Wk 1 - IPL2 & Intro, FSU SLIS iSchool


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FSU SLIS Week 1 class on Intro to Information Services by Dr. Lorri Mon at Florida State University, FSU SLIS, Florida's iSchool http://slis.fsu.edu/

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  • http://fsuinfoservices.wordpress.com
  • http://fsuinfoservices.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/wk1-intro-ipl/
  • Wk 1 - IPL2 & Intro, FSU SLIS iSchool

    1. 1. “Intro to Information Services” LIS 5603, Intro to Information Services Dr. Lorri Mon, FSU College of Communication & Information
    2. 2. Dr. Lorri Mon, FSU SLIS University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library IPL2 Internet Public Library Virtual Reference Desk (VRD) University of Illinois-Chicago Library Dept. of State Foreign Affairs Network
    3. 3. Introductions!1) who are you and where are you distancing from?2) what job area are you focusing on, and what would be your dream job?
    4. 4. LIS 5603 AssignmentsReference interviews and paper 200Question set 200IPL questions and paper 200Research guide 200Participation: discussion board/class 200TOTAL: 1000
    5. 5. Reference Interview (More Next Week)The basic problem: Questioner is looking for something that s/he doesn’t know and can’t find. How do I find out what it is that s/he doesn’t know?Week 2: We learn about reference questions and doing reference interviews.Assignment: Interviewer F2F; Questioner in chat or IM; write reflective paper
    6. 6. Question SetThe basic problem: How do I gain the knowledge and skills needed to answer questions about everything?Week 3-5: We learn about Web, Book, Database/Index sources, search skills, evaluating source quality, and more.Assignment: Answer Question Set covering Web, Book, and Database/Index answering skills.
    7. 7. IPL2 Answering (more today)The basic problem: How do I gain skills in answering questions with real users, not just made-up questions in classes or books?Week 3 & beyond: We learn to answer questions for real users in IPL2.Assignment: Answer one practice and three real questions from IPL2 users; write a reflective paper about the experience.
    8. 8. Research Guide (week 3+)The basic problem: How do I gain deep expert knowledge of a subject area?Week 3 & beyond: We learn subject resources and source types, and how to build resource guides for users.Assignment: Build a research/resource guide on a topic; ideally, build it for real users in a real information service.
    9. 9. Participation/Discussion Board (week 1+)The basic problem: How to share info, practice skills and discuss weekly topics?Week 1 & beyond: We use the discussion boards to share ideas and practice skills.Assignment: Post to the discussion board once each for 10 of the 15 weeks of class.
    10. 10. Activity: Introductions in Blackboard Go to the Discussion Board “Week 1 Introductions” (can open another browser window) Start a thread with your name inthe title line tell us a littleabout yourself, andyour interests
    11. 11. Class Web Sitehttp://fsuinfoservices.wordpress.com
    12. 12. History & Early Adaptors1984 – UW Health Sciences Library and U. of MD at Baltimore (e-mail)1984 – Winstar Telebase (chat)1995 – U. Michigan IPL (MOO, e-mail)1998 – SUNY, Temple University (chat)1999 – LSSI and 24/7 (chat)2000 – LOC’s CDRS (e-mail consortia)2000 – Santa Monica PL (chat)
    13. 13. A Look Back at IPL History -the original “Reference” area (1995)
    14. 14. IPL MOO (1995) The Foyer neomom is sitting in the chair. The entryway into the Internet Allan and Teddyboy are standing here. Public Library Moo. You can see You see read_me here. Obvious exits: the Main Atrium ahead of you north to The Main Atrium and through a wide open archway to DOORS to leave the library. the north. Behind you are the rotating glass doors you just Eustace, Ken, “Going My Way?” walked through. To leave the http://farrer.riv.csu.edu.au/~keustace/research/gmw.html moo, type: doors or type: @quit Shaw, E., “Real Time Reference in a MOO,” http://www.ipl.org/div/iplhist/moo.htmlExample of Other Text-Based MOOs and MUDs>read signThis point marks the end of the currently-occupied portion of the house.Guests proceed beyond this point at their own risk. -- The residents>go eastYou step disdainfully over the velvet rope and enter the dusty darkness ofthe unused portion of the house.Curtis, Pavel “Mudding: Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities”ftp://ftp.lambda.moo.mud.org/pub/MOO/papers/DIAC92.txt
    15. 15. IPL2: The Internet Public LibraryMarch 17, 1995 - Created by LIS Graduate students at U. of Michigan class – taught by Dr. Joseph JanesIPL Reference Collection (librarian-selected Web resources) http://www.ipl.org/div/subject/IPL Resources and Exhibits (POTUS, Stately Knowledge, etc.) http://www.ipl.org/div/potus/, http://www.ipl.org/div/stateknow/Adult Reference Question Web Form http://www.ipl2.org/div/askus/Kids Reference Question Web Formhttp://www.ipl.org/div/ask/
