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2010 12 07 L Cc 180 Company Profile V1.6
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2010 12 07 L Cc 180 Company Profile V1.6


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L-C Consulting Company Profile

L-C Consulting Company Profile

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  • 1. L-C Consulting fzeCompany Profile
  • 2. Summary
    Our vision
    Our mission
    Domains of intervention
    4.a Main focus
    4.b Proposed scope of intervention
    5. Externalgrowthprojects
    5.a International joint venture: typical case
    5.b The typicalCandidate profile
    5.c Venture projectphasing
    5.d Venture project: the criticalsteps
    6.d Proposed scope of intervention
    6. Our methodology:
    6.a A 3-levelmethodology
    6.b Securingour Customer through planning
    7. Our 3 major assets
    8. Our market:
    8.a Our Customers
    8.b Our geographicalcoverage
    9. Our situation:
    9.a Our legalstatus
    9.b Our operationalreferences
    10. To contact us
  • 3. 1. Our vision
    • To breed local knowledge,
    • 4. Throughout the challenge of highadded-value projects.
  • 2. Our Mission
    To provideourCustomers, with first-of-class consultancy services and advisory guidance in the followingdomains:
    Program and Corporate Project Management
    Knowledge and Complex System Engineering
    Large ScaleIndustrialProjects
    Change Management
  • 5. 3. Domains of intervention
    L-C Consulting fzeis capable to intervene on bothinternaldevelopment and venture projects, such as:
    • Development:
    • 6. Development of a new product, a new system,
    • 7. Transfer of knowledge,
    • 8. Refurbishing/restructuring of a former project,
    • 9.
    • 10. Venture:
    • 11. Externalgrowthproject,
    • 12. International joint venture,
    • 13. Companyrestructuring,
    • 14. Divestitureproject,
    • 15.
  • 4a. Internalgrowthprojects: main focus
    L-C Consulting fzemain focus is to:
    • Identify, assess and secure,
    • 16. Through relevant advice or action,
    • 17. The major footholds of complex and large scaleindustrialprojects:
    • 18. Complex, i-e implying:
    • 19. Transfer of knowledge,
    • 20. Significant system engineering and software developmentactivities, and
    • 21. Relatedrisks,
    • 22. Large scale, i-e implying:
    • 23. Mass production activities, and
    • 24. Relatedrisks.
  • 4b. Internalprojects: proposed scope of intervention
    • Assess the strategiccompetitiveness of the project;
    • 25. Engineer/reengineer, structure/restructure the project:
    • 26. Major requirements,
    • 27. Key Performance Parameters,
    • 28. Major interfaces,
    • 29. Processmap,
    • 30. Information system,
    • 31. Project team and organization.
    • 32. Manage a particularcritical phase of the project, in terms of:
    • 33. Performances & quality,
    • 34. Schedule,
    • 35. Risks.
    • 36. Organize and plan the project communication and reporting;
    • 37. Organize and promotecontinuousimprovementprocess.
  • 5a. International joint venture: typical case
    Joint Venture Agreement
    Local projects:
    Local projects:
  • 5b. The typical Candidate profile
    Small to medium size knowledge enterprise,
    Owning and developing, through a strong and innovative R&D sector, a valid segment of technology dedicated to one, at least, of the following strategic sectors of activity:
    Defense & homeland security,
    Energy (diversification),
    Committed to international development,
    Looking for abroad medium/long term partnerships,
    Open to structuring joint venture agreement:
    a. In the UAE, and/or
    b. In Europe, and/or
    c. In a UAE Free Zone (Abu Dhabi, Dubaï, Ras Al Khaimah, …).
  • 41. 5c. Venture Project Phasing
    Phase I
    Phase II
    Phase III
    Phase IV
    GO – NO GO
    GO – NO GO
    GO – NO GO
    Strategic assessment
    Interim project team
    Scenarios proposals
    Targets identification
    Scenarios assessment
    • Feasibility
    • 42. Risks/opportunities.
    Draft PMP
