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A Loudoun, Viginia Business Location
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Loudoun, Virginia is the wealthiest county in America-- and with that comes a wealth of economic development opportunities. Learn about economic development in Loudoun and what it means to have a …

Loudoun, Virginia is the wealthiest county in America-- and with that comes a wealth of economic development opportunities. Learn about economic development in Loudoun and what it means to have a business here.

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  • Forbes just announced this month that Virginia has regained the #1 position as best state for business, up from #2 last year!
  • From 44 schools in 2000 to 84 in 2013 (which includes two new schools that opened this Fall 2013)Population from 169,600 in 2000 to 339,100 today
  • * And the BOS is continuing to look at maximizing commercial development assets around the Silver Line rail line (Williams’ new proposal)* Transit-Oriented and Mixed Use Developments, approved or under construction:One LoudounLoudoun StationVillage at LeesburgDullesWorldKincoraMoorefield Station
  • 496 M (Metro)—Metro, Garages, transit buses, maint facility, park and ride lotsFunds to be used: Debt, General Obligation Bonds, Local Tax Funding, Fund Balance, Revenue Bonds, Cash Poffers$0.02 of existing tax rate to go to transportation
  • The speaker before you, David Versel from Stephen Fuller’s group, is likely to have mentioned the coming workforce shortage in the region… if so, you may want to mention that this is a priority issue for us as well When he talks about it, he will focus on the shortage of workforce housing, since that is relevant to this group as well.
  • There will be residential realtors in this group; will be interesting to see if they have any comments about the boom in data center alley. With the new Dupont buildings going up, and the COPT construction, I am starting to here more comments from Ashburn residents… You may want to stress the tremendous value they bring to the tax base, and also their compliance with noise ordinances, growing interest in design elements, and possible changes to the zoning regs. Give the residential realtors some positive ammunition to use when they have concerned clients. With out making it sound like a big problem; use your usual finesse!
  • Again, may be many residential realtors in the audience, so you can say that they, of course, are intimately familiar with these facts. Mention that our Farm Tour Weekend is Saturday and Sunday, and it would be great for them to let their clients know about it. In fact, bring some brochures.
  • These folks may deal more with small businesses; mention our recent IEDC award and some of the great programs that are a part of it.May be particularly interested in the BAT team for their small biz clients.FY13 was a great year for the Department of Economic Development. Our efforts were responsible for bringing 56 new or expanded businesses to the county tax rolls, with a total investment of $467 million, adding 2.6 million new square feet of commercial real estate. That will fund a lot of schools and ball parks! These businesses also created 1,645 new jobs in the county.Raytheon Intelligence, Information & Services business unitiGateCOPT
  • Many C-level business executives live in Loudoun County, we’d like them to locate their business here as well!


