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StartingBloc Fellow profiles deck

  1. 1. Mentors at the LA ʻ11 Institute Mitchell Wade educating at the 2010 New York InstituteFellows dancing to save the world at the 2008 London Institute LA ʻ11 Fellows at the 2011 LA Institute Launch Party The StartingBloc Fellowship
  2. 2. WHAT IS STARTINGBLOC?Howard Buffet educating at the 2010 New York Institute Vinay Nagaraju (LON ʻ08) with Mohammed Yunus Since 2005, StartingBloc has helped social innovators by giving them the skills and the tools they need to address the most pressing global challenges of our time.Presentation from the 2008 London Institute Sean Carasso, Founder, Falling Whistles at the LA ʻ11 Institute
  3. 3. STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE “StartingBloc gave me the push I needed to start Generation Enterprise: the tools, the confidence, and the friends and teammates who helped us go from an innovative pilot project to a high-impact global organization.” Clara Chow, NY ’05 Founder & CEO, Generation EnterpriseGeneration Enterprise (“GEN”) is adapting venture capital and lean start-up methodology fromSilicon Valley (and Silicon Alley) and taking it to bottom-of-the-pyramid markets in megacities likeLagos. In doing so, theyre integrating so-called "unemployable" youth into the local and globaleconomy as entrepreneurs, employers, and community leaders.Prior to GEN, Clara worked at McKinsey & Company. She also served as a project manager atthe New York City Economic Development Corporation. She is an alumna of the University ofPennsylvania and Sciences Po Paris.“The ILO estimates that halving youth unemployment could boost GDP in placeslike sub-Saharan Africa by 12-19%.  In the words of Kofi Annan: empowered,young people can be key agents for development and peace.”
  4. 4. STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE “StartingBloc simultaneously clarified my path and paved the road. At least two non-profits, my career, and several of my deepest friendships and mentorships would not exist if not for StartingBloc.” Mark Laabs, BOS ’07 COO, Climate BridgeMark Laabs is a serial environmental entrepreneur based in Shanghai as the COO of ClimateBridge Ltd., a multinational company dedicated to combatting climate change by facilitatingthe deployment of clean technologies around the world.  In China, He has supervised thecarbon implementation of more than 100 clean energy and energy efficiency projects. Prior toClimate Bridge, Mark was a consultant at McKinsey & Company. He graduated as a RobertsonScholar from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University.“From policy advice to financial structuring to technology evaluation, ClimateBridge is engaging with the senior-most public, private, and social sector thoughtleaders in China to forge new innovations in the worlds response to its mostominous environmental challenge.”
  5. 5. STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE “More importantly, I could start a number of ventures that all started in some way or the other through StartingBloc. I have been fortunate for the ventures I have been creating now to be able to recruit StartingBloc Fellows.” Nitin Rao, LON ’07 President & Co-Founder, dplayShortly after becoming a StartingBloc Fellow, Nitin co-founded and ran two social enterprises inIndia – Let Me Know, a unique portal that helps students across India find opportunities of variouskinds and Engineers for Social Impact, a unique fellowship program that connects topengineering talent to credible social enterprises driving market-based solutions to developmentin India. Nitin’s latest venture, dplay seeks to democratizes access to high-performance designtools, and generate massive improvements over todays CAD market. Nitin was also a TED Fellowand has an MBA from MIT Sloan.“Were hacking at hard problems in gaming, cloud and computational design,have presented at TED, and are bringing to market innovations from partners atStanford, Princeton, MIT and UC Berkeley.”
