Introduction to Cetis


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Introduction to Cetis, presented by Lorna M. Campbell at the Open Scotland Summit, Edinburgh, 27th June 2013.

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Introduction to Cetis

  1. 1. Open Scotland, June 2013 Open Scotland An introduction to Cetis Lorna M. Campbell CETIS Assistant Director #openscot
  2. 2. Open Scotland, June 2013 What is CETIS?  Centre for  Educational  Technology and  Interoperability  Standards A national Innovation Support Centre providing advice to the UK Higher and Post-16 Education sectors on educational technology and standards.
  3. 3. CLD SIG, January 2013 About CETIS Partnership between: University of Bolton Heriot Watt University Five staff located in Scotland.
  4. 4. Open Scotland, June 2013 What does CETIS do?  CETIS are globally recognised as leading experts on interoperability and technology standards in learning, education and training. We work with our clients and partners to develop policy and strategy, providing impartial and independent advice on technology and standards. CETIS are active in the development and implementation of open standards and represent our clients in national, European and global standards bodies and industry consortia, and have been instrumental in developing and promoting the adoption of technology and standards for course advertising, open education resources, assessment, and student data management, opening new markets and creating opportunities for innovation.
  5. 5. Open Scotland, June 2013 Cetis and Jisc  Cetis have a long association with Jisc.  Funded as a project 2001 – 2005.  Funded as an Innovation Support Centre 2006 – 2013.  Provided Jisc with strategic technical input and guidance.  Supported the Jisc development programmes.  Represented the Jisc community on international standards bodies.
  6. 6. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Standards CETIS represents UK F/HE on a wide range of international standards bodies including: British Standards Institute International Standards Organisation IMS Global Learning Consortium CEN/ISS Learning Technology Workshop IEEE Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Learning Resource Metadata Initiative World Wide Web Consortium
  7. 7. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Community Engagement  Open Educational Resources  Widgets  Semantic technology  QTI profiling  Competencies  eBooks  Analytics  MOOCs
  8. 8. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Social Networking & Analysis  Extensive use of social network technologies to support and build community engagement.  Network analysis techniques to monitor and visualise community engagement and development of social networks.  See Martin Hawksey’s
  9. 9. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Communications
  10. 10. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Communications
  11. 11. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Briefing Papers
  12. 12. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Synthesis & Horizon Scanning
  13. 13. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Events  Online seminars.  Community events.  Codebashes, plugfests and interoperability testing events.  Hackdays and technical developer events.  Annual conference • CETIS 13 - Open for Education: Technology Innovation in Universities and Colleges.
  14. 14. Open Scotland, June 2013 CETIS activities: Partnerships  Open Knowledge Foundation  ALT  ALT Scotland SIG  Jisc RSC Scotland  SQA  Jorum (Re:Source, Scotland’s Colleges)  Social Media Week, Glasgow  Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator  BIS  Information Standards Board  Association of Colleges  OSSWatch  Society for Research in Learning Analytics  DoE & DOD, USA  Surf, Netherlands  Creative Commons  OCWC  MIT OpenCourseware
  15. 15. Open Scotland, June 2013 Contact Information CETIS Web: Twitter: jisccetis Lorna M. Campbell Email: Twitter: lornamcampbell Blog: