Jamestown And John Smith
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Jamestown And John Smith






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Jamestown And John Smith Jamestown And John Smith Presentation Transcript

  • Jamestown and John Smith
  • Voyage
    • 108 English
    • 3 ships
      • Susan Constant
      • The Discovery
      • The Godspeed
    • Led by Captain Christopher Newport
    • Charter for Chesapeake Bay Area
    • Jamestown was named for King James I
  • Jamestown Island
    • Strategic location
    • Surrounded by deep waters
    • Swampy
    • Mosquito plague
    • Brackish water unsuitable to drink
    • This attempt at colonization followed 18 previous attempts including the Lost Colony of Roanoke.
  • Who Was John Smith?
    • English Soldier
    • Sailor
    • Author
    • Helped to establish Jamestown
    • Ran away to the sea at 16 following the death of his father
  • Pride
    • Was very proud and boastful
    • In Transylvania was wounded, captured and sold into slavery
    • His master gave him to his sweetheart
    • The sweetheart fell in love with him
    • He was able to escape
  • John Smith Vs Christopher Newport
    • John Smith was such a trouble maker on the voyage from England that Newport intended to execute him when they reached the New World.
    • When the sealed ordered were opened John Smith was designated a leader by the crown.
    • John Smith became an inspired leader
  • Colony Almost Destroyed
    • Harsh weather
    • Lack of drinking water
    • Attacks from the Algonquin
  • The Starving Time
    • 1609 -1610
    • Settlers- reluctant to work
    • Used to slaves and servants
    • John Smith instituted a “no work – no eat” policy
    • 80% of the colony died
  • Lord De La Warr
    • Arrived with his the Deliverance
    • Brought much needed supplies that sustained the colony
    • Arrival of Lord De La Warr at Jamestown
  • Pocahontas
    • Did she really save John Smith’s life?
    • John Smith was seeking food and captured
    • Taken to Chief Powhatan
    • Supposedly Pocahontas saved his life as he was about to be beheaded
  • John Smith’s Account
    • “At the minute of my execution, she hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save mine and not only that but so prevailed with her father that I was safely conducted to Jamestown.”
  • Chief Opchanacanough
    • Became chief following the death of Chief Powhatan, his brother
    • Wanted to eliminate the English colony
    • Coordinated the Indian Massacre of 1622
  • Indian Massacre of 1622
    • Attacked outlying plantations and communities on the James River
    • Good Friday
    • 300 settlers killed
    • Jamestown survived
    • Warned but no time to warn others
    • Chief Opchanacanough captured and murdered
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
    • Jamestown was burned
    • Later rebuilt
  • John Smith Leaves America
    • Seriously injured by a gun power burn
    • Spark landed in his powder keg
    • Was it an accident or murder attempt?