  6. 6. STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE “StartingBloc has helped give me the confidence and the community I needed to embrace the risk of running with Dance 4 Peace and building it up; allowing me to take our violence prevention program to more youth in more corners of the world.” Sara Potler, BOS ’11 Founder & CEO, Dance 4 PeaceSara Potler, a life-long dancer, was a Fulbright Scholar when she developed an innovative peaceeducation, conflict resolution program: Dance 4 Peace. Today, Dance 4 Peace has trained over1,000 PeaceMovers and students around the world in an evidence-based, sustainable pipelinecurriculum and an international exchange of peace building skills through creative movement.Sara is also the Chief Operating Officer for Atlas Corps. Sara is a Cordes Fellow and graduatedmagna cum laude from the University of Virginia.“Dance 4 Peace is unique as a peace education program in our ability to offerinterdisciplinary, dance-based character education and violence prevention aspart of core curricula. We are the pioneers in movement-centered learning andmeasurement.”
  7. 7. STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE “Surrounding myself with incredibly inspiring, fearless young leaders gets your heart rate going. Impossible ideas seem plausible, taking risks start seem to less risky, and changing the world not only becomes digestible, but likely.” Alex Abelin, NY ’11 Community Affairs Manager, GoogleAlex Abelin joined Google in 2005, after graduating with a Bachelors of Science from the HaasSchool of Business, UC Berkeley. In Alex’s first two years at Google, he was a member of theOnline Sales team. As the Community Affairs Manager for East Coast Offices and Data CenterCommunities, he leads outreach efforts in communities where Google has a presence in the U.S.Alex seeks opportunities for Googlers to volunteer their time and expertise, engage in local grantmaking and helps to build relationships with local stakeholders. He currently lives in Manhattan,and has worked for Google at their Mountain View, San Francisco and Dublin, Ireland.“Google is a young organization and open to big progressive ideas. Im able toinfluence the direction of our outreach. I focus our efforts on bridging the digitaldivide, supporting STEM educational programs and carbon-reduction activities.“
  8. 8. THE STARTINGBLOC COMMUNITYOur signature leadership development program, the StartingBlocFellowship exposes young leaders to new models for achievingsocial impact. Our community currently consists of 1800 Fellowsrepresenting over 55 countries and more than 221 universities.The 2011 Boston class of StartingBloc Fellows
  9. 9. THE STARTINGBLOC FELLOW PROFILE Global Trailblazers Proven leaders with strong aged 18 - 30 academic credentials Diverse: 65% minorities / 55% women / Speak 53 languages / From over 50 countries Focused on action, change Multi-sector Experience: and market-driven Top Firms / 60% approaches to solving social issues Entrepreneurs
  10. 10. THE INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION Survey of Social Corporate Innovation Partners 15 Inspiring Graduate Experts Schools Institute for Jeff Chapin educating at the 2010 Boston InstituteJonathan Evans (NY ʻ10) presenting at the SIC Social Training on Innovation Harder StartingBloc CommunityThe 2010 New York Fellows taking part in a Transformative Action exercise Skills Social Innovation 110 Social Competition InnovatorsFellows working on the SIC case challenge at the 2010 Boston Institute Andrew Zolli educating at the 2010 New York Institute
  11. 11. POST-INSTITUTE Jesse Gossett (NY ʼ08) & Jayson UppalCynthia Koenig (LON ʼ08), Founder, Wello Water Wheel © Josh Dick (BOS ʻ09), Co-Founders, Emergent Energy Mike Del Ponte (NY ʻ08), Founder, Sparkseed © Sharlene Yang /Photography Group © Bloomberg Businessweek Catalyst - Fellows return to their communities with the tools they need to affect systemic change. Our Fellows start ventures, initiate projects within their companies and establish new ways to build cross sector partnerships and create massive systems change. Shabnam Aggarwal (NY ʼ09), Founder, t | e a | c h © ThinkChange India Maria Springer (BOS ʼ10), Founder, Kito International © Maria Springer /Tammy Wang (LON ʼ07) © Robert Wu
  12. 12. The StartingBloc FellowshipLA ʻ11 Fellows take part in an exercise during Scott Shermanʼs Transformative Action Session. StartingBloc NFP For more information on the StartingBloc 349 Fifth Avenue, Suite 402 Fellowship and the Institutes for Social New York, NY 10016 Innovation, please visit: tw :: @startingbloc