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More than just insurance

  1. 1. Presentation of Services 100 Premium Way | P.O. Box 5002 | Alamosa, CO 81101 | Phone 719.589.3611 | Fax: 719.589.0242 5585 Erindale Drive Suite 107 | P.O. Box 26465 | Colorado Springs, CO 80918 | Phone 719.528.1884 | Fax 866.847.5973 7300 E. Arapahoe Road | Centennial, CO 80112 | Phone 888.528.1884 |
  2. 2. CIA Leavitt Insurance Agency Our team consists of insurance professionals with a wide We view our role as more than your insurance agent. range of expertise, many of whom are considered leaders As your business partner we are committed to building in their respective fields. We foster in all our employees lasting relationships with both our clients and the the need and drive to pursue education surpassing any insurance companies we represent. We do this by requirements set forth by the Division of Insurance. We providing consistent quality service and by developing are confident in our insurance knowledge, and believe long-term solutions to manage your business and personal this is critical in providing our clients with successful risk exposures. management solutions. CIA-Leavitt is a full service agency providing the strength Since our agency was founded in 1982, our focus and experience of a large national brokerage, yet the on relationships of trust, industry knowledge, and a personal touch of a locally-owned independent insurance willingness to serve sets CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency agency. apart. CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency is a member of the Leavitt Choosing CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency will assure Group, the 14th largest insurance agency in the United you competitively priced insurance products, risk States with over 115 locations to serve our clients needs. management solutions guidance from leaders in the The Leavitt Group writes over $1.5 billion in insurance industry and unparalleled service an attention. premiums annually. Our affiliation with the Leavitt Group provides us with the key management service, specialty products and insurance company access to create a more competitive and stable insurance environment for our clients.
  3. 3. Our Advantage We represent a variety of accounts, including commercial groups, associations, and governmental entities. This We broker the following products, diversification of clientele gives us a unique market which are offered on a fully insured or advantage. partially / self-funded basis: HEALTH We are committed to building life-long relationships with clients and insurance carriers by providing consistent and DEnTAL quality service. As a result, over the last decade our firm VISIOn has a high client retention rate throughout the industry. CAFETERIA / FSA / SECTIOn 125 Our employees not only have broker expertise, but HEALTH REImBURSEmEnT ACCOUnTS have vast experience working for carriers in the areas of management, sales, billing, underwriting, appeals HEALTH SAVInGS ACCOUnTS committee and customer service. LIFE / AD&D SHORT TERm DISABILITy We maintain elite status with all major insurance carriers. Our agency has an excellent relationship with each carrier, LOnG TERm DISABILITy and we offer an unbiased point of view. As a trusted VOLUnTARy SUPPLEmEnTAL PRODUCTS steward for our clients’ benefits, our goal is to work hard to continually meet your needs. We look forward to providing a competitive benefits package to you and your employees.
  4. 4. Our Service Team We have assembled a team of professionals that will be extensively involved with your company. Our consulting and service team have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in the employee benefits industry and provide a well-balanced approach to benefit planning. Consultant / Producer your producer has extensive experience in the group benefits industry and will coordinate the breadth of our benefits services and support personnel. In particular, your producer will assist you in the following areas: Coordinate Client needs Fact finding and information gathering Benefits Evaluation Plan design, employer contribution requirements, participation, cost, risk, network, client goals, carriers, products and services negotiation Renewal rates, benefit designs, bids, decrements and other options Underwriting methodologies Reports, renewal data, strategies, cost savings, market and industry trends Creative Solutions Risk sharing, consumer engagement, wellness, communication and network review
  5. 5. Our Service Team Account Manager Our clients are assigned a full-time account manager, regardless of the company’s size. In addition to helping you understand your benefit plan(s), your Account manager can assist you with the following: Employee Benefit Booklet Combined benefits in one source Open Enrollment Coordination of meetings with carriers and vendors Claim Resolution Assistance with complex and escalated claim issues Billing Reconciliation Assistance Support for billing questions and issues Employee Q&A meetings Educational meetings on benefits for employees Wellness and Health Fairs Screening and health information Employee Surveys Identify employee satisfaction of benefits package and other desired products Set Up and Ongoing Support of Services Benefits Value-Added Services Underwriting, COBRA Administration, Human Resources Services, Wellness and Online Services
