The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Archaeology & Social Media by Doug Rocks-Macqueen

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Paper given at the Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online workshop at UCL, on 22nd May 2012

Paper given at the Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online workshop at UCL, on 22nd May 2012

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  • 1. The Good, The Bad, and the Uglyof Archaeology and Social Media Doug Rocks-Macqueen
  • 2. Survey of IT-Archaeologists
  • 3. • Social Media is NOT free it costs time• Social media = time, time = money, social media = money. But how much?• (Stelzner 2011)- 42% spend 0-5 hrs wk. 33% spend 11+ hrs wk• Time commitments increase: – 59% (less then a year SM exp.) spend 1-5 hrs per week. – 47% (3 yrs or more expereince) spend 16+ hrs)
  • 4. Not Everyone Benefits• Generated exposure- 83%• Increase traffic- 72%• Improved search rankings- 62%• Partnership- 56%• Generated qualified leads- 51%• Reduced marketing expenses- 49%• Improved sales- 43%
  • 5. What are the Costs? % who saw $ Return by Time Spent on Social Media Not instant gratification-80% 70%70% 60% • Roughly 20% agree it60% 50% helps (just started)50%40%30% • About 75% (3 or more 20% years of social media20% work)10%0% 1-3 hrs 11-15 hrs 16-20 hrs 40+ hrs
  • 6. Social Media as an Individual• Archaeologists fired for blogging• Blogged about publically available information on ghost towns – Commercial archaeology crew chief i.e. temp worker. No reason needed to be given to let go of employment.• Happy ending- still has a great blog
  • 7. This all leads to…. BUT this does happen People quite hereImage from
  • 8. Not All Doom and GloomNon-social media: Top Journalarticles over 90 days Social MediaInternational Journal ofHistorical Archaeology 380 346 • My blog- 17,000 views in444335 316 last 90 days295 Journal of Maritime291 Archaeology237 1677 280 • John Hawks blog 16,000+Journal of ArchaeologicalMethod and Theory 276 subscribers 212677 192663626574 Journal of World Prehistory • @AFBurialGrndNPS – 911510 493 62,000+ followers (11,000Journal of Archaeological 472 471 tweets)Research 4381049527
  • 9. Facilitates Conversations that Would Not Normally Occur The good Barrier• Heritage Business journal • How many conversations – Contributors from around the can you have? world most have never met • Social media is not a• Wikipedia/Wikiloot newspaper? • Social media is a bit like• Projects were people have your family and friends never met and might never when they speak you are meet are now occurring obliged to listen
  • 10. In Closing• Social media is a tool that can removes some limitations and facilitates interactions• There are barriers – For organizations it costs time/money – For individuals- no protection, people know that you’re a dog on social media – Social media creates conversations but you can only keep track of so many conversations at once• ….. but there are also advantages as well.