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Animal idioms
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  • 1. Animal Idioms ©LosMajkelos
  • 2. as happy as a lark (definition): very happyexample: Shes happy as a lark with her ten dollar pay raise
  • 3. a lark - skowronek
  • 4. as mad as a hornet (definition): very angryexample: He was mad as a hornet when I saw him at the meeting yesterday.
  • 5. a hornet - szerszeo
  • 6. bet on the wrong horse(definition): misjudge a coming event, misread the future example: I think that he bet on the wrong horse by putting all of his money into that new stock.
  • 7. a horse - koo
  • 8. as playful as a kitten (definition): friskyexample: Tam as a child was as playful as a kitten
  • 9. a kitten – kotekfrisky - rozbrykany
  • 10. as gentle as a lamb (definition): very calm and kindexample: I thought she was gentle asa lamb until I heard her shouting at Richard.
  • 11. a lamb – owieczka, jagnię, baranek calm – spokojny kind - miły, uprzejmy
  • 12. as red as a lobster (definition): very red example: The girl was as red as alobster after sitting in the sun all day.
  • 13. a lobster - homar
  • 14. as sick as a dog (definition): very sickexample: She was as sick as a dog after that curry.
  • 15. a dog – piessick - chory
  • 16. as slippery as an eel (definition): someone who is asslippery as an eel cannot be trusted example: Youd be mad to go intobusiness with him. Hes as slippery as an eel.
  • 17. an eel – węgorzslippery - śliski; ( o kimś) niepewny
  • 18. proud as a peacock (definition): overly proud; vain example: Mikes been struttingaround proud as a peacock since he won that award.
  • 19. a peacock – pawoverly - nadmiernie proud - dumny vain - próżny
  • 20. as snug as a bug in a rug(definition): to feel very comfortableand warm because you are in bed or under a coverexample: You get in your nice warmbed with your teddy and youll be as snug as a bug in a rug!
  • 21. a bug – pluskwa, robak, insekt a rug - dywanik, koc, pled snug - przytulny
  • 22. as poor as a church mouse (definition): very poorexample: Mark is not rich, he is as poor as a church mouse
  • 23. a mouse – mysz poor - biedny
  • 24. as stubborn as a mule (definition): very determined not tochange your decision or opinion about something, even when it is wrongexample: You wont get him to changehis mind - hes as stubborn as a mule.
  • 25. a mule - mułstubborn - uparty
  • 26. silly as a goose (definition): very foolish example: Jane: Youre as silly as agoose! Do you believe everything you read in newspaper ads?
  • 27. a goose – gęś (lm) geese – gęsi silly – głupiutki, głupifoolish - głupi, niemądry, nierozsądny
  • 28. as busy as a beaver = as busy as a bee (definition): very busy example: I dont have time to talk to you. Im as busy as a beaver.
  • 29. a beaver – bóbr a bee – pszczołabusy - zajęty; zapracowany
  • 30. as quiet as a mouse (definition): very quiet example: She was as quiet as amouse. I didnt even know shed come in.
  • 31. a mouse – mysz quiet - cichy
  • 32. as happy as a pig in mud (definition): very happyexample: When she pased an exam she was happy as a pig in mud
  • 33. a pig – świniamud - błoto
  • 34. as hungry as a horse (definition): really hungryexample: At the end of a trip I was as hungry as a horse.
  • 35. a horse - koohungry - głodny
  • 36. as loose as a goose (definition): really drunkexample: He drank too much, he was as loose as a goose.
  • 37. a goose – gęś (lm) geese – gęsiloose - luźny, swobodny drunk - pijany
  • 38. as plump as a partridge (definition): really fatexample: She was short and as plump as a partridge.
  • 39. a partridge – kuropatwaplump - pulchny, puszysty
  • 40. as mad as a wet hen (definition): very angry example: The nurse was as mad as awet hen when the patient tried to bite her.
  • 41. a wet hen – zmokła kuramad – wkurzony, wściekły
  • 42. naked as a jaybird (definition): unclothed; not wearing clothingexample: I came straight out of the shower, naked as a jaybird.
  • 43. a jaybird – sójka naked – nagirozebrany – rozebrany, nagi
  • 44. as nervous as a cat (definition): very nervousexample: The man was as nervous asa cat when he talked to the woman.
  • 45. a cat - kotnervous - nerwowy
  • 46. as sly as a fox(definition): smart and clever example: Sherlock Holmes was as sly as a fox.
  • 47. a fox – lis sly - przebiegłyclever – mądry; sprytny; bystry smart - zdolny, pojętny
  • 48. as strong as an ox (definition): strong as a bull example: Hes one of our best players– strong as an ox, with good speed and great hands.
  • 49. an ox – wółstrong - silny, mocny
  • 50. as wise as an owl (definition): very wise example: This is a difficult problem.Youd need to be as wise as an owl to be able to solve it.
  • 51. an owl – sowawise - mądry
  • 52. Have a nice day  ©LosMajkelos