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The IBM Sametime 9 meeting app for tablets and smartphones are created with the focus to change the way we do daily collaboration, to increase productivity.

Smarter Meetings is about supporting collaboration tools, to change the behavior and to simplify this for the user, and at the same time receive a fantastic Return On Investment (ROI) for the Enterprise.

The webinar will target the business benefits of consolidating and simplifying real time solutions into one single intuitive solution - powered by IBM Sametime 9
The user is the customer. The webinar will therefore address the value for the user - by addressing the key use scenarios that brings value and increases personal productivity - from the preferred device - the tablet.

Use 30 minutes of your time to get the grip of the possibilities with using Smarter Meetings.

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  • Bemærk at denne præsentation bliver audiocasted. For en bedre lyd kan du dog vælge at ringe ind på telefonkonferencen som angivet her. Bemærk at dette seminar bliver optaget.
    Du er velkommen til at stille spørgsmål i chat funktionaliteten. Vi vil forsøge at besvare spørgsmål undervejs, men vil ellers tage ubesvarede spørgsmål op under Q&A eller efterfølgende.
    Lad os komme i gang…
  • Super Usable Social & Mobile Meetings

    1. 1. ©2013 IBM Corporation +45 32711870 Code: 86117839# WELCOME! Audiocast Get the sound: Join the teleconference through one of the local toll-free numbers with the participant code: 86117839# Participants will be muted until the Q&A session at the end. Questions You can ask questions in the chat during the webinar. Answers will be provided during the Q&A session. Recoding This webinar will be recorded and published on our external communities. Visit Toll-free call-in information: Denmark +45 80 71 70 00 Sweden +46 02 00 12 58 07 Norway +47 80 01 67 71 Finland +358 08 00 91 83 57 Participant code: 86117839# Super Usable Social & Mobile Meetings Bo Holtemann Unified Communications specialist IBM Collaboration Solutions @boholte
    2. 2. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 2 Topics Super Usable Social & Mobile Meetings a.k.a Smarter Meetings Return On Investment (ROI)
    3. 3. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 3 One single intuitive solution for the user
    4. 4. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 4 Why Smarter Meetings by IBM Sametime ? “Apple” paradigm - Easy to understand & use.. Just an APP Video paradigm Mobility Social capabilities Clear Return On Investment (ROI) Simplify Unified Communication Productivity
    5. 5. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 5 The Smarter Workplace – the Smarter Meeting
    6. 6. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 6 Smarter meetings and the ROI? Do your assessment 1:1 meetings Team meetings Webinars Education Customer & partner meetings Sales events Effective sales meeting More effective sales calls Sales prospection Support task Training Critical situations Reducing carbon Reducing travel time Reducing travel cost Save telephony cost Roaming cost Change meeting behaviour Smarter workplace initatives Save physical space
    7. 7. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 7 My story From lounge access & fast track to flexible and smarter working
    8. 8. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 8 Prepare: – Create – Load – Invite Zero to hero @ the meeting – Open – Install – Share – Collaborate
    9. 9. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 9 Multiparty Audio & Video Library with preloaded Content – in context Share - PresentThe Smarter Meeting
    10. 10. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 10 Getting into the Smarter Meeting Search for rooms or ownersTodays and tomorrows scheduled meetings Favorites like Weekly status meeting My Rooms Recent meeting Just an URL away Context specific content
    11. 11. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 11 Options to invite or via drag & drop in IBM Notes – Directly from sidebar The invitation to a Smarter Meeting
    12. 12. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 12 Try SMARTER MEETINGS ? - A Solution fitting YOUR needs up for a trial
    13. 13. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 13 13 Interested? Contact your local sales representatives For more information visit Your local ICS partner Crayon And of course – find extra information in Smarter Meetings on CrayonMeet
    14. 14. Call in Tlf: 32711870 Code: 86117839# 14 Følg vores blog: Følg os på Twitter: @IBMsocbiz_DK LinkedIn Gruppe: Social Business – News, Tips & Tricks Next webinar (in Danish) 12. June 08.45-09.15: IBM Notes - vi tager nørd hatten på! 14