Christopher Columbus
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Christopher Columbus






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Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus Presentation Transcript

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Early Life
    • Born in Genoa, Italy
    • Worked with his father as a cloth maker
    • Brother – Bartolomeo was a cartographer
    • Ran away to join a ship
  • Appearance
    • Red hair – turned white in early life
    • Light skin with too much sun exposure turning his face red
  • Nina
    • The Niña carried 24 men
    • Captained by Vicente Yáñez Pinzón.
    • After running the Santa Maria aground, Columbus returned on the Niña
    • Nina was actually names the Santa Clara (little girl)
  • The Pinta
    • The Pinta (the "Painted") was fastest of the three ships used
    • The new world was first sighted by Rodrigo de Triana on the Pinta on
    • Pinta was a caravel-type vessel. It was square rigged and was smaller than the Santa María
    • The crew size was 26 men.
    • Captain of the Pinta was Martín Alonso Pinzón.
  • Santa Maria
    • The Santa María was the largest of the three ships
    • Her master and owner was Juan de la Cosa.
    • The Santa María was a small carrack,
    • The flagship for the expedition.
    • She carried 40 men.
    • Ran aground while being steered by a boy and was abandoned on Christmas morning.
    • Nicknamed the Gallega
  • Sighting Land
    • Bahamas
    • Rodrigo de Triana
    • Aboard the Pinta
  • Natives
    • Columbus wrote this of the Natives that he met:
        • It appears to me that the people are ingenious, and would be very good servants and I am of the opinion they would very readily become Christians…
  • 1 st Voyage
    • Santa Maria ran aground on Christmas morning and had to be abandoned
  • 2 nd Voyage
  • 3 rd Voyage
    • Dealt with rebellious settled and natives
    • Had some of his crew hanged for disobeying him
  • 4 th Voyage
    • Hurricane
    • Hoped to find shelter at Santa Domingo
    • New governor refused to listen to hurricane warning
    • Columbus ship sheltered elsewhere
    • 29 of 30 ships were lost, 500 lives, governor, and gargo of gold
  • 4 th Voyage
  • Stranded
    • Crew was stranded on Jamaica
    • Governor refused to help and obstructed rescue help
    • Intimidated the Natives by predicting a lunar eclipse
  • Death
    • Died of Reiter’s Syndrome
    • Reactive arthritis
    • Burning urination
    • Pain and swelling of the knees
    • Conjunctivitis of the eyes
  • Columbus's tomb in Seville Cathedral. It is borne by four statues of kings representing the Kingdoms of Castile, Leon, Aragon, and Navarre.
    • Never set foot on the US.