FSU SLIS Wk 8 Intro to Info Services - Ready Reference


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FSU SLIS Wk 8 - Ready Reference by Dr. Lorri Mon at Florida's iSchool http://slis.fsu.edu/

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FSU SLIS Wk 8 Intro to Info Services - Ready Reference

  1. 1. “Ready Reference”LIS 5603, Intro to Information ServicesDr. Lorri Mon, College of Information
  2. 2. “Ready Reference”“Desk Set” – Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
  3. 3. Telephone Reference CentersSan Antonio Public Library: “Staff members answering theLibrarys main telephonenumber (207-2500) answerreference questions in 5minutes or less, supplyinformation about all Centraland branch library activitiesand hours…They also keepup-to-date information on alllocal, federal, and worldgovernment officials for readyreference. There are also over1,200 reference books in theTelephone Reference area forstaff to use to answer yourquestions. Staff members alsokeep a clipping file of answers Quick Answers Center atfor frequently askedquestions.” Seattle Public Libraryhttp://www.sanantonio.gov/library/central/phonereference.asp
  4. 4. Ready Reference Questions• What’s the top rated graduate program for library and information science?• How much did shoes cost in 1925?• In what rank order are you supposed to seat and greet important people?• Who was Japan’s minister of education in 1999?• I have a phone number and I would like to know whose it is. How can I look it up?
  5. 5. Guide to Reference Books/Sources New Guide to Reference Sources: http://www.guidetoreference.org/HomePage.aspx Famous source which goes back over the decades, known by the editor Now Kieft, was Balay, formerly SheehyLists recommended reference resources by subject area includingdatabases,bibliographies, and other useful research tools.
  6. 6. AlmanacsAnnual – covers one year’s worth of informationContains statistics, tables & general factsesp. calendars, chronologies, astronomy, weatherBest selling reference books for centuries - simple, standard format symbols & illustrations (e.g. phases of the moon) zodiac, astrology and predictions household hints, recipes, remedies stories, sayings, events of interestKatz, Bill (1998), From Cuneiform to Computer: A History of Reference Sources.
  7. 7. World Almanac & Book of FactsOld source – editions from 1868 to dateThe bestseller – over 2 World Almanac, 1899 – U.S. Troops in million sold per year War, Planetary Configurations in 1890Cost: $29.95Source: Katz, William A. (2002), Introduction to Reference Work, Vol 1.
  8. 8. Whitaker’s Almanack (United Kingdom)Old source – editions from 1869 to date (Bram Stoker’s Dracula consulted it)About 1,300 pagesCost: $92.00 Source: Katz, William A. (2002), Introduction to Reference Work, Vol 1.
  9. 9. The Confederate Almanac, 1863Entry for March 1863 with times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise and phases Included a list of the Confederate Government officers, governors of Confederate states, and poems and prayers to inspire the soldiers.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: http://docsouth.unc.edu/imls/almanac1863/taylor.html
  10. 10. Old Farmer’s AlmanacOldest American almanac (1792 to date)4 million copies distributed in supermarkets and drugstoresCost: $5.95Source: Katz, William A. (2002), Introduction to Reference Work, Vol 1.
  11. 11. Congressional Quarterly Almanac Entries from Congressional Quarterly Almanac, 2001
  12. 12. The Weather Almanac
  13. 13. African American AlmanacEntry under “Science & Technology” for Dr. Mae Jemison, Astronaut
  14. 14. Bowker Annual Library & Book Trade Almanac
  15. 15. Yearbooks A year’s accumulation of Europa World Yearbook events and facts (Countries) – Originally – a years’ worth of laws (13th century) – Expanding to cover years’ Editions from 1926 to worth of other events: date• Meeting minutes 2 volumes• World or industry events Cost: $815.00• Legislative activitiesKatz, Bill (1998), From Cuneiform to Computer: A History of Reference Sources.
  16. 16. Europa World Yearbook (Countries) From 2004 Europa Entry on China:Editions from 1926 to date2 volumesCost: $815.00Source: Katz, William A. (2002), Introduction to Reference Work, Vol 1.
  17. 17. Chase’s Calendar of EventsEntry for “October 30-31” from the 2004 Edition
  18. 18. Statistical Abstract of the U.S.Old source – editions from 1879 to date (ends: 2012)1,500 tables and chartsCost: (was) free(US government info is in the public domain)http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/ Source: Katz, William A. (2002), Introduction to Reference Work, Vol 1.
  19. 19. Statistical Record of Older Americans
  20. 20. Guinness Book of World RecordsIssues in using this: Published annually, 1955-to date• Not cumulative• Not standard year to year (you may have to look through multiple editions to find the particular fact you’re looking for)
  21. 21. RankingsLists of the “best” or • Places Rated“most important” Almanac– Education • Gourman Report on– Restaurants Graduate Programs– Places to stay– Award winning, • Peterson’s educational “Seal of Approval” institution rankings
  22. 22. Places Rated AlmanacRanking for “Recreation” – also has scores for Crime, Education, etc.
  23. 23. Facts on FileDecember 10-16, 1941 News Events
  24. 24. Editorials on FileNewspaper Editorials in April, 2000
  25. 25. Editorials on FileEditorials & Cartoon Editorials for July 1-15, 2000
  26. 26. Value of a Dollar Entry for 1925-1927
  27. 27. America Votes 24 (2000) Washington State’s Post-War Vote for President20001996199219881984198019761972
  28. 28. Kane’s First Facts
  29. 29. Directories• Thomas Register of Manufacturers• Gale Directory of Databases• Literary MarketPlace (LMP)• Martindale-Hubble Lawyer Locator• Reverse Lookup Directories ( “Haines” or “Criss-Cross” Directories)
  30. 30. Reverse Lookup Directories http://reversedirectory.langenberg.com/People may also ask for “Haines” or “Criss-Cross” Directories
  31. 31. Google as a Ready Reference Source All sorts of Google lookups, not just stocks!
  32. 32. Next Dates• Sat, Oct 20: Basic HTML workshop (5:30pm-6:30pm) – look for an email soon with the link (NOT our usual classroom) – optional• Mon, Oct 22: IPL2 Question #1 (first “real user” question – (was: 10/15)• NO CLASS NEXT WEEK (OCT 25) – catch up week!• Mon, Oct 29: IPL2 Question #2 (second“real user” question• Tue, Nov. 13: IPL Question #3 & IPL reflective paper with copies of all questions (email to instructor)• Mon. Nov 20: Reference interviews and paper (email to instructor)• Mon. Dec. 10: Research Guide (email to instructor)