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  • Research supports that wrong use of technology can make it ineffective One wrong use is attitude When teachers have better attitudes about technology students have higher achievement, having a poor attitude will do the oppositeAnother wrong use is method of delivery Teachers that used technology for drill and practice actually had lower NAEP test scores A final wrong use is not having teachers trained A 1997 report in the President’s Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology shows that few teachers feel comfortable implementing technology use in the curriculum Technology can positively affect special needs students. If teachers aren’t comfortable using technology, they wont use it, and special needs students will suffer more
  • Now that we know technology can be effective, and we know ways that make it ineffective, we need to look at ways to make technology use successful Similar to learning how to and practicing shooting a bow 3 main factors in using technology in research proven effective methods Administration needs to be educated on the benefits of technology use and needs to focus schools on obtaining and implementing technology Teachers need to be trained on effective use of technologies and have support for when they have questions or problemsTechnology use needs to follow the curriculum goals and state standards to be effective These steps combine to form a technology plan, the technology plan will keep the school on the right track with technology use in educationWithout these 3 factors, technology will not be effective, similar to shooting the bow and arrow, but still missing the target
  • Research data for How technology: Teacher training is essential for technology to be effective (top left bullet) 8th grade math students showed improvements of 13 weeks above average when their teachers have professional development on using technology (bottom left) when teacher receive training on technology, their students achievement is higher Diagram shows how teacher training on computer use aids in both achievement and positive school climate Technology must be used properly in order for it to be effective(top right bullet) 8th grade students who used computers for higher order of thinking development had higher NAEP scores than students who used computers for drill and practice (middle right bullet) teachers who used computers for higher order thinking created higher achieving math students in the 4th and 8th grade (bottom right bullet) 9th grade math students who used intelligent tutor software without teacher guidance did not understand or apply new knowledge, with teacher guidance students did (source 2)
  • Chart shows percentile gains of students who used technology over students who did not use technology. The chart shows us a few different thingsTechnology does not have the same effectiveness in all subject areas and grade levels (most effective in special education and least effective in pre college science) Shows us that using technology does result in some gains, even if the gains are small If our goal is to better educate our students, isn’t technology a tool worth looking into? Even if it only increases student gains by 9 percentiles, isn’t a 9 percentiles gain higher than it would be otherwise? Those small gains may be the difference between meeting AYP and not meeting AYP, or the difference between a 24 on an ACT and a 26, may be enough of a difference to be eligible for a higher scholarship.
  • I believe that as a school district we need to say YES to technology! Similar to a bow and arrow, with training and maintenance technology will help us reach our educational goalsLets review the research: read bullet 2, and keep in mind those wrong ways to use technologyTechnology will benefit the school district in thatNCLB standards will be met easierTechnology saves money and time (as shown on the previous slides, students will learn materials on a higher level faster, and one additional study that has not been previously discussed showed that using basic skills and computer education was more cost effective than tutoring, smaller class sizes, and longer instructional timeTechnology will help reach one goal of education: to create lifelong learners Let’s use our resources to hit the bullseye.Open up for questionsThank you.
  • Technology al

    2. 2. TECHNOLOGY?• Teaching without technology is like trying to hit a target with an arrow without using a bowWhy should we use technology? Traditional teaching methods no longer engage children in the computer age (3)Research shows that Technology• Increases student learning (2, 4, 5)• Increases social skills (1)• Engages students and increases motivation and achievement (1, 5)• Prepares students for the future (2, 3)
    3. 3. INCREASED STUDENT LEARNING Raises test scores Students with special needs or who are disadvantages perform higher Data showed increases on  Data showed double theSAT 1 tests by 94 points and improvement with technologyhigher SAT 9 scores (2) use (2) Using computer based  Placed special needs studentsinstruction increased scores by on the same level as other14 percentiles (5) students (4)
    4. 4. INCREASE STUDENT LEARNING Students learn material at a higher level and learn problem solvingskills. Using video programs leads to problem solving skills Simulation and higher order thinking software showed gains of 15weeks (5) Using technology and communication tools develops critical thinkingskills (2) Greater depth of understanding when using collaborative computerapplications (5)
    5. 5. IMPROVING SOCIAL SKILLS Social Skills Work Preparation More cooperation and  Educator’s job is to prepare students for future (3)collaboration in technology rich  Tech Prep or career academics canclassrooms (1) prepare students for future jobs (2)  Learn about the working world by using school to work programs (2)
    6. 6. ENGAGES STUDENTS AND INCREASES MOTIVATION AND ACHIEVEMENT Better attitudes with computer based instruction and cooperative group work (5) Increased motivation in technology rich classroom (1) Increased achievement and motivation for special needs children (5)
    7. 7. WRONG TECHNOLOGYSome people would rather not shoot  Forming a technology planthe arrow with the bow because theyhave seen others try and fail . Wasted district resourcesReasons Technology Fail  Poor attitudes towards Inadequate teacher training (4) technology (5) Poor attitudes towards usingtechnology (5) Technology use on ineffectiveinstructional methods (2, 5
    8. 8. WRONG TECHNOLOGY Attitude Ineffective methods• Teacher positive • Drill and practice use attitude created higher showed lower NAEP achievement (5) scores (5) Lack of Teacher Training • Report states that few teachers are comfortable with technology (4) • Lack of teacher training can negatively affect special needs students (4)
    9. 9. HOW TECHNOLOGY Need to learn how to use the bow, practice using the bow and arrows, and maintain all equipment if you want to consistently hit the bullseye Administrative focus on instructional Technologytechnology (3) plan Professional development (3) Implement technology to supplement  Without any of these, technologycurriculum (2, 3) will not be effective (3)  Would be like using the bow to shoot the arrow, but still missing the target Menu
    10. 10. TEACHER How Technology TRAINING • Score improvements Proper Use when teachers are trained (5) • Higher order thinking applications improve• Trained teachers lead to NAEP scores (2) higher achievement (5) • Higher order thinking use raised achievement (5) • Teacher role imperative to understanding (2)
    12. 12. YES TECHNOLOGY! With training and maintenance, the arrow will hit the target with more precision andaccuracy Data from research studies shows that technology used correctly will increase studentlearning on all levels (1-5) NCLB standards will be easier to meet (2) Saves money and time (5) Technology increases lifelong learning (3) Let’s use our resources to hit the bullseye! Men
    13. 13. SOURCES1. Campbell, D., Kratcoski, A., & Swan, K. (2005). Situated Learning in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment. RCETJ. 2 (1), 17-45.2. Cradler, J., McNabb, M., Freeman, M., & Burchett, R. (2002). How does technology influence student learning? Learning and Leading with Technology , 29 (8), 46–49.3. Harvey-Woodall, A. (2009). Integrating Technology into the Classroom: How Does It Impact Student Achievement? Retrieved on February 11, 2011, from Hasselbring, T. S., & Glaser, C. H. W. (2000). Use of Computer Technology to Help Students With Special Needs. The Future of Children , 10 (2), 102–122.5. Schacter, J. (1999). The Impact of Education Technology on Student Achievement: What the Most Current Research Has to Say. Santa Monica, California: Milken Exchange on Education Technology.