    16. 16. Internet Public Library Research Early Days of IPL2 ReferenceEarly research on the IPL Reference service: “Between March 17, 1995 and May 23, 1995, 70% of the questions received by the Internet Public Library Reference Division were answered, 30% were not answered. Of the unanswered questions, 30% were claimed but unanswered, and 70% were unclaimed and unanswered.” (Ryan, 1998: p. 245) “An overwhelming majority of patrons, 83%, were from the U.S.” [subsequent studies suggest this is still roughly the ballpark]“Patrons who submitted their questions via the reference question form(http://www.ipl.org/ref/QUE/RefForm2.html) were encouraged to select the subject area of their question from a list included on the form. But many patrons selected inaccurate classifications, and many also failed to select a classification.” (Ryan, 1998: p. 253)• Ryan, Sara (1998) "Reference Service for the Internet Community: A Case Study of the Internet Public Library Reference Division," Library and Information Science Research, 18: 241-259
    17. 17. Other schools / students also are in IPL2 -Includes Drexel University, Florida State University, U. of North Carolina Chapel Hill, U. of Washington and many others
    18. 18. IPL2 Reference: Question-AnsweringExample questions from Internet Public Library visitors;students can “claim” a question, send an answer, or postsuggestions to each other in collaborative efforts. Youcan also answer a question and then “request feedback”from IPL2 on how to improve.
    19. 19. An Example QuestionDate: 04/03/02Needed by: 04/08/02Question:Is possible to look at periodicals over the internet? My subject is1960s technology, which includes the Space Race, computers,television, radio, telephones,scientific discoveries and medicine.location: Houston/Texas/United Statesarea: Sciencereason: i have a research project due...i am very busy withschoolwork, and when i try to get my parents to take me to thelibrary, they are too tired from work or the library is closed. Itwould mak my life a lot easier...My english teacher requires us tohave one source that is a periodical and the rough draft is due aftertomorrow...and ive already done my research for everythingelse...thank you for helpingschool: Yesanswer_type: sourcesformat1: internet sourcesformat2: print sourcesformat3: doesnt mattersources_consulted: i havent asked for a periodical before.
    20. 20. The Six Mandatory Answer Elements1. “Hello from IPL2!” (greeting)2. “Thanks for your question about fish.” (restatement)3. “Here’s the answer:” (provide answer)4. “Here’s the urls, print citations, call numbers” (citing your sources in detail)5. “I found this information using source with search: keywords” (info literacy: teach how you found it)6. “Please write back if you need more help, and thanks for asking IPL2!” (closing) http://www.ipl.2org
    21. 21. What is a Good Answer?• Restates/rephrases the question• Friendly communication• Complete and accurate answer• Never say “we don’t have it” without checking• Never reply off the top of your head – look it up!• Meet the deadline – and faster is better• Maintain objectivity, show both/all sides• Include sources/citations; copy/paste; proofread!• Reasonable number of sources (3 or more)• Show the search and explain use of search toolsAnd open the door - “let me know if this doesn’t meet your needs”
    22. 22. Tips on Answering IPL2 Questions … managing time, avoiding claim-jumping• Read the question carefully – every part.• Don’t claim unless you’re going to start on it.• First, click UPDATE or use browser “Refresh” (in case someone already Claimed it seconds ago!)• Then, click CLAIM (no more than 2 Claims)• Reevaluate after 20 mins – change strategies• Assume that it will take you at least 15 minutes to compose answer (if not more) Practice Questions: Remember to complete a questionnaire!
    23. 23. When You Need Help:Creative Strategies for Question-Answering Try other methods: • Concept analysis • Other search tools • Databases • Library Catalogs • Referrals • Ask in IPL2 for help http://www.ipl2.org
    24. 24. When You are Stumped . . .Concept Analysis – different words for this?Broaden or narrow the focus – context?“What if” - user-supplied info may be wrong…Post a NEEDHELP to the questionPost to our “IPL2 Question Clinic” discussionContact Jen (jllaubond@gmail.com) for helpFind referrals for experts & organizationsGive Up – UNCLAIM (explain in Followup)Try other search engines, including meta-searchThink beyond search engines – (print & database sources, IPL2’s Collections, FAQs, Pathfinders, local libraries and archives)
    25. 25. IPL2 Question Answering Process You will answer 4 questions (1 “Practice” question and 3 questions from real IPL patrons) To begin: read the IPL Training Manual, complete the Practice Quiz, receive your IPL2 login, answer 1 Practice question (following IPL rules) & await IPL2’s feedback (clearance to move on to answer real questions) What Are The Rules? Six mandatory elements (1. greeting, 2. restatement, 3. answer, 4. cite sources, 5. teach the process, 6. closing) Your professionalism (meet the deadline; answer within 24 hrs of claiming – contact Jen or post a followup on delays; only two simultaneous claimed questions; use real research skills – go beyond what users already can do; follow licensed resource rules and IPL2 policies.)IPL2’s Jen Lau Bond: jllaubond@gmail.com QRC: http://qrc.ipl.orgIPL2 Student Start Page http://training.ipl.org/div/backroom/refvols/students/
    26. 26. To Do:• Think of ideas for a Research Guide topic> > Research Guide topic due Mon, Sep 17• Read the IPL2 Training Manual, do the quiz, email the IPL2 admin, and get your login to access Practice questions: http://training.ipl.org/div/backroom/refvols/ students/> > IPL Practice Question due Mon, Sep 24Week 1 Linkshttp://fsuinfoservices.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/wk1-intro-ipl/