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SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG                                                                              4for leaders, managers...
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Intd670 1103 a-10-schwappach-loren-p4-t3

  1. 1. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 1 Shaping Culture at ECG Loren Karl Robinson Schwappach Colorado Technical University (CTU)
  2. 2. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 2 AbstractThis is an email to the leadership, management, and employees of ECG intended to informemployees about the success of ethical behavior training and compliance with the latest code ofconduct. It also encourages employees to continue their ethical growth, lead by example, and todemand compliance throughout the organization.
  3. 3. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 3 Shaping Culture at ECG This email is intended to encourage leadership, management, and employees at ECG todevelop their awareness of the vast ongoing changes sweeping ECG, and to increase the ethicalatmosphere and compliance to ECG’s new code of conduct. Leaders and managers mustunderstand and be aware of the importance of ethical practices and be able to communicate,motivate and encourage ethical practices and the swift reporting of code of conduct violations toenable ECG to maintain a competitive business edge. This email will address the importance ofethical behaviors and the value of a comprehensive code of conduct. Ethical behavior is something all employees should strive for regardless of their lots inlife. Shooting for some basic ethical attributes and standard practices in your weekly, day to daywork routines is a good beginning; however, every employee should strive to make it anaspiration to demonstrate positive, constructive, exceptional ethical behavior and values alltimes, each and every day, in both thought and action, both on and off duty. These habits andcritical thinking skills will not only build your carrier, the careers of subordinates and followersand offer greater opportunities for everyone involved but ethical behaviors are essential forsafeguarding the wellbeing of ECG, others and you. Good ethical practices require personal choices that will make or break the success andfuture of employees, corporations, and societies. Good leaders and managers seek to enhanceand build the ethical thoughts and actions of their followers and subordinates because theyrealize the catastrophic affects that occur when the corporate environment is ethically weak andfragile. One of the first consequences of poor decision making and a lack of demand for ethicalbehavior is a diminished environment, lack of trust and respect for the leaders and managers ofthe corporation. One of the major ideas of that kindles the flame for sound ethical behaviors is
  4. 4. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 4for leaders, managers, and employees to practice and maintain respect for society, yourprofession, your place of business, and the people you live and work with. Good business ethicscan bring profit maximization, efficient resource utilization, and create goodwill (Dogra, 2010). With the positive delivery of ECG’s Code of Conduct that occurred over two weeks agonow several employees have stepped up their game and have helped to build the heritage,atmosphere, and communications at ECG. The value of a comprehensive code of conduct shouldnot be unappreciated. Employees come from vast degrees of backgrounds and belief systems.What they deem as right may not be a right to society at whole, and could cause unrecoverableharm. By detailing ECG’s ethical behaviors in a Code of Conduct, employees have a tool tomeasure themselves against and a method to encourage a positive corporate atmosphere. There was a large amount of excitement throughout the corporation with the initialengagement of intranet based learning and critical thinking scenarios that were designed toengage ECG employees into thinking about their day to day interactions with ECG clients,customers, and other employees. Furthermore, the ECG ethics violation reporting hotline has been a great success and hasprovided an avenue for employees to relay their concern about ethical practices and the treatmentof clients and fellow employees without the danger of repercussion. Remember the hotlinenumber is 1-800-RES-PECT. I encourage all employees to use the number and engagesupervisors and leadership whenever possible. I further encourage leadership and managementto lead by example and to motivate and encourage positive behavior in ECG’s employees andreport violations immediately. Many organizations have various codes of ethical behavior and conduct that seek toenhance the treatment of others and societal wellness. Many organizations and professions also
  5. 5. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 5have ethical codes that should not be violated for any reason among these are the codes thatprotect corporations and individuals from physical, emotional, and mental harm, from slander,harassment, and discrimination, and the basic essential natural rights all given to all humanity.Other ethical codes that should never be violated include practices that through selfish actionwould cause harm to the organization, to other employees, or even to society. This includesstealing (examples include: theft of property, misuse of resources, and theft of intellectualproperty), falsification of records (especially corporate financial documents, and contractedclient information), insider trading, conflicts of interest and actions that have been deemedcriminal by state and national laws. Practicing sound ethical behavior in your careers at ECG has limitless benefits. Some ofthe first things accomplished when corporations and employees begin to think critically anddemand ethical behaviors is that business booms and profits increase, the corporate atmospherebecome more positive, employees feel more satisfaction, minds and lives are protected,confidence, respect, and teamwork blossoms and trust is instilled throughout the workforce. Simple things like honesty, courage, integrity, and a demand for excellence can helpmake you successful as you build your career with ECG. Having respect and a positive, can doattitude is another bonus that can only help to improve your ethical growth. These traits arebecoming rarer and rarer in careers and their lack has caused work environments to deteriorate,corporations to crumble, and basic standards of living to decrease. I will conclude this email with an announcement of ECG’s latest ethical behaviorbuilding and code of conduct compliance toolset codenamed Ethic Rock Star (ERS). ECG’sleadership and management have set August 20th as ECG’s yearly corporate ERS training day.All leadership, management, and employees are required to participate in this exciting training
  6. 6. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 6opportunity. This will be a fun and educational day where employees will compete in teambuilding activities, and ethics and code of conduct role playing scenarios judged by the staffmembers from ECG’s Ethics Compliance Office. Teams will be formed and prizes will beoffered for the most compliant and successful team to navigate through a vast array of scenariosengineered by employees, management, and leadership. There has been two make up days setfor those unable to attend the mandatory training for reasons beyond their control. I encourageeveryone to let the excitement for the day build and to begin thinking about how to bestexemplify ECG’s ethical practices and possible scenarios regarding the compliance with the newCode of Conduct. Remember, it is critical for all ECG employees and especially managementand leadership, to form strong ethical foundations in behaviors and activities. Poor decisionmaking can destroy ECG’s corporate atmosphere, remove trust, damage ECG’s as well as yourpersonal reputation and the reputation of others, and will possibly lead to extensive charges anddamages that may not be recoverable. Please make the right decisions, think critically, embrace ethical behavior, comply withthe new code, be honest, act with integrity, and challenge those around you to do the same.
  7. 7. SHAPING CULTURE AT ECG 7 ReferencesDogra, A. (2010). Importance of Business Ethics. Buzzle. Retrieved August 6, 2011, from