  6. 6. Our Service Team Administrative Support Staff Request For Proposal Process Coordinate, fine tune and package data for carriers Carrier and Product Knowledge Accurate benefit options for the individual needs of each group Plan Comparison and Spreadsheets Information compiled into a concise format Funding Comparisons Compare the impact of employer and employee cost Dedicated Enrollment Assistance Emails or faxes information and confirms additions and terminations on group plans Client Seminars Annual and bi-monthly relevant benefit seminars Escalated Claim Support Our team will act as liaisons between the patient, the insurance carrier, and the provider
  7. 7. Value-Added Services We are built upon a tradition of integrity, industry UnDERWRITInG leadership and excellence. We are committed to Data driven negotiation delivering tailored benefit solutions with thoughtful and decision making strategic planning, valuable professional services and key based solutions. COBRA / COLORADO ADmInISTRATIOn We are proud to offer cutting edge value-added services. Full management, liability and These in-house services are provided at no additional complete compliance cost. Our value-added services are, in part, what sets us apart from other brokerages. HUmAn RESOURCES SERVICES Experienced consulting, workshops and ongoing support WELLnESS Wellness programs, resources and education OnLInE SERVICES Benefits website, online tools and electronic enrollment COmPLEx CLAImS RESOLUTIOn Full assistance in reconciling difficult claims
  8. 8. Underwriting We have an aggressive approach to underwriting. By combining our underwriting SmALL EmPLOyER (2 - 50 EmPLOyEES) department‘s expertise with our producers’ • Preparation of underwriting packets knowledge and carrier data, we are able to • Limited plan utilization review achieve the most desirable renewal. • Comprehensive electronic application and underwriting We have identified a unique formula from data that carriers use to develop rates • Screening of health applications for accuracy for groups. Each element of this formula • Participation calculator, ensure compliance and provides us leverage in negotiation. contribution • Employee class analysis and industry review LARGE EmPLOyER (ExPERIEnCE RATED) • Compilation of data into a management reporting tool • Quarterly analysis and presentation of reports and plan utilization • Recommended plan design and funding changes with long term cost benefit • Package client information to aid in achieving the most aggressive rate proposals • Plan and budget projections for future rating actions • Review rating actions directly with carrier underwriters to verify that rating information is accurate and fair
  9. 9. COBRA / Colorado Continuation We provide complete COBRA administration. We enroll and maintain participants, track time frames, and collect Sample Notices Include: and reimburse premiums. GEnERAL nOTICE Our team effectively and accurately manages the IRS QUALIFyInG EVEnT ELECTIOn nOTICE mandated forms and language requirements. We become COnVERSIOn nOTICE the intermediary between employers and COBRA participants. PREmIUm BILLInG nOTIFICATIOn (InVOICES) This process ensures full COBRA compliance and peace of nOTICE OF DIVORCE mind for the client. ExPIRATIOn nOTICE nOTICE OF InSIGnIFICAnT PREmIUm UnDERPAymEnT nOTIFICATIOn OF PLAn CHAnGE AnD RATE nOTIFICATIOn OF TERmInATIOn FOR nOnPAymEnT Employer Reports: mOnTHLy PREmIUm REPORT REImBURSEmEnT CHECK mOnTHLy TERmInATIOn REPORT
  10. 10. Human Resources Services We offer a full spectrum of Human Resource services support. We recognize experience varies in each WORK SHOPS company’s Human Resource department. Therefore our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) services range from validating simple issues to resolving Effective Communication/Feedback complex matters. The unbiased consulting we provide is FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) responsive and available with unlimited access. FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Hiring/Firing Guidelines Sexual Harassment Awareness Title VII (discrimination) Leave of Absence SUPPORT & TRAInInG Union Advice Workers Compensation 24-Hour Phone Access USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Timely Email Response Reemployment Rights Act) Weekly Newsletter Performance Review Training TEmPLATES Job Description and Postings Employee Handbooks Wage and Hour Issues Employee Opinion Surveys Job Application Review Job Applications I9 Compliance Job Descriptions Union Advice Leave Request Forms Updated Human Resource Forms Severance Agreements Discounted background checks and drug testing available
  11. 11. Wellness Our wellness services include a wide range of resources, programs and support to assist clients with worksite COORDInATIOn OF CARRIER wellness initiatives. most adults spend more of their PROGRAmS AnD RESOURCES waking hours at work than anywhere else, making it a EmPLOyER WORKSHOPS prime venue for promoting healthful habits. WORKPLACE EVALUATIOnS Importance of Worksite Wellness EmPLOyEE InTEREST SURVEyS • Reduce absenteeism • Improve productivity and attendance EVEnT SUPPORT (InCLUDInG HEALTH FAIRS) • Control increasing health care costs • Improve employee morale and retention PLAnnInG AnD COORDInATIOn • Reduce injuries OF BIOmETRIC SCREEnInG SERVICES* Through our experience, we have found the success of the wellness campaign depends on the communication HEALTH EDUCATIOn mATERIALS, and support of the management team. The result of this TIPS AnD nEWSLETTERS finding was the genesis of the wellness department and the implementation of the listed services. *A fee may be associated with actual screening services.
