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Blue sky presentation3

  1. 1. Digital PublishersFounded by gamers, fiction lovers, & someone with previous experience starting a business
  2. 2. WelcomeHCS consists of two editors (Marta &Mary) several writers (Norm, Raymond, Jason, Margaret, & Gwendolyn), and a few artists (Belit, Jason, Javier, Michael, Kurt, & William)
  3. 3. What we Publish• Speculative fiction (The combination of sci-fi, fantasy, Mystery, & associated miscellaneous “weirdness”)• Gaming (general, pathfinder, Traveller, and anything else I can get ahold of• Graphic Novels (Set both in my world of Children of the sun and other settings)• Art, art, and more art! Did we mention Art?
  4. 4. How we Publish• Through various websites (not just our own such as, amazon kindle, sony reader, apple ipad, barnes & noble nook, studio2publishing, paizo, steve jackson games, green ronin, blackwyrm, noble knights, lulu, blurb, createspace,, and memory press (the last 5 being print on demand sites allowing people to print them if they want• Published in following formats: (PDF), Epub, Mobi
  5. 5. Why we Publish Digitally• In 2010 EBooks net revenue was $2.8 billion• The Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad, Barnes and Noble Nook, & Sony Reader sold 2 million units & they all either use PDF or Epub formats
  6. 6. Target MarketThe National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) reportsthat the overall rate of adults reading novels andshort stories has increased. The largest increase is the young adult population between 18 and 24, and fiction accounts for a great deal of that growth. Therefore, we have a great potential for new customers in the young adult market.
  7. 7. Products
  8. 8. The Comics IndustryThe Overview of the U.S. Comic Book & Graphic NovelMarket 2010-2011 reports, “The comic industry,particularly the graphic novel segment, has been amarket largely untapped by traditional book publishers.However, a growing number have come to embrace theindustry, with both publishers and retailers realizingthis diverse market offers significant and numerousopportunities.”
  9. 9. Digital Demand Is Growing The industry expects digital sales to increase in 2012. This shows an increasing demand for digital content as well as graphic novels. Here are some popualar movies made from graphic novels: Hellboy, wathmen, kick-ass, johah hex, 30 days ofnights, cowboys & aliens, sin city, tintin, the walking dead!
  10. 10. Graphic Novels Interactive stories for maturepeople featuring adult situations, language, and themes Warning: They’re not for children!
  11. 11. InteractivityInteractive stories for mature people featuring adult situations, language, and themes
  12. 12. Interactivity Our Way Notice the TV. In the future it will also be the computerThis is a rendering of a 3d interior
  13. 13. Interactivity Our Way Click on the tv/computer with the cursor!The product will be a pdf on a computer or an epub on atablet/e-Reader
  14. 14. Interactivity Our Way A computer interface opens upThis is just a initial interpretation of what the computerinterface looks like. Don’t get too attached to it!!!!!
  15. 15. Interactivity Our Way The Reader can select items on the interface
  16. 16. Interactivity Our WayIncluding a database the reader can access for crew files, ships schematics, general news of the universe, a universe encyclopedia, and “secret” files for different organizations
  17. 17. Gaze of Darkness A twelve part story about mankind’s escapefrom tyranny, 1200 years in the future. Humans no longer live in the sol solar system, and they struggle to survive evil stemming from all parts of the universe. Just like today, humans must fight their own demons as well.
  18. 18. Gaze of DarknessThe main hero Xavier a Naval Interdiction Unit Bob The supernaval interdiction unit officer soldier officer
  19. 19. Gaze of Darkness Oleg: evil Pirate commander Admiral Rodgers, retired
  20. 20. Gaze of DarknessBloody Bart The psychopathic pirate leader
  21. 21. Items Requesting•Website upgrade: $200•3d tech consultant: $100•Artwork: $200
  22. 22. CreditsMany thanks to••‐explains‐how‐youre‐gonna‐get‐screwed‐by‐ ebook‐formats• & Joe Sweeney for his fine  impersonation as a pirate!!!!