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StartingBloc Overview deck

  1. 1. The 2010 New York class of Fellows Mitchell Wade educating at the 2010 New York InstituteFellows dancing to save the world at the 2008 London Institute Fellows Ryan Richards (LON ʼ08), Tammy Wang (LON ʻ07) & Jeraul Mackey (NY ʻ06) The StartingBloc Fellowship
  2. 2. WHAT IS STARTINGBLOC?Howard Buffet educating at the 2010 New York Institute Vinay Nagaraju (LON ʻ08) with Mohammed Yunus Since 2005, StartingBloc has helped social innovators by giving them the skills and the tools they need to address the most pressing global challenges of our time.Presentation from the 2008 London Institute Jonathan Greenblatt educating at the 2010 New York Institute
  3. 3. WHAT IS STARTINGBLOC?Our signature leadership development program, the StartingBlocFellowship exposes young leaders to new models for achievingsocial impact. Our community currently consists of 1800 Fellowsrepresenting over 55 countries and more than 221 universities.The 2010 Boston class of StartingBloc Fellows
  4. 4. THE STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE Global Trailblazers Proven leaders with strong aged 18 - 30 academic credentials Diverse: 65% minorities / 55% women / Speak 53 languages / From over 50 countries Focused on action, change Multi-sector Experience: and market-driven Top Firms / 60% approaches to solving social issues Entrepreneurs
  5. 5. THE INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION The Fellowship begins with the Institute for Social Innovation, a transformative five-day experience that educates, inspires, and connects social innovators.o  Education :: Fellows learn from leading industry practitioners and professors about the latest in corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, cross-sector partnerships and sustainability.o  Training :: Fellows build hard skills through workshops and a case competition.o  Networks :: Fellows create lasting relationships with leading social innovators through team projects and networking opportunities.
  6. 6. THE INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION Survey of Social Corporate Innovation Partners 15 Inspiring Graduate Experts Schools Institute for Jeff Chapin educating at the 2010 Boston InstituteJonathan Evans (NY ʻ10) presenting at the SIC Social Training on Innovation Harder StartingBloc CommunityThe 2010 New York Fellows taking part in a Transformative Action exercise Skills Social Innovation 110 Social Competition InnovatorsFellows working on the SIC case challenge at the 2010 Boston Institute Andrew Zolli educating at the 2010 New York Institute
  7. 7. POST-INSTITUTE Jesse Gossett (NY ʼ08) & Jayson UppalCynthia Koenig (LON ʼ08), Founder, Wello Water Wheel © Josh Dick (BOS ʻ09), Co-Founders, Emergent Energy Mike Del Ponte (NY ʻ08), Founder, Sparkseed © Sharlene Yang /Photography Group © Bloomberg Businessweek Catalyst - Fellows return to their communities with the tools they need to affect systemic change. Our Fellows start ventures, initiate projects within their companies and establish new ways to build cross sector partnerships and create massive systems change. Shabnam Aggarwal (NY ʼ09), Founder, t | e a | c h © ThinkChange India Maria Springer (BOS ʼ10), Founder, Kito International © Maria Springer /Tammy Wang (LON ʼ07) © Robert Wu
  8. 8. Thank you!The 2010 New York Fellows taking part in a Transformative Action exercise For more information on the StartingBloc StartingBloc NFP Fellowship and the Institutes for Social 349 Fifth Avenue, Suite 402 New York, NY 10016 Innovation, please visit: tw :: @startingbloc