  • 1. A Loudoun Business Location 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 2. LOUDOUN VIRGINIA DISTINCTIONS #1 America’s Richest Counties, Forbes.com #1 Job Creation since 2000, CNNMoney.com 70% of world’s internet traffic 20th Largest US Airport and 3rd largest East Coast Trans-Atlantic Hub AAA Rating from all major bond rating agencies for 8 consecutive years #1 Farm Wineries in Virginia #3 Population Growth since 2000 #4 Best Places to Get Ahead, Forbes.com 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 3. WHY IS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IMPORTANT? • According to an EDC study, for every dollar in Loudoun County tax revenue: – Residential costs $1.62 in services – Commercial costs $0.38 in services • The attraction of new commercial development to the county helps to mitigate the demands of residential. • There are many capital needs: – School system growing by nearly 2500 students each year – Shortage of over 150 athletic fields to meet current demand 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 4. THE RESULTS OF POPULATION GROWTH 400,000 350,000 Population 300,000 40 New Schools 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0 2000 1-(800)-LOUDOUN 2013 biz.loudoun.gov
  • 5. WHY LOUDOUN, VIRGINIA FOR BUSINESS? 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 6. PRO-BUSINESS VALUES Virginia has long been a great state for business, and business experts say it best: • Forbes “#1 Best State for Business” • CNBC “#3 Top State for Business” • Site Selection Magazine “#1 Top Competitive State” • Business Facilities “#3 Best Business Climate” 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 7. PROFIT-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT Businesses care about the bottom line: • Corporate income tax rate of 6% is one of the lowest in the U.S. • Combined state and local sales and use tax is just 5% • Unemployment insurance tax rate is the 2nd lowest in the nation • Competitive business incentives 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 8. ACCESS TO GLOBAL MARKETS WASHINGTON DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Non-stop service to 47 world cities connects to more than 80 percent of the world’s economies Transatlantic hub for United Airlines/Star Alliance 22.6 million passengers and 268,000 tonnes of cargo transported in 2012 Ten years of international passenger growth, with new world destinations added every year 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 9. “We rely on a talented pool of individuals here in Loudoun County, from which we serve customers at more than 440 sites in 80 countries worldwide. The combined knowledge base, relationships and diversity of employees in Loudoun County help us deliver for our customers and the missions they serve.” John D. Harris, II President Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 10. ACCESS TO WASHINGTON D.C. METRORAIL SILVER LINE Three rail stations planned in Loudoun, including one at Washington Dulles International Airport Direct access to Washington D.C. and one million regional employees Six Transit-Oriented and Mixed-Use Developments approved or now under construction 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 11. INVESTMENT IN TRANSPORTATION Board of Supervisors approved $846 million in Capital Improvement Transportation Projects through FY 2018: • MetroRail Silver Line • Eastern Loudoun Road Network Key Improvements − − − − − − Route 7 (limited access): Leesburg to Route 28 Belmont Ridge Road: expand Gloucester Parkway: build Route 606: expand Waxpool Road Route 50 parallel roads 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 12. “The Dulles Technology Corridor, centered in Loudoun County, hosts the largest number of internet, satellite, and defense companies in the nation.” Moody’s Economy.com January, 2009 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 13. HIGHLY SKILLED WORKFORCE Residents with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher According to TechAmerica’s Cyberstates, Virginia has the: 70 • Highest concentration of technology workers in the U.S. 50 largest tech workforce in the U.S. • 5th highest average high-tech wage CNNMoney ranks Loudoun County #1 for job creation during the past decade 1-(800)-LOUDOUN Percent • 4th 58.5% 60 40 30 20 10 0 U.S. Virginia Loudoun biz.loudoun.gov
  • 14. PROACTIVE TARGETED CLUSTERS Building on our strengths and infrastructure • Information & Communications Technology (ICT) • Data Centers & Big Data • Federal Government Contractors/Aerospace & Defense • Life Sciences & Health IT • International • Aviation & Air Cargo 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 15. LOUDOUN BUSINESSES 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 16. DATA CENTER COMMUNITY 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 17. DIVERSE BUILT INVENTORY Office Flex/Data Center 1-(800)-LOUDOUN Mixed Use Industrial biz.loudoun.gov
  • 18. EXCEPTIONAL COMMUNITY • Outstanding Public Schools – 90% of Graduates Attend College – 100% of Loudoun high schools ranked as among the best in the nation by Newsweek's Challenge Index • Variety of Housing Options – New master-planned and mixed-use developments, historic town settings, rural farms and executive housing • Diverse Amenities – Regional hotel, shopping and dining opportunities in the east – Wineries, farms, bed & breakfasts, historic small-town shops, and equestrian facilities in the west – Easy access to Washington, D.C.’s arts, entertainment and culture 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 19. “Quality of life was an important factor for us when we decided to locate our headquarters in Loudoun County. We have found that we are able to recruit top people from across the country because this area offers a high quality of life. It’s a great location for young families.” David Thompson, President & CEO Orbital Sciences Corporation 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 20. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SERVICES • Targeted Industry Managers • Small business & Entrepreneurship Program • Fast Track / Process Assistance: Business Assistance Team – Central point of contact for County Development Team – Timeline established by client • Tax Comparison - Coordinated by Economic Development • Incentive Options – Coordinated by Economic Development – State: job tax credits 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 21. HOW YOU CAN HELP! • Let your clients know how they can become involved in the Loudoun business community • Follow us on Twitter and become friends with us on Facebook to learn about the many events of interest to local businessmen • Utilize the resources on our website when you work with commercial clients • Check out SourceLink, the premier resource for small businesses 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov
  • 22. LOUDOUN VIRGINIA Buddy Rizer Acting Director, Economic Development 703-777-0426 Buddy.Rizer@loudoun.gov 1-(800)-LOUDOUN biz.loudoun.gov