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LoudWhistle Branding International is all about modern brand building.

Services offered:
I. Branding:
Brand Experience
Creative Direction

II. Creative Designs
Web Development
Blog Design
Interactive Presentations
Graphic Designs

III. Marketing
Lead Generation Tools
(Brochures, Corporate Profile, Landing Pages, Microsites)
Social Media Marketing
Social Networking

Thanks for listening. Share your story with us!

Twitter: brandteller

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LoudWhistle - Empowered Branding through Social Media

  1. EMPOWERED BRANDING   through social media marketing
  2. Who’s talking? We  are  a  group  of  passionate  modern  brand  builders   commi4ed  to  building  your  brand  on  (your   organiza8on's)  core  principles  that  never  change.     Our  goal  is  to  create  be4er  brands  by  finding  big  idea. ! We highly value client and brand encounter. Share your stories with us, we’ll be happy to listen  hello@loudwhistle.net
  3. What are we going to talk about? What is a brand?! Need for branding! Great Brands! Social Media! Branding through social media! hello@loudwhistle.net
  4. First thing first A brand is… hello@loudwhistle.net
  5. A brand is what people say, feel and think about your product, service and company.
  6. A great brand is a great story… hello@loudwhistle.net
  7. Retold over and over again… hello@loudwhistle.net
  8. What’s your story? hello@loudwhistle.net
  9. What’s the need for branding? hello@loudwhistle.net
  10. Friendship actions build hello@loudwhistle.net
  11. Friendship actions build Advocacy which sparks hello@loudwhistle.net
  12. Conversations that lead to hello@loudwhistle.net
  13. Conversations that lead to recommendations that turn into hello@loudwhistle.net
  14. Sales which are usually hello@loudwhistle.net
  15. Sales which are usually Higher in profit and lower in acquisition costs. hello@loudwhistle.net
  16. What do I need inorder to have a “great” brand? hello@loudwhistle.net
  17. hello@loudwhistle.net A winning story
  18. Effective hello@loudwhistle.net communication
  19. hello@loudwhistle.net Interaction
  20. hello@loudwhistle.net Experience
  21. How do I do that? hello@loudwhistle.net
  22. There are unlimited ways. Good news? Social media is here to do that! hello@loudwhistle.net
  23. h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/pankcho/2855131824/   Social media are conversations hello@loudwhistle.net
  24. h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/pankcho/2855131824/   Social media are conversations hello@loudwhistle.net powered by these channels
  25. h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/pankcho/2855131824/   These conversations are not organized, controlled and cannot be forecasted hello@loudwhistle.net
  26. Social media is brand new way for us to listen and to talk… hello@loudwhistle.net
  27. …about what really interest us. hello@loudwhistle.net
  28. What are your customers talking about? hello@loudwhistle.net
  29. Socialism Redefined Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook aren’t just revolutions in online social media. They’re the vanguard of cultural movement.   hello@loudwhistle.net
  30. Remember, its not so much about what you say. hello@loudwhistle.net
  31. Its what you do, and how people talk about you. hello@loudwhistle.net
  32. “Social  Media  is  about  the  people!    Not  about   your  business.  Provide  for  the  people  and     the  people  will  provide  for  you.”  -­‐Ma4  Goulart hello@loudwhistle.net
  33. Branding through Social media hello@loudwhistle.net
  34. “ I tell my Facebook friends about your brand. Its not because I like your brand, but rather, I like my friends.” – Mike Arauz, UnderCurrent hello@loudwhistle.net
  35. “Whether  something  brings  them  joy  or  pain,  when  people  share  and   engage  in  communi8es,  they  form  bonds  and  rela8onships  with   others  who  acknowledge  their  situa8on.”  –     Liana  Evans,  from  post  on  Search  Engine  Watch hello@loudwhistle.net
  36. Are we making relationships yet? hello@loudwhistle.net
  37. LoudWhistle Branding International A Great Brand Has a Great Story!
  38. Thank you! for! listening ! hello@loudwhistle.net
  39. Questions? Share your story with us! hello@loudwhistle.net Brandteller www.loudwhistle.net
  40. Disclaimer: We are not associated Pringles.
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