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  • 1. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 1 Project Management (PM) Concepts Related to Course Objectives and Carrier Aspirations Loren Karl Schwappach Project Management Processes in Organizations, Colorado Technical University
  • 2. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 2 AbstractThis paper is a discussion about three concepts that I took particular interest in while studyingproject management. These three concepts are stakeholder identification, project managerleadership requirements and project manger communication requirements. This paper relateseach of these three concepts to course objectives and my personal career aspirations.
  • 3. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 3 Project Management (PM) Concepts Related to Course Objectives and Carrier Aspirations There are three concepts that I took particular interest in while watching class instructorvideos and reading through course materials. These three concepts are stakeholder identification,project manager leadership requirements and project manger communication requirements. Iwill relate each of these three concepts to course objectives and my personal career aspiration ofbecoming a U.S. Air Force officer as I continue this discussion board paper.Project Manager - Stakeholder Identification The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) illuminates the project manageras “The person assigned by the performing organization, to achieve the project’s objectives” (AGuide to, 2008, p.444). The project manager is thus, the ultimate person answerable for thetriumphant completion of any project within specified quality performance requirements, timeand schedule constraints, scope and budget constraints, and whether or not the customer is finallysatisfied. The project manager is also the leader of the project management team and is responsiblefor managing the efforts and performance of his/her team. However, one of the largest problemsa project manager will encounter and must overcome at the initial stage of any project is theidentification and motivation of the project stakeholders. According to the course objectives, after completing this course I should be able torecognize project stakeholders, and be able to assess their issues and requirements at thebeginning stage of any project. I should also be able to incorporate stakeholders into eachproject team using a well developed and thought-out project charter which spells outrequirements and responsibilities. As of the last discussion board post (Phase 3, Task 1), Ibelieve I knocked these objectives out of the water.
  • 4. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 4 The importance of understanding the stakeholders involved in any activity can never beunder valuated. It is my hope that once I have rejoined the United States Air Force as acommissioned officer I will use the knowledge I gained through this course in understanding theimportance and applicability of project stakeholders. In the military large projects occur on daily basis. Whatever project I am undertaking inthe near future, I will certainly need to identify and incorporate each of these projectstakeholders. These may include Airmen, deployment managers, subject area experts,contractors, and high level leadership as well as numerous others. If all of these stakeholderswork in unity, are motivated, and identified early in the projects, then I am sure to benefit.PM Responsibilities - Strategic Leadership The project manager’s informational role dictates that the project manager must becapable to organize and pilot team meetings, supply vital feedback on project results, phases,troubles encountered, and the quality of deliverables. The project manager’s informational role requires that the project manager be capable ofusing his/her expertise to create sound judgment without alienating project stakeholders throughthe decisions he/she makes. Additional objectives for this course were to guarantee that project goals hold up in unitywith corporate strategies as well as develop a project structure that is appropriate to the programscope and by and large organizational configuration and to investigate a mixture oforganizational systems and establish how to integrate project management processes into variouscorporate structures. I covered project management within various organizational structures inthe discussion board post two weeks ago (Phase 2, Task 1).
  • 5. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 5 As an officer in the United States Air Force I hope to strategically lead my fellowmilitiamen to success at every venture. In order to do this, a leader must be able to influence theenergy of his followers in order to achieve some goal. In project management this goal would bethe successful conclusion of some project while using minimal resources and completing theproject ahead of schedule and to the best of standards. Project management functions differentlyfrom organization to organization, with some organizations being project oriented, and otherorganizations being function / department oriented. Although the Air Force would probably leanmore toward the later (department / function oriented) projects continue to play an incrediblerole. During my ten years of fun and exemplarily service for the U.S. Air Force, there werenumerous occasions where I was assigned to initiate and manage large projects (from managinglarge communication teams and standing-up remote field deployable communication packages atvarious locations, modifying consumer satellite electronic packages, and managing global EHFinfrastructure and equipment layouts for the entire DoD). Having an understanding of theorganizational roles, stakeholders, and resources available were critical to each projects success,and I hope to be the kind of strategic leader whose vision looks at every piece of the puzzlebefore jumping feet first into the situation.PM Roles – Expert Communicator Lastly, the white page Competencies for Project Managers (Wourms, 2002) identifiesthat a project manager must also be a phenomenal motivator, communicator, be able to talk-the-talk, recognize and pursue standard project management methodology, be able to instruct theproject team, as well as have an active, wide and diverse grasp of technological perceptive(essential for IT project managers). (Wourms, 2002)
  • 6. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 6 The role of a good communicator should never be unappreciated and is indispensable forany project manager. The role demands that the project manager maintains a superior inter-personal role, superb informational role, and exquisite decisional role. The project manager’s inter-personal role requires that the project manager be an honest,personable, capable, dependable, and effective leader. This is a trait that I hope to simulate in allof my daily activities regardless of my future ambitions. The project manager is alsoaccountable for working successfully with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences,creating an environment of team unity, proactively resolving team disagreements, focusing teammember energy towards the completion of project milestones, motivating the project’s teammembers toward finishing team goals, and constructing beneficial relationships with all projectstakeholders to include the project’s team members. Good communication also relates to the final objectives required for this course. Thesefinal objectives involve applying human resource information areas to a projects initiating andplanning processes as well as appraising cultural issues before they occur in order to avoidproject catastrophes and administer international projects productively. I believe this concept will be the most influential of every concept I studied in thiscourse. Knowing how to communicate (both interpersonal and informational) might be the finestskill anyone can ever develop. I graduated at the top of my engineering class with twoBachelor’s degrees last quarter at CTU (BSEE and BSCE Magna Cum Laude). Howeverregardless of the degrees or skill sets that I have earned, I would never accomplish any of mygoals or ambitions without superb communication skills. As an Air Force officer I will be required to hone and practice these skills daily. I willalso need to know how to use the people and resources available for initiating and planning
  • 7. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 7processes while understanding cultural issues. Communication is the key to both of these tasksand is essential if I plan to succeed in the U.S. Air Force. In conclusion it is obvious that the skill sets I learned about project management(stakeholder identification, leadership skills, and communication) can be utilized in whatevervoyage or path I follow in this life. I am als0 planning on looking into a PM degree once Icomplete my next two degrees at CTU (MSEE and MSCE).
  • 8. PM CONCEPTS RELATED TO OBJECTIVES AND ASPIRATIONS 8 ReferencesA Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (4th ed.). (2008). Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute, Inc.Wourms, B. (2002). Competencies of IT Project Managers Art, science, leadership, and managership combined . PM Solutions, Retrieved July 13, 2011, from %20Competencies%20of%20IT%20Project%20Managers.pdf