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Beach and stream sanitary survey
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Beach and stream sanitary survey


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Beach and Stream Sanitary Survey Welcome to the team!
  • 2. Introductions Dr. Scott Zimmerman – Director ECDOH Director of Laboratory and Environmental John Finster – Engineer, EPA Grants Field Supervisor – Forecast Modeling and Weather Stations Chris Riley Field Supervisor - Stream Sanitary Survey Lori Zimmerman Field Supervisor – Beach Sanitary Survey Nicole Bennett Field Intern Rebecca Hensel Field Intern Katie Kabacinski Field Intern Anna Zimmerman Field Intern Beverly Lewinski Field Intern
  • 3. Grants
    • 5
    • NYSDOH – Beach Monitoring Grant
    • USEPA – Forecast Modeling and Weather Station Grant
    • USEPA – Beach Sanitary Survey
    • Sub award NYSDOH Stream Sanitary Survey
    • Sub NYS Office of Parks – Stream Sanitary Survey
  • 4. Overview
    • Beach Sampling will not begin till first week in June (when QAPPs have been approved and accepted by EPA)
    • Weather stations need to be set up (JF)
    • Stream survey can begin, however no sampling will occur until QAPP accepted)
  • 5. Weather Station Set-up
    • Priority #1 – we must have these set up soon
    • Able to access data from off-site
    • This will be determining factor for on-call ½” or more rain events
    • Average annual and monthly rainfall
  • 6. Stream Sanitary Survey
    • Number of point source discharges likely to impact the beach areas
    • 2011 – Big Sister Creek
      • Outlets and Outfalls
      • Photos and GPS coordinates
    • 2012 – 2013 – Delaware Creek, Muddy Creek, Fern Brook (intermittent), Little Sister, Barricks
    • Eventually – Rush and Blasdell Creeks?
  • 7. Chris Riley
    • This will be the “tough” summer work
    • You will be wading through stream water in remote locations
    • You may be fighting overgrowth vegetation…… and
    • GIANT Bugs!?
  • 8. Beach Sanitary Survey
    • Completed in accordance with the USEPA’s Great Lakes Beach Sanitary Survey User Manual. (QA/QC)
    • A “Routine and Annual Sanitary Survey Form” will be completed for each listed beach.
    • 8 + Woodlawn Beach State Park
    • Hamburg, Wendt, Bennett, Pioneer Camp & Retreat, St. Vincent DePaul Camp, Evans Town Beach, Point Breeze Campground, Lake Erie Beach
  • 9.  
  • 10. Beaches
  • 11. Summary of Beach Sampling
    • Late May – Late June (Friday before opening of public beaches)
      • 5 days a week + rain events
    • Late June (Beach opening) – Late August (prior to beach closing)
      • 7 days a week + rain events
    • Late August – early September
      • 5 days a week + rain events
  • 12. Sampling Locations
    • Samples will be collected directly in front of the lifeguard chairs at a depth of 18 inches.
      • Evans – 2 chairs so sample should be collected from directly between
      • Hamburg – directly in line with the southern most lifeguard chair
  • 13. Samples
    • Sample bottles and labels will be provided and obtained from the Erie County Public Health Laboratory as needed
    • Samples will be collected in 400 ml bottles, labeled (preprinted), wiped dry, placed in zip lock bags and stored on ice
    • Samples will be delivered to the lab ASAP but at no time in more than a six (6) hour time lapse.
    • Samples need to be into lab by 10 AM everyday including weekends.
    • If there is a rain event you will also be collecting samples from the creek discharge points and therefore will need MORE time!
    • So….you likely need to be up and out your door at OMG early in the morning!!!
  • 14.
    • This would be a “full” day of work. Begin at Woodlawn and work south to Lake Erie Beach – collecting from all eight (9) beaches and returning samples to lab
    • Mileage on your vehicle will be billed out as an hourly pay rate.
    • You get 6 hour pay for about 4 hours of actual work…..
  • 15.  
  • 16. Equipment and Scheduling
    • The following equipment will be provided by the County
    • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Chest waders
      • Gloves
      • ECDOH Shirts/Jackets (for identification purposes)
      • Long-sleeved rubber gloves
      • Other cold water-protective gear as needed
      • Waterless antimicrobial hand cleaner
    • Sample collection equipment/materials
      • Coolers (dedicated to field intern)
      • ICE (collected from Southtowns Sewage Treatment Plant)
      • Depth Measuring Devices
      • Sample bottles
      • Sample bottle labels
      • Laboratory requisition
    • Data Collection
      • Covered (water resistant) Clipboards
      • Waterproof Pens/Drafting pencils
      • Thermometer
    • GPS – necessary for stream sanitary survey (SSS)
    • Camera - SSS
  • 17. Other items issued by ECDOH
    • T-Shirt with ECDOH official logo – this must be worn for all work to identify you as an employee of the County on official business
    • A laminated parking placard – this must be displayed on your front dash when working
    • ECDOH ID – you should complete the form and make arrangements to have photo ID taken at Rath Building in Buffalo
    • ID should be worn for all field work! – this is for your safety…..
  • 18. Dedicated Equipment
    • You will each receive a “kit” of the aforementioned equipment.
    • It is expected that you will keep it in your vehicle or home so that if on call – you will be able to leave from your home
    • When you drop sample bottles at lab – pick up an empty set for emergency on-call and weekend work.
  • 19. Scheduling for Beaches
    • LZ will be scheduling the beach sampling
      • This will be done on a Google spreadsheet and will be accessible to all of you via Gmail or Google – look for a link soon.
      • Katie will be used for on-call rain events and weekend sampling only – as she will spend most of her time in the lab this year.
      • Nicole has several conflicts with research project and therefore may not be utilized as often for beach sampling
      • Rotations will begin with 3 or 4 of us including weekends and on-call
  • 20. Questions??
    • You will all be part-time to start – which equates to approximately 23 hours/week
    • Once the beach sampling schedule is complete, Chris will be utilizing you for the SSS – Big Sister Creek
    • And John will be using some of you for Forecast Modeling and Weather stations!
  • 21. What’s next?
    • We need to schedule two (2) days of field training.
      • One day for beach sampling protocol
      • One day for SSS
      • Unfortunately this will likely need to occur late afternoon for the BSS and a Saturday or Sunday for the SSS
        • Check your calendars and let’s plan for a field training date for the BSS on Thursday June 2
          • Time and Location TBD
          • I will defer to Chris and John for the other training date and time.