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Subversion Industry Survey 2013
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Subversion Industry Survey 2013


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In May 2012, CollabNet conducted a survey of more than 1,300 software developers and administrators on how the Apache Subversion® (SVN) source code management (SCM) tool is being utilized within ALM environments. Key findings show growing demand for cloud-based support services, including remote back-up, and an increase in hybrid SCM strategies that include parallel usage of Subversion and Git.

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  • 1. Subversion Industry Survey 2012 – Executive SummarySponsored by CollabNet, the founder of the open source Subversion project. Industry leading SCM system continues to move deeper into enterprise development, with growth in hybrid source code management and cloud development strategies. Learn more »
  • 2. Survey Participant Demographics/ Details Size of Dev Organization Survey Participant Location Total respondents 1311 21% 8% North or South America • Nearly all who participated in the Less than 50 Subversion survey were developers or 57% 51-500 21% EMEA SCM admins. 22% Over 500 57% (Europe, Middle East, Africa) • Slightly over half of those who 14% APAC (Asia Pacific) responded work in organizations with 50 Survey Participant developers or less. The rest were evenly India Job Role distributed between midsize and large 7% development organizations. Developer • The majority of respondents are located 35% SCM administartor in the Americas, followed by 58% Other APAC, EMEA and India.Copyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2
  • 3. How many Subversion servers How many repositories exist have you deployed? in your Subversion servers? Size and Scope 1-10 10-25 25-50 50-75 75 & more 1 2 3+ Dont know 3% 3% 10% 6% 7% The majority of respondents (74%) said that they have deployed 1-2 Subversion 17% 17% servers. The majority of these servers 67% 70% (87%) contain 25 repositories or less. 6% of the servers contain more than 50 repositories per server. About half of the What’s the average size How many Subversion users do servers (56%) are 1G or less, while 17% are of your Subversion servers? you have in your organization? over 5G. Less than 500MB 500MB-1GB 1GB-5GB 5GB+ Dont know 1-10 11-25 25-100 101-500 501+ 6% 8% 3% About 10% of respondents said they have 100 or more Subversion users in their 17% 34% 12% organizations. The majority (77%) said 21% 18% 59% they had less than 25. 22%Copyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3
  • 4. CI/CD Integration What products / capabilities do you integrate What’s your corporate policy regarding OSS? (or have you integrated) with Subversion? (All) (large organizations) The capabilities that all respondents are Other Prefer Commercial most interested in integrating with 7% 25% Prefer it Subversion are Agile ALM 36% (24%), Continuous Integration (22%) and Release and Deployment (19%). Agile / ALM Prefer it with 24% insurance None 39% Results were fairly consistent across large 28% and small organizations. About 30% of What’s your corporate policy regarding OSS? respondents said they are using SVN as a (small organizations) Continuous standalone application, not integrated into Integration Prefer Commercial other capabilities. Release and 22% 11% Deployment 19% Prefer it with Both large (75%) and small organizations Prefer it insurance 51% (89%) said their corporate policy regarding 38% OSS is that they prefer it.Copyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4
  • 5. How many different SCM systems has your organization deployed? SVN & 5 more SCM Co-existence SVN & 4 more SVN & 3 more Most of the respondents were using SVN SVN & 2 more only, or SVN +1 other SCM. (Slightly more SVN & 1 more than half are using just SVN.) SVN only 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 For those using SVN + 1 SCM system, most Besides Subversion, which SCM are you using said it was Git (55%), followed by CVS (if SCM not only choice)? (31%). Git adoption is slightly greater at 60% organizations with less than 250 40% developers. The reverse is true for CVS. 20% 0% Git CVS Perforce TFS/VSS Rational All Shops 250+ ShopsCopyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5
  • 6. Importance of online cloud backup Cloud Back-Up 60% 50% 40% Half of the respondents said cloud backup 30% Who manages backup? is important. Of those that don’t see a 20% 10% (Those who answered “No Need”) need, most said it’s because their Corp IT 0% Because Corp IT manages that Users manage themselves handles that. Would love that Would be nice No need Others All Shops Shops 250+ 3% Most respondents (70%) said they prefer a private cloud or on-premise deployment to Integration deployment preferences 17% a public cloud (5%). The remainder (25%) On-premise Private cloud Public cloud No preference said they have no preference. 80% 25% When comparing organizations with 250+ 42% 5% developers to those with <50 28% developers, on-premise is slightly more important to larger organizations than toCopyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. smaller ones. 6
  • 7. About CollabNet CollabNet founded and open-sourced Subversion in 2000. Through CollabNet’s decade of stewardship, Subversion has gained over 50% of the SCM market. With Subversion Edge and TeamForge, CollabNet provides the industry’s leading solutions to manage development and delivery processes, based on Subversion, Git or CVS. Solution are available on-premises and in the (hybrid) cloud.Copyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 7
  • 8. Contact us 1-888-778-9793 to learn more info@collab.netCopyright © 2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8