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The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
The Student Voice Final
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The Student Voice Final


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Presentation created for the 2009 WSSDA Convention

Presentation created for the 2009 WSSDA Convention

Published in: Education
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  • Speaker: Greg Introductory remarks – 5 minWelcome to the RSD presentation on Student Representatives on our School BoardIntros – of presenters and other board members.
  • Speaker: Conrad – 5 minThe timing was right…the board was in a place where we could do this. (Strategic plan, no big issues such as our former senior project complaints, the board was looking forward)Our superintendent had positive experiences with Student Reps in another state.The board gains value from input from our most important stakeholders – the studentsThe student rep role is also a path for communication back to studentsProvides opportunities for student leadership
  • Speaker: Conrad – 5 minImproves transparency – students ask the darnest questions. Questions about soft drinks, more foreign language, covered stadium vs more seats Tell us what they are hearing from parents, staff and studentsElevates board’s visibility to students/staff and communityHumanizes the boardStudents ask very thoughtful questionsHelps the district and board achieve the mission and vision of the district
  • Speaker: Greg – policy, procedure, resolutionThe How –the Nuts and Bolts of Policy, Procedure and Recruitment.RSD started 6 years ago in building the role for students.RSD decided to have two student reps: a Senior and a Junior - it was important and more effective to have our student reps comfortable and confident. The Senior mentors the Junior. Review the RSD Student Rep Policy and Procedure. Describe Student rep Responsibilities: (Attend regular meetings, 8:30 p.m. curfew, work studies and roundtables, Student rep automatically becomes a member ASB Advisory Committee. Student Reps are a conduit of information to the board. Student reps have a written report to the board once a month. They are Nonvoting and do not attend executive sessions.
  • Speaker: GregRiverview is 1 of only approximately 20 districts in the state of Washington to have such a student representation program. 295 school districts in State of Wa
  • Speaker – Carol and GlynnisSelection and Recruitment process – currently students are recruited after class officers and ASB officers are selected. This is a process we want to improve - better advertising, earlier promotion, more visibility.Students are required to be in proper academic standing and maintain expected standards.
  • Speaker Carol and CourtneyStudent rep automatically becomes a member ASB Advisory Committee. Student Reps are a conduit of information to the board. Student reps have a written report to the board once a month. Student Report to the Board: The students gather information for their reports from the Asst Principal, ASB, clubs and teams and from the CTE director. They participate in helping with bonds and levies (calling voters), and organizing students. They communicate the “student voice” to our board.
  •  Speaker - GregBenefits to the BoardStudent Voice has provided invaluable input on issues such as:6 period daySoda pop (health policy)Foreign languageTechnologyPublic behavior at board meetings is much improved (civility).Staff is more comfortable with student reps in attendance – they can say ‘Morgan remember when…’Students ask very insightful questions of presenters such as questions on construction, budget and policy.Better public relations- Informal feedback concerning effects of policy on staff and students.Improved interactions with legislators – students are the best advocates for education and funding.Help teach WSSDA advocacy class.
  • Speaker Courtney and GlynnisBenefits to the Student Rep.Building future leaders – learning about public interactions, aspects of leadership, policy and governance, civil meetings, motivating studentsStudent reps better understand the consequences of board decisionsConfidence, learning to present themselves in professional mannerLearn to communicate with other student groups.Well rounded students – report on the full high school experience. .5 credit for Student Reps (each semester?????) 
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Student Voice
      Benefits of Student Representation on Your Board
      Presented by Riverview School District
      Carnation/Duvall, WA
    • 2. Why Student Representatives on the Board
      For RSD, the timing was right
      Our Superintendent had previous experience
      The Board valued input from the students
      New opportunity for student leadership
      Seemed like a good thing to do!
    • 3. More Reasons …
      Elevates the Board’s visibility with the students and community
      Humanizes the Board – no longer the ‘evil’ bureaucrats. Student Representatives know the Board as ‘real’ people
      Students ask very thoughtful questions
      Helps the District and Board achieve the mission and vision of the District
    • 4. The Nuts and Bolts- Policy
      Policy research
      Development of our policy (2 reps: a Senior and a Junior)
      Student Representative Responsibilities
      Non voting members
      Oath of Office
    • 5. Oath of Office
    • 6. The Nuts and Bolts - Recruitment
      High School students only
      Cedarcrest High School election of ASB and officers first.
      Changes we would like to see in recruitment
      Adding more value at the High School for this role
      Student maintaining expected academic and social standards
      Interview by 2 Board members, Superintendent, Student Representative, High School administrator
    • 7. The Nuts and Bolts- Communications
      Student Representatives become members of the ASB Advisory Committee
      Conduit of information to the Board from classes, clubs, sports, ASB and students
      Students report at each Board meeting during the communications time what they consider newsworthy
      Formal monthly report on the standing agenda (both students report)
      Support District on bonds and levies
    • 8. The Benefit to the Board
       Student voice has given invaluable input
      6 period day, health policy, foreign language, technology
      Increased civility of public on controversial issues
      Better interaction/connects with staff during presentations
      Asking insightful questions
      Improved public relations
      Strong advocacy with legislators
    • 9. The Benefit to the Student Representative
      Building future leaders
      Increased confidence in presentations
      Strengthens communication skills
      Better understand the consequences of governance
      .5 credit per semester
      Courtney Fields, Representative Larry Springer and Josh Siegel
    • 10. Student Representatives Honored
    • 11. Our Stories
    • 12. They Graduate as Leaders
    • 13. Frequently Asked Questions
      How many hours of time do student representatives put into boardmanship?
      How do your students work with legislators?
      What things are student representatives required to do?
      How have you improved your process for making the student representative experience a good one?
      Who supervises students at conferences?
      What have you learned from student reps?
    • 14. Need More Info – Please Contact Us
      Dan Pflugrath, Carol Van Noy, Greg Bawden, Lori Oviatt, Danny Edwards
    • 15. Please provide feedback on this session at: