The Best PureLeverage Review


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Here's a detailed review of the PureLeverage Tool Suite and opportunity. find out what all the hype is about is it really worth the investment? Maybe.. maybe not.

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The Best PureLeverage Review

  1. 1. The Best PureLeverage Review
  2. 2. Best PureLeverage review:What is it A Real Opportunity or A ScamLet me start out by saying I this will be the most honest and comprehensivereview you will find on the PureLeverage product and services.So what’s all the buzz about? Is this a real opportunity or is it a scam? Can youreally make money PureLeverage? Way are so many big name marketers jumpingon board? Does PureLeverage offer a real service or product that people want orthat you can stand behind?These are all good questions.I have been a member of PureLeverage from the initial beta launch and in myopinion it’s just flat out awesome and getting even better as they upgrade andadd new features to the products and services.Let’s start with the product: What do you get with PureLeverage?Joel Therien has created and a built a company called GVO. Within GVO he hascreated internet marketing tools for internet marketers. Things likeautoresponders (which is a must have), hosting, video email services,webinar/conferencing rooms and services.The tool suite that is offered by PureLeverage is an evergreen, it will always bewanted and needed by the savvy marketer, here’s why the to run a successfulbusiness there are two basic things you need.1.A way to build a list by capturing leads2.A way to communicate automatically with those leadsThe PureLeverage Level 1 Marketing Suite you receive:Level 1 List size: You have up to 10,000 subscribers at this level also theability to import and upload your list from any outside providers like Aweber andGet response.A Lead Capture System: This includes done for you high converting capturepages. A pre written follow up campaign to convert your leads into customers.You also so have the ability to send daily broadcast emails out to your newslettersubscribers
  3. 3. An Auto Responder: Allows you to build your own campaigns, upload you ownfollow up emails. You can get forms to place on your blog or your own customlanding/capture pages and you can create as many campaigns as you wish.Video Email: With this tool you can send videos instead of text emails to informyour subscribers of any upcoming events or special offers.Conference Room: You have a 100 seat live conference room to host teammeeting, training webinars and other live events that promote you products orservices.Live Training calls: Step by Step training on how to utilize the tools.Recorded Calls: All training calls are recorded so you can easily go back andreview the information anytime you like.Now all together, I was paying for these services individuality each month. MyAutoResponder alone was over $100 per month for a list my size. ConferenceRoom/Webinar Service would cost $97 for every month from GotoMeeting. Thesoftware I use to design and create custom forms and capture pages cost $97.Its crazy that I’m able to get these services for only $24.95 each month.PureLeverage gives you high quality products for below market price. That’s a$150 per month freed up to be used for advertising and marketing.Not only that I now get more emails open with the same list that was once insideAweber. I move that list that I thought was dead inside Aweber over toPureleverage and my open rate increased immediately by almost 60%.The PureLeverage Level 2 Marketing Suite you receiveLevel 2 is known as the Syndicate VIP level, its $97 a month but is it worth it?POW Series: (Pearls Of Wisdom). Every week some of the top earners within ourindustry are interviewed to see what is working for them now. The interviewsprovide the members with great content.ELITE CLUB: The other thing you get is the, you only get access to this ‘Club’once you make 2 sales, but currently right now this club isn’t even complete… itstill says “COMING SOON” so I personally don’t know anything about this.PLR Store: It has a PLR images, slides for presentations, video bumpers, audioloops for videos and much more. It’s pretty sweet to be honest, hundreds ofdollars worth of stuff right here alone.
  4. 4. Traffic and Lead Generation: This section shows all the best part to generatemore leads with the targeted traffic, where mainly comes from Media Buys & SoloAds. Joe also suggests you some best of best which having best conversion rates.CPA Analyzer : This section is all about creating a tracking link of certaincampaign. You can simply analyze your tracking and repeat the one which covertsmore. Tracking system consists of Statics, Browse status, Visits, Depth, andCommissions earned.Your Business: Here you get full report of your leads, your down lines, yourcommissions, and Payment History. And also you have a chance to mail yourleads and down lines.The PureLeverage opportunity:Can I make Money with PureLeverage?Yes if you decide to become a reseller there are two ways to make money withPureLeverage.1.You can market the product alone and receive monthly commissions.2.You can refer other people and if they become instant rapid resellers you earn abonus commission.So how does it work; you market the tool suite for $24.95 and receive 100%commission for the first 30 days and 50% every month thereafter as long as yourcustomer remains a member but this is all off of your own efforts. Good but itgets better.Here’s the powerful part of the PureLeverage Compensation plan, the part whereyou get to leverage the efforts of the people you refer both in unlimited width anddepth in addition to commission from your own sales you also receive matchingbonus of 50% of the efforts of everyone that you refer directly.
  5. 5. Watch this video for an in depth breakdown the PureLeverage comp plan.My Recommendation:Being a happy customer I going to give you my unbiased opinion and Highlyrecommend that you give PureLeverage a try if not for anything other than theawesome suite of tool for the unbeatable price of only $24.95 per month I am areseller also but even if I wasn’t I would still own the product. I think it’s a greatproduct that every savvy marketer wants and needs to be successful in thisindustry. It just makes sense to own it.Here’s why I recommend that you become an instant rapid reseller; not only doesPureLeverage offer a strong comp Plan that pays you 100% commissions, plus a50% matching bonus. This is something to keep in mind whenever someonebecomes a customer and starts building their list it is highly unlikely that they willcancel their autoresponder which equals a nice recurring income for you.If you are new to online marketing – PureLeverage is perfect for you I wish thiswas available when I got started a few years ago. Not only do you save big on themonthly cost of getting started online by having all the tools you need in oneplace for only $24.95. You have what I consider to be a Business In A Box,because practically everything is done for you (see Level 1 Marketing Suite).No need to learn html codes or how to write copy, all you need to do is drivetraffic to the system and let it follow up and create sales for you.
  6. 6. If you don’t know how to build your list or generating leads that’s not a problem(see Traffic and Lead Generation) PureLeverage also offers a team co-op forits Resellers that will generate leads for you.Remember earlier when I mentioned “A Business In A Box”?Join PureLeverage here.Join my Team and take Advantage of our Team Benefits.