    Risk reduction
    Detailed PMP:
    Preliminary contact with potential partner (teaser => NDA)
    Due diligences (=>audit report)
    Business plan update
    Financing plan
    Negotiation with partner
    Coming into force of the agreement
    Transfer of ownership
    Appointment of:
    • New governance
    • 51. New management
    Approved PMP/BP
    Appointment of project team
    Approved budget.
    Two intermediate GO-NO GO decisions:
    • NDA signature
    • 52. Audit report approval
    Final review/approval:
    • Updated business plan
    • 53. Draft agreements
    Official approval (if needed)
    Approved Strategic Plan (draft BP)
    Approved (feasible) scenarios
    Recommendations from sponsor.
    L-C Consulting fze
  • 54. 5d. Venture project: the criticalsteps
    L-C Consulting fzecontribution to the projectcanbeconsideredthroughout the followingcriticalsteps:
  • 5e. Venture: proposed scope of intervention
    Consultancy services:
    Project phasing and planning (BP/PMP);
    Brokerage services:
    Assistance to local entrepreneur for identification of valuableEuropean Candidates (Portfolios),
    Assistance and local support to entrepreneur for negotiations with selected Candidate;
    Interim/change management.
  • 59. 6a. Our 3-levelmethodology
    L-C Consulting fzeproposes 3 different (and consistant) levels of intervention:
    • Short (from 3 to 10 days),
    • 60. Enables the consultant to identify and to assess the currentactualstatus of the project,
    • 61. Concluded by an Audit Report, submitted to Customer formalapproval;
    Operational (or change) management of a particular phase of the project:
    Operational support to the project team, in one or a few particular areas:
    • Training/coaching,
    • 65. Reporting,
    • 66. Dispute case; …
  • 6b. Securingour Customer through planning
    Every intervention of L-C Consulting fze, isaccuratelydescribed in a formal management plan, submitted to formalapproval by the Customer. Such a document specifies:
    The scope of the targeted intervention;
    The objectives and the resultsexpected by the Customer;
    The formaldelegationgranted to the Consultant (e-g.: access clearance towardsspecific locations, or informations), and the relatedreportingrequiredfromhim (or the consultancy team);
    The expecteddeliverables:
    • Documentations to deliver,
    • 67. Progress reports,
    • 68. Key performance indicators,
    • 69. Dashboards,
    • 70. Training sessions; …
    The conditions of the final acceptanceof the resultbrought by the intervention.
  • 71. 7. Our three major assets
    A strong operational background and proven experience in complex and large scale programs (mostly in the strategic domains of Defense & Homeland Security);
    A deepknowledge of the recentdevelopments and strategic trends (such as: AD 2030 Plan) in the Gulf Countries local industry and university;
    A solid set of personalethics, profoundlyrespectful of the Gulf Countries local values.
  • 72. 8a. Our Customers
    L-C Consulting fzededicatesitscompetencies and experience in contributing to the success of the projectsendeavored by:
    The Gulf Countriesgovernmentagencies;
    The Gulf Countries local industrial groups;
    The localsubsidiaries of international industrial groups.
  • 73. 8b. Our geographicalcoverage
    L-C Consulting fzeis capable to intervene:
    Either in the GCC area (preferably), or in Europe;
    Either in English(preferably), or in French.
  • 74. 9a. Our legalstatus
    L-C Consulting fze:
    • an independent consultant,
    • 75. established on the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone,
    • 76. with offices in the RAK FTZ Business Development Center (Western Tower, Abu Dhabi Mall), in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.).
  • 9b. Operationalreferences
  • 77. 10. To contact us
    Address: L-C Consulting fze
    P.O. Box 27471
    Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.
    Web site:
    Phone: + 971 (0)2 699 4785
    Fax: + 971 (0)2 699 4848
    Gsm: + 971 (0)50 617 1779
  • 78. Thankyou