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Ucd presentation template

  1. 1. TITLE GOES HERE Authors and Affiliations go here INTRODUCTION OR ABSTRACT RESULTSIntroduction to your study, why it is important, why you did it. You can also put your abstract here if you want. PLEASE NOTE THAT Narrative description or bulleted list of what you found. Statistics can be included here. But are not required. The figures belowALL OF THE BOXES AND FIGURES ON THIS POSTER TEMPLATE CAN BE RESIZED AS YOU SEE FIT. YOU CAN CHANGE THE are placeholders for whatever you want to include (graphs, tables, pictures…)CONFIGURATION OF THE POSTER PIECES BUT JUST BE SURE TO KEEP THE OVERALL DIMENSIONS OF THE POSTER AS THEY ARE SET.Please make every effort to keep your font sizes at 20 point or higher. Higher Acculturation is Predicitive of Longer Hospital Higher Maternal Acculturation Predicts Longer Stays for Moms After Delivery Infant Stays in the NICU 6 4 * * Number of Days (Mean + SE) 5 Number of Days in NICU 3 4 (Mean + SE) 3 2 2 1 1 0 0 Low Moderate High Low Moderate High Acculturation Category Maternal Acculturation Category DESIGN AND METHODS Higher Maternal Acculturation is Associated with Highly Acculturated Women Report Less Partner Support Overall More Pregnancy and Birth Complications 2.6 10 *Describe what you did in your study or project. You can use tables, figure, diagrams, or whatever you think is a simple and clear way Mean Partner Support 2.4 * Total Complications (+ SE)to tell someone who has now idea what you did how you did your project or study. This does not need to be in great detail, and you 8 2.2can include this information in the results section if you like. This is a good thing to ask your advisor as far as what they like to do in 6 2.0posters. 4 1.8 2 1.6 Low Moderate High 0 Maternal Acculturation Category Low Moderate High Maternal Acculturation Category DISCUSSION AND/OR CONCLUSIONSDescribe what your findings mean in the context of the hypothesis and the questions you were trying to address. Again, this can be in a bulleted list or in narrative form. You can also use this space to talk about the implications of what you found for future studies andto address anything unexpected that happened in your project.If you had funding support for this project you should put that information here as well as any acknowledgements. You can do a separate box for these if you like.