White card training


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Get the necessary White Card Training you need to be able to work in the growing construction industry, safely and easily, online! The Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction card allows you to be safety certified to work all across Australia.

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White card training

  1. 1. http://www.besttraining.com.au/WhiteCard_Training_Online-v2.aspGet your White CardTraining HereGet the necessary White Card Training you need to be able to work in thegrowing construction industry, safely and easily, online at a low price of only$60! The Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction card allowsyou to be safety certified to work all across Australia. Our White Cards meet allthe legal requirements for all types of construction jobs that take place in andaround a construction site.With the current regulations that relate to the National Standard forConstruction Work, the WorkSafe program is now set up to enforce them. Themost recent requirements and changes that are covered include the waypreparations for the safe work method statements or JSAs are handled, meantfor high risk type construction work. This also includes the preparation for theOccupational Safety and Health Management Plans meant for all types ofconstruction work sites where there are five or more workers, or that has thepotential to have that many people working at the same time.The White Card Training we are offering meets all the requirements ofWorkSafe, and the White Cards are approved in these states: VIC, WA, TAS,ACT, and QLD. Upon completion of your training you will receive your newissued White Card from our Registered Training Organization or RTO. The greatnews is that our training program has an incredible pass rate of 100%! Butthat’s not all, because it is possible for you to start your training today, you canthen be able to work on a construction site as early as tomorrow, for only $60!
  2. 2. The White Card Training online Breakdown• The training we provide is 100% WorkSafe Approved• An amazing pass rate record of 100%, and you only pay when you actuallypass, so there is really nothing for you to lose.• You’re able to complete the training anywhere from any computer.• Training time is less than 4 hours.• No Time Limits – questions are multiple choice types.• Once your paperwork has been completed, your new White Card will be sentto you in 24 hours after completing your White Card Training.The online course we are offering is very easy to use and understand, and thestudy material provided is put together very well. Contractors and people ofvarious trades within the construction industry will find this White CardTraining course extremely helpful and easy to access. http://www.besttraining.com.au/WhiteCard_Training_Online-v2.asp