Women’s top 5 Health Concerns


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Women’s top 5 Health Concerns

  1. 1. Women’s Top 5 Health Concerns From family to careers, typically the last area women attend to are their own health. The following will give info on how you can combat against increasing health risk for problems you may not know about.
  2. 2. 5 medical conditions that are of great concern
  3. 3. MDs encourage women to take charge of their health
  4. 4. Some Risk Factors for Heart Disease Age High Blood Heart Physical Pressure Disease Inactivity Obesity and Overweight
  5. 5. Most Common Cancer Amongst Women
  6. 6. 44 Million Americans Threatened Osteoporosis An astounding 68% are Women "Osteoporosis is largely preventable," says Saralyn Mark, MD. "The behaviors that women develop in their childhood, in their adolescence, and in their early adult years really play a significant role in the development of the disease." "Your body will do what it can to repair bone damage, but you have to provide the tools for it, such as adequate calcium consumption and weight-bearing physical activity," says Mark.
  7. 7. Triggers Of Depression Depression History of Heart Problems Serious Chronic Illness Stressful Life Event vitamin deficiency and thyroid disease
  8. 8. 411 on Autoimmune Disease 80 Chronic Illnesses Culprits 75% occur in •Genetic women •Hormonal stated •Environmental AARDA
  9. 9. Facing An Urgent Health Crisis • Typically, processed convenience foods Modern Diet • Lack many nutrients for body to thrive • Fall short of minimum nutritional requirements3 out of 4 • Sluggishness, poor sleep, reduced ability to fightResulting infection, slow healing and excess weight gain • Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity andIncreased Rates often PREVENTABLE DISEASES
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  12. 12. Just the Basics
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