snow on the Ski trails…..?<br />So your Billionaires betting “Millions” in dark money, and (actually) frozen the “Entire World” global banking system, simply <br />“Global Dumb Crooked Slower Banking Bitches locked in on “Duke & Duke” 2011-2012 “Coup Machine”<br />And they are (actually) getting fu=king pick bone cash clean…. ha, ha,<br />By “Randolph and Mortimer” “The Duke & Duke” Koch Brothers <br />You guys are outstanding good….xoxooxx ha, ha <br />Which one of you is “Mortimer” and what kind of Goat name is that for a “Cracker”, ha, ha <br />Boy you “Koch Corporation” guy’s sure knows how to hoist a cool coup’ party, <br /> Got “Saddam Hussein” singing Lounge Lizard Act @ Infamous “Ritz-Carlton” Vail Colorado….. <br />What is Old “Shrimp Boat Goat Breath” Fu=king “Saddam Hussein” Drinking these days anyway for the stretchy out stiff neck….. <br />100 year old preserved Scotch <br />(WOW) (Nothing but the Best) Cool…..xoxoox!<br />So here is my Cmdr. Bluefin Bet, <br />I see your Big (Millions) of (Millions) of wasted Dollars to topple President Obama, <br /> Plus add all of the 2011-2012 Unholy Coup’ money you trash on a global piss off market,<br /> Add your Koch Brothers Big Billions of Dollars in on the deal <br />I put up 32 (American) trash bags full of prime picking (Recycled Cans)<br />And (Obama) still win K.<br />Here is (America) most recent forecast (Read-n-Weep)<br /> If your “white ruling class” Judicial System refuse our (Negro) Class Civil Complaint Docket No. CV-00808 to proceed (again) and refuse even to help the poor (Nig=ers) among others white, Asian, Mexican ect poor and really stop the corruption freezing grip on the World with its Down Grade Destruction into your Koch Corporation Crooked Greedy Deep pockets…. That’s imposing Genocide on Nig=ers in the<br />Namely Sherlock Holmes Case of “The Crooked Dead President”. CV-00808<br /> I have to tell all of the entire 51.2 (Million) USA Class Action (Negro) Plaintiff(s) “Nationwide” and my family<br />Especially The Negro Plaintiff(s) President (Obama) we are still 2nd class Worthless Fu=ing Gutter Nig=ers Trash as always, (Sorry) “Sir”.<br />We exhausted the Court system enough over 300 (plus) Years waste of crooked corruption time <br />Once a Slave Nig=er, always a Slave Nig=er…!!! (Sorry again Sir)<br />Now (Negro) Plaintiff(s) Mr. President (Obama) “Sir” will you respectfully have a meeting with the “Live physical acting” Mr. President of the United States of America and institute an “Executive Order” <br />To stop the 1000% USA Government Imposed Genocide inflicted upon all of the (USA) “Negro” races and “White Refugees too<br />And institute a New 2012 Freeman Bureau, declare Marshall Legal Law to preside over and to fully protect (all) of normal Poor Humanity including us (Nig=ers) from the <br />Elite “Randolph and Mortimer” “The Duke & Duke” Koch Brothers <br />And his (Whole)1865-2012 “White Supremacy Ruling” Tea Party Class Billionaires Klan <br />I having legally express this extreme urgent “Genocide developments” to the Honorable (Americans) United States Federal Court System and to you Mr. President….(Also) <br />Fu=k The 212th Tea Party Congress ….<br />If you have not already notice Mr. President “Sir” it is a Bloody Coup’ <br />So we won’t be having any common ground of “Civil Dialogue” at all (We are all still the Declared Official Slaving Nig=ers)<br /> Then if we don’t have (real) Presidential (Obama) official understanding then of we are being protected too just like the rest of the outstanding white first class (American) citizens <br />(Well) I am Proud to state to the Defendant USA (America)<br /> We Will be starting our own “Negro Nation”. <br />(Everybody else got a Fu=king Nation, The Indians, The Mormons, and even The KKK<br />My “Commander in Chief” <br />(Ronald Regan) (A very smart man) Personally told me you all can Go fuck your “Cruel” “Conquering” Cracker self’s <br />(He left me Cmdr. Bluefin in Charge to Protection over all the USDA American Sick, Lame, Crazy & Real Goofy Weak) (Surprise) <br />The “Entire Negro Nation” having any oz. of problems from that point on well ……….<br />My “Commander in Chief” (Ronald Regan) said once again you better go fu=k yourself (USA) Crooks….and you better Leave the Nig=ers alone<br />& (Hurry the fu=k up) and open some real communication lines too…..<br />(Think We Playing Dead…while you Kill Us off, and impose starve us Nig=ers to death and everybody too away from our own tax money & Jobs)<br />We (American Negro Black Slave Refugees Descendants) should have real civil protected rights….See you all at the “Civil War”.<br />And we want all of our “Dam Taxes” back too…..<br />