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  • 1. Android Development by Lope Emano
  • 2. About the author● Android developer since 2010● Loves open source● Average software development skills● Survived the "Dark Ages" of Android Development
  • 3. Whats this talk about?● Basic, Advanced and useful topics● Tools used● The speakers experiences
  • 4. What is Android? ● Based on the linux kernel ● Dalvik Virtual Machine ● 700,000 apps as of October 2012 ● Has an active open source community
  • 5. ● First phone sold in 2008 T Mobile G1
  • 6. ● Usage share
  • 7. What are the tools needed? ● Eclipse IDE ● Android SDK ● Android Plugin ● Device not needed
  • 8. What does an Android Project look like? ● src/ Where your .java files are stored ● gen/ Where your file is stored ● assets/ Where your raw resources are stored ● bin/ Where your compiled files will be stored ● res/ Where your layouts, image assets are stored
  • 9. What does an Android Project look like? ● res/drawable drawable-xhdpi, drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi ● res/layout layouts are expressed in xml format ● res/values colors, text copies ● AndroidManifest.xml basically androids configuration file
  • 10. What are the basic parts of an android app?Activity - Androids version of a form - Must be mentioned in AndroidManifest.xml to be invoked - Has its own lifecycle - Applications are made up of activities
  • 11. Advanced Tools Overview ● Build Management ● ORM Mapping ● Dependency Injection ● Porting stuff from ICS to Gingerbread ● Web tools
  • 12. Build ManagementMaven ● Dependency management
  • 13. Build Management● Build profilesmvn clean package -Ptestmvn clean package -Pprodmvn android:apk android:deploy android:run● Archetypes/quickstartsmvn archetype:generate
  • 14. Build ManagementMaven ● Great for teams ● Great for libraries ● Slow but reliable ● Great with Jenkins CI Server
  • 15. O/R Mapping ORMLite like hibernate for android development
  • 16. ORMLite + Maven Want ORMLite? Use Maven!
  • 17. Dependency InjectionRoboguice like spring injection for androiddevelopment
  • 18. Web Tools ● Android Asset Studio ● Action bar style generator ● Holo colors generator ● More..
  • 19. Porting ICS to Gingerbread Jake Wharton ○ Champion of the "Dark Ages" ○ Author of open source, ICS support projects for android ○ Actively replies in forums and #android-dev
  • 20. Porting ICS to Gingerbread Actionbar