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  1. 1. Cyberbullying Stinks! Let’s all be safer online
  2. 2. A bully…might tease others.…might spread rumors about others.…might threaten, intimidate, and harass others.…might hurt others.…might do one or all of these things.What is a cyber bully?
  3. 3. The Internet Bully: An ExampleThe Internet Bully. (2005). Sunburst Visual Media.Retrieved May 08, 2011, fromLearn360:
  4. 4.  Sending rude, mean, and unwanted messages to others using the Internet, a phone, or other technology Spreading rumors and lies about others using technology Making fake profiles or emails about others to make them look bad or embarrass them Taking and sending embarrassing pictures of someone to other peopleWhat is Cyber bullying?
  5. 5.  Cyber bully- the person who is sending the messages Victim-the person who is being teased Bystander-someone who knows what’s happening, but doesn’t do anything Social networks- Websites that let you connect to other people like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter Legislation- laws Anonymous- no nameDefinitions
  6. 6. What do I do if it’s happening? The Internet: A Guide for Students. (2010). Colman Communications Retrieved May 08, 2011, from Learn360:
  7. 7.  Set privacy settings so only people you know can view your profiles, send you emails or messages Don’t give out your phone number, passwords, or other information to anyone except your parents If it isn’t serious, ignore it and block the sender. If it is serious, save the messages and show an adult. Never forward messages sent to you.How can I prevent and stop cyberbullying?
  8. 8. 1. Print the Summary Sheet or keep it open in a separate window.2. Use the Tip Sheet to go through the following scenarios in any order.3. Choose the answer you think is best.4. Make sure you visit every scenario.5. Once you are ready, take the Quiz!6. Print your Quiz for the teacher. Summary SheetLet’s Practice!
  9. 9. 1 2 Quiz 3 4Scenarios Resources
  10. 10. Someone at school sends you an anonymous text that says you should watch your back. You decide to…a. Delete the text and ignore it.b. Save the text and tell an adult. A BScenario 1
  11. 11. One of your friends sends you a picture of a classmate. It shows her falling in the cafeteria. You should…a. Ignore it and block the sender.b. Forward it to the girl. She might think it is funny. A BScenario 2
  12. 12. Your friend sent you a mean message. You should send her a mean one back because she started it.a. Trueb. False A BScenario 3
  13. 13. Your classmate starts a fake profile about a boy in your class. You should…a. Read it and tell the boy to stand up for himself.b. Tell your teacher about it. A BScenario 4
  14. 14. Don’t delete that text! Go Back!
  15. 15. Save the message and show a trusted adult! ScenariosTHAT’S RIGHT!
  16. 16. Never forward something rude or mean. This isn’t too serious though, so it is best to just ignore it. But tell a teacher if your classmate looks upset or sad! ScenariosYep!
  17. 17. Don’t send it on! If yousend it, you becomeone of the bullies! Go Back!
  18. 18. Never respond to abully! It can getyou into troubleand makeeverything worse. Go Back!
  19. 19. Responding only makes things worse. Save the messages and tell an adult.Good Job Scenarios
  20. 20. Don’t be abystander! Dosomething. Go Back!
  21. 21. Even though it is difficult, telling an adult is the best solution. Making a fake profile is illegal. Adults need to know.Correct Scenarios
  22. 22. Quiz Click on the Quiz and get started! Scenarios
  23. 23. Cyber Bullying Resources Stop NetSmartz National Crime Prevention Council StartScenarios Over