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Pm600 1103 a-02-schwappach-loren-p3-t1

  1. 1. 1 Stakeholders of the SCRMP Project Loren Karl Schwappach Colorado Technical UniversityPM600-1103A-02: Project Management Processes in Organizations Prepared for: Professor David Bowers
  2. 2. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE SCRMP PROJECT 2 AbstractThis paper is a detailed analysis of HLR Inc.’s SCRMP Project and the project stakeholders thatneed to be informed and involved with the project.
  3. 3. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE SCRMP PROJECT 3 Stakeholders of the SCRMP ProjectIntroduction to the SCRMP Project The Standard Customer Relationship Management Processes (SCRMP) project was is amajor incentive by HLR Inc. as solution to create an accurate, shared, standardized customerinformation system and customer management process database and business processreengineering for consolidating management and market research data into a globally sharableand secure system shared by HLR Inc. divisions. SCRMP is the largest project ever undertakenby HLR Inc. and is imperative for the continual growth in sales development that is expected atHLR Inc. next year. The SCRMP project will be lead by HLR Inc’s Information Technology (IT) Departmentand will focus on updating the software and information systems of several departments toinclude IT, sales, product fulfillment, customer service, billing, and marketing. The project willalso involve cooperative work between IT, current business unit managers, sales, productfulfillment, customer service, billing, marketing, and a software vender contracted fordeveloping and installing the new information system required for the project. The software vender will play a large role in the SCRMP project and has been contractedto provide essential personnel with the skill and experience needed to develop and install theSCRMP software at all HLR Inc’s locations to include foreign locations and will be assigned towork with business unit managers and low level staff towards the project’s completion.
  4. 4. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE SCRMP PROJECT 4 Before the project can be undertaken identification of the project stakeholders and projectsponsor is necessary.Stakeholders The project stakeholders are the organizations (public, performing organizations,sponsors, or customers) or persons whose interests may be negatively or positively modified bythe completion and performance of a project. Stakeholders are typically vigorously involved in aproject and can exercise influence over the project’s success to include its’ project teammembers, and deliverables. (A guide to, 2008, p. 23) The first thing a project team should do before ever starting a new project is to determineboth external and internal stakeholders. This will allow the project team to create a complete andaccurate analysis of the expectations and project requirements matched to the stakeholder’sexpectations for the project. The project manager must also maintain a healthy relationship withproject stakeholders through consistent and effective communication and leadership.Stakeholders play a tremendous role on the life and death of most projects and so theirsignificance can and should not be undervalued. (A guide to, 2008) Stakeholder’s roles may change from sporadic contributions in focus groups and surveysto complete project sponsorship. (A guide to, 2008) Since the most valuable thing to a projectare the projects resources (time, personnel, money, equipment), negative stakeholder support cancause a project to be over with before it ever begins.
  5. 5. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE SCRMP PROJECT 5 Some of the stakeholders of the SCRMP project include HLR Inc., the customers of HLRInc. (as they will either be frustrated or pleased by the new system), the employees which utilizethe SCRMP tools (sales, marketing, billing, customer service, product fulfillment), the softwaredeveloper, SCRMP shareholders, SCRMP leadership and management, the IT department(whom are not only involved in the project but will have to deal with the consequences of theprojects success), the sponsor, the program managers, the division chiefs and directors, thesoftware designers, testers, project team, and the project manager.Identifying Project Stakeholders Stakeholder identification can be extremely difficult and is a never ending process. Itmight be argued that the most basic assembly line worker can be a stakeholder since his / herfuture service at a corporation is directly tied to the failure or success of a project. Failure toidentify stakeholders can have devastating impacts on a projects timeline and budget. (A guideto, 2008) If they gain to lose or benefit from the project in any way they are most likely a projectstakeholder. The following are some examples of stakeholders: customers/users, sponsors, portfoliomanagers, program managers, the project management office, project managers, project teams,functional managers, operations management, and seller/business partners. (A guide to, 2008)Project Sponsor
  6. 6. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE SCRMP PROJECT 6 The project sponsor is the group or individual that assists the project by providingfinancial resources for a project. The project sponsor is also the champion of the project when itis first conceived and serves a spokesman leading the project forward until it is formallyauthorized. The project sponsor also provides guidance on objective setting, priority setting, projectorganizational structure, project policies and procedures, project master planning, up-frontplanning, key staffing, monitoring execution, and conflict resolution. (Kerzner, 2003) In the initial stages of a projects development the project sponsor is actively engaged inthe project and is involved in such activities as: helping the project manager establish objectives,providing the project manager with political / environmental factors which could influence theproject, establishing a projects priority, and functioning as the executive-client contact. I believe the SCRMP Project Sponsor is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of HLR Inc.for all of the reasons just mentioned. I believe he is the executive-client contact that firstinitiated the project (although there is not enough information to validate this argument). TheCIO openly supports the project while it seems others don’t see a need for it, and he has theauthority and power to make the project happen. It could also be argued the division head of marketing or even the marketing departmentfirst conceived the project as a necessary requirement and thus sold senior management on thedetails. If that is the case then he / she / or the department itself maybe the project sponsoraccording to definition alone. However, I’ll stick to my guns and say I think it’s the CIO.
  7. 7. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE SCRMP PROJECT 7ReferencesKerzner, H. (2003) Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling (8th ed.). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (4th ed.). (2008). Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute, Inc.