  12. 12. HRconnection HRconnection is an easy-to-use employee website that serves as a custom company information and employee benefits expert. For employees, it provides 24-hour access to company and benefits information from any computer with internet access. For employers and human resources personnel, HRconnection increases productivity and cost savings by providing employee self-service and improving employee communication efforts. HRconnection Helps Employers • Comprehensive on-line enrollment • Communicate with employees and solve human resources challenges • Improve employee satisfaction • Save money HRconnection Helps Employees • Instantly access up-to-date company and benefits information and useful forms • Connect to comprehensive human resources information 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week • Learn about career growth opportunities, job postings, and training programs HRconnection Helps Human Resources • Efficiently showcase benefit programs to employees and their families • Communicate important company information to all employees in a consistent, timely and useful manner • Attract and retain valued employees by portraying a high-quality image
  13. 13. MyWave myWave is your pass to a dynamic world of employee benefits and human resources tools and information. myWave is an Internet-based client center that gives you real-time access to our products and services. MyWaveHR MyWaveHR provides access to articles covering a variety of topics, comprehensive legislative guides, HealthShop newsletters, and links to industry related websites. Benchmark Surveys Allows you to determine how your plans and programs compare to other employers across the U.S. MyWave Community Share information and resources via the community’s interactive forum, post questions to your peers, provide insight into other users’ questions, and track responses based on topics or individual questions. Collaboration Center Our two-way document posting capabilities allow a seamless exchange of information sharing and collaboration. You can download and share documents, make updates, and track a document’s history-simplifying updates to reports, worksheets, questionnaires and policies.
  14. 14. Broker Comparison your Our Current Broker Services Strength in We are an affiliated agency of the Leavitt Group, which provides service to over 1,500 benefit clients Numbers throughout the West. Insurance Carrier We maintain an elite carrier status based on our overall premium and membership volume. This Relationships positions us in a unique, mutually respectful relationship between our carrier and clients. Consultants/ Our consultants/producers possess extensive experience and knowledge in the group benefits industry. Their primary focus is to coordinate our value-added services with our support personnel and Producers to implement dynamic plan design solutions resulting in superior client satisfaction. Combining our unique and aggressive approach to carrier negotiations with our underwriting Annual Review methodologies, we work closely with our clients to provide creative cost-saving solutions. Innovative Plan Our creative approach to benefit plan design has proven to be successful for long-term employer Designs solutions. Account We have gleaned the industry’s top service account managers to coordinate each client’s enrollment meetings, employee communications, complex claim resolution, and all our value-added services. Managers They provide invaluable support to human resource and benefits professionals. Employee Benefit We provide a variety of communication tools including benefit books, CDs, DVDs, and web access that will educate employees and their dependants on their benefits package. These Communications contribute a valuable resource to employees at open enrollment and throughout the plan year. Spanish We have access to effective industry professionals who are a direct contact for Spanish speaking Translation employees and can assist with open enrollment, claims resolution and day-to-day questions. Employee We host a variety of seminars throughout the year, in addition to a full day annual seminar, covering Training/Seminars diversified topics relating to benefits and human resources responsibilities and compliance. Our experienced in-house underwriting department provides our clients with customized reports and Underwriting analysis. They will verify that rating information from the carrier is accurate and fair and will suggest alternative financial solutions. Reporting For large groups, carriers will supply monthly utilization reports. We compile the reports in a concise Capabilities format to help us recognize utilization trends and offer benefit insights. COBRA We provide complete in-house COBRA administration. We enroll and maintain participants, track time Administration frames, and collect and reimburse premiums. Human Resource We offer Human Resource consulting services to enhance and support our clients’ management responsibilities. These in-house services include compliance audit, employee handbook review, Services human resource trainings and seminars and performance review training. Our in-house wellness department connects our clients to programs and resources, and also provides Wellness services to support their worksite wellness initiative. We offer our clients access to a customized employee website. This site can assist a human resource HRconnection manager with open enrollment as well as communicate human resource and benefits information to employees and their families. This web-based client center assists our clients with the dynamic world of insurance and employee MyWave benefits by offering them real time access to us as well as to an online library of benefits and human resource documents. Compensation We will provide our clients’ employees with a customized statement illustrating each employee’s true Statements annual income by detailing the amounts the employer contributes toward each employee’s benefits.
  15. 15. 100 Premium Way | P.O. Box 5002 | Alamosa, CO 81101 | Phone 719.589.3611 | Fax: 719.589.0242 5585 Erindale Drive Suite 107 | P.O. Box 26465 | Colorado Springs, CO 80918 | Phone 719.528.1884 | Fax 866.847.5973 7300 E. Arapahoe Road | Centennial, CO 80112 | Phone 888.528.1884 |