Introduction to business model innovation


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Introduction to business model innovation

  1. 1. Business Model Innovation Sense and impact supported by tools and matrices Louis-David Benyayer @withoutmodel
  2. 2. Global CHALLENGE
  3. 3. issuesEnvironmental
  4. 4. Individualempowerment
  5. 5. Legacies are challenged
  6. 6. innovative outsiders appear and performDell RyanairZara SkypeGrameen bank BlaBlaCarWikispeed Huffington PostAtelier des chefs
  7. 7. Barbarians invent continents and define new rules
  8. 8. Business Model Innovation Expanding the innovation horizon Industry B2B and supply chain integration Inventing new industry structuresHow broad? Business Re-engineering business Creating entirely processes new business concepts Products or processes Refining products and Reconfiguring products and processes processes Incremental Radical How radical?
  9. 9. Source : A. Osterwalder, Y. Pigneur, Business Model Generation
  10. 10. Source : A. Osterwalder, Y. Pigneur, Business Model Generation
  11. 11. A new configuration of value proposition + resources + organisation to generate / capture value Applicable to Existing product / technology Applicable to start-ups, smes and corporations
  12. 12. Build to order revolutionSource : S. Netessine (Renaissance Innovator)
  13. 13. Standard fashion company ZaraSource : S. Netessine (Renaissance Innovator)
  14. 14. Disruption is ewerywhere business models are changing Collaborative economy, crowdfunding, complementarycurrencies, access vs ownership, Internet of things, DIY,jobs are over, horizontal organisation, Plateforms, SMART CITIES, local production, less is more, distributedeconomy, Biotronics, servicialization, open manufacturing,Reverse innovation, barter, big data, creative commons, peer-to-peer, shared value, social business, …
  15. 15. Emerging trends Plateforms as new middle men Market decrease for goods Products redesign New markets (BtoBC)Source : R. Bostman, OuiShare, WithoutModel
  16. 16. Emerging trends Reconceive products & markets Redefine productivity in the value chain Clusters developmentSource : M. Porter, HBR - 2011
  17. 17. Business model is a system of components in interactionvalue proposition + organisation + competences not only a new pricing policy
  18. 18. Business model > revenue model They still sell products
  19. 19. Business Model Innovation has various originsSource : A. Osterwalder, Y. Pigneur, Business Model Generation
  20. 20. EntrepreneursMatterBtw, none of them woke up one day and said :« let’s lead a business model innovation»
  21. 21. #1They want to do something different (or differently)
  22. 22. #2They want to share their passion about their product / service / company
  23. 23. #3They work hard and for a long time before getting results (they experiment)
  24. 24. CreateHave fun
  25. 25. credits•••