Building a Sales Culture

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This presentation outlines some guiding principles of developing a sales culture.

This presentation outlines some guiding principles of developing a sales culture.

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  • 1. Perfecting the Basics
    “Building a Strong Sales Culture”
    Loren Stone
    Copyright © 2008 Loren Stone. All rights reserved worldwide.
  • 2. How can we Build a Strong Sales Culture?
  • 3. By INTEGRATING these Four Key Elements:
    Common Sales Goals
    We are all sales people...
  • 4. Sales Culture starts with a Great FRONT/BACK LINES Staff
    Sales Reservations
    Front Desk
    Bell Staff
  • 5. Generally we only have shots at making a great first impression.
    When we take the reservation call
    When the guest checks-in
    We seldom get a SECOND CHANCE.
    Doing it right the first time is ESSENTIAL . The rest of the staff must maintain that lasting impression.
  • 6. We must look to our employees as the ENGINES that will PULL US UP and make us SOAR
  • 7. Let’s Start with an Inverted Organization Chart
    An example of an organizational chart.
    An inverted organization chart puts our guest first, as it should
    Next is are departments and the key roles they play to make the guest stay a positive and lasting experience.
  • 8. Never lose sight of our goal to be profitable and to succeed to the Top …we simply turn the chart around!
    The lesson to be learned is that our guest is first, but in a sales culture we strive to be a profitable business always. So run your business this way.
    Each of you are running a business, so take pride in this and be the best at what you do.
  • 9. Establish Targets that will have the Strongest Impact!
    • Develop goals together as a department, as we will as a company!
  • Get Our Property’s Story Across…
    What are we about?
    Examples of anticipating the guests needs?
    Say hello first with eye contact.
    Everyone should be selling our amenities, and services
    Property map…be prepared.
  • 10. Train, Train…
    Training is not a Seasonal “Flu Shot”, it’s a Year-Long “Treatment”
    Make training fun, and remember there is always more to learn
    Share best practices with each other…use each other to become the best at what you do. Translates into revenue.
  • 11. How Are We Doing So Far?
    What we’ve seen so far is pretty OBVIOUS
    The steps we suggested are fairly SIMPLE
    The Plan is not ROCKET SCIENCE
    It doesn’t call for Huge FINANCIAL RESOURCES
    …Then, where’s the CATCH?
  • 12. Nordstrom is the Envy of most Retailers, yet no one seems to emulate this famous Store…
    Nordstrom Operating Manual boils down to 4 words: “Use Your Common Sense”
    Why then are so few retailers able to adopt Nordstrom’s model?
    When all is set and done, the answer boils down to PASSION and UNWAVERING COMMITMENT from Top Management!
    Commitment from the Top is the Name of the Game!
  • 13. What’s Next?
    Developing a true Sales Culture within is truly a Top Priority
    The future is where everyone should keep there eye on
    To succeed, we’ll need every single bit of Help we can get through the entire organization.
    Thank You!