Generation Now: Surviving & Thriving With Multiple Generations in the Workplace


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Generation Now: Surviving & Thriving With Multiple Generations in the Workplace

  1. 1. Generation NOW: Surviving and Thriving with Multiple Generations in the WorkplaceBack in Circulation AgainMadison, Wisconsin October 15, 2012 Lori Reed 1
  2. 2. Why might it be important to learn about different generations?
  3. 3. To: Help DeskSubject: My computerRemember that problem you fixedthe other day. It’s happening again.Can you come fix it right away.WTF
  4. 4. WTF? Why is he such a PITA? Yeah we’ll fix your problem …next year.
  5. 5. I sure like those Help Desk guys. I want to befriendly so I’ll signmy name with my initials W.T.F. Professor Walter T. Franklin
  6. 6. Image Source:
  7. 7. Learning Objectives:• What do we mean by generations• Define each generation• Strengths and challenges of each generation• How generations approach change• Tips to improve communication 6
  8. 8. Why we are the way we are? education ????????? personal experiences 8
  9. 9. What do we mean bygenerations?
  10. 10. Generationsare defined by their shared experiences
  11. 11. Trends that affectgenerational change
  12. 12. Parenting Styles
  13. 13. Technology
  14. 14. Life SpanLife Expectancy
  15. 15. Celebrities, Icons, Heroes 18
  16. 16. Conditions 19
  17. 17. Matures or Veterans or Traditionalists• Born 1928-1945• Age 66 and older** As of 2011
  18. 18. Events•WWI•WWII•Korean War•Great Depression•Invention of atomicbomb Matures or Veterans or Traditionalists
  19. 19. Matures or Veterans orTraditionalists
  20. 20. Heroes Matures or Veterans or Traditionalists
  21. 21. Values•Hard work•Loyalty•Work toward acommon goal•Faith in governmentand institutions•Saving money Matures or LOYAL Veterans or Traditionalists
  22. 22. Boomers • Born 1946 – 1964 • Ages 47 - 65** As of 2011
  23. 23. 28
  24. 24. BabyBoomers
  25. 25. Events•Civil Rights Act•Alaska and Hawaiibecome states•Vietnam War•MLK assassinated•Nixon becomespresident•Neil Armstrong walkson the moon•Watergate Baby•TV Boomers
  26. 26. TV Sets in Homes•1952 4 million•1960 50 million Baby Boomers
  27. 27. Values and Traits•Women’s and CivilRights•Competitive•Questioned theirupbringing•Saw some flaws inthe world and tried tofix them Baby OPTIMISTIC Boomers
  28. 28. Gen X• Born 1965 – 1980• Age 46 – 31* As of 2011 Gen X
  29. 29. Events• 1st home computers TRS-80 and Commodore• Iran hostage crisis• John Lennon assassinated• Challenger explosion Gen X
  30. 30. Events• Divorce rate TRIPLED while Xers were growing up• Latch key kids• AIDS• Crack cocaine• Child abductions• Perceived threat of nuclear war Gen X
  31. 31. Values and Traits• Independent• Resourceful• Cautious• Self-command (no one will do it for me)• Faith in self, less faith in institutions• No common hero SKEPTICAL
  32. 32. Gen X
  33. 33. Gen Y / Millenials• Born 1981 - 1999• Ages 12-30*• The next baby boom generation* As of 2011
  34. 34. 39
  35. 35. Events• Berlin Wall falls• AOL• 1st consumer level digital camera• IPod• MySpace• Technology explosion• School shootings• Lockdowns• REALISTIC Millennial
  36. 36. Millennial
  37. 37. Characteristics• Appreciation for diversity• Exposed to a lot – travel, day care, technology, media• Expect workplace to reflect diversity• Been involved in every family decision Millennial
  38. 38. Matures Boomer Gen X Gen YBirth 1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1980 1981-1999Family Traditional Disintegrating Latch key kids BlendedEducation A dream A birthright A way to get there A huge expenseValues •“We” first •Loyal to “me” •“Prove it to me” •“Work hard=reward” •Military •Team oriented •Work/Life Balance •Instant gratification •Respect •Competitive •Why? •Hive mind •Conformity •Workaholics •Responsible for own •Job not a way of life but •Timeliness •Face time success means to provide for •Must believe in leader outside activities •“Army of 1” •Adult-o-lescenceHeroes Army, Navy MLK No common hero Family or someone they (not JKF know or met (individual) individuals)
  39. 39. Matures Boomer Gen X Gen YBirth 1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1980 1981-1999In a word Loyal Optimistic Skeptical RealisticLeadership in a Chain of Change of command Self command Don’t command –few words command collaborate!Career Goals Build a legacy Build a stellar career Build a portable career Build parallel careersPreferred Satisfaction of Money, title, Freedom. Time off. Work that has meaning.Rewards a job well done. recognition. Shifting to Relaxed dress code. Fun environment. Work Alternative value of time. Time to Portable benefits. in teams. Resume scheduling. care for children AND building. Recognition. aging parents.Balance Shifting the Help me balance myself Balance now not when Work is not everything balance and everyone else I’m 65Retirement Reward Retool Renew RecycleJob Changing Stigma Puts you behind Necessary Part of daily routine
  40. 40. Matures Boomer Gen X Gen YBirth 1928-1945 1946-1964 1965-1980 1981-1999Feedback No news is Once a year How am I doing? At the push of a button! good newsTraining I learned the Train too much and they The more they learn, the Lifelong learning is a hard way so will leave. more they stay. way of life. can you.
  41. 41. What one thing will you dodifferently as a result of today’s session? Image Source 46
  42. 42. Thank you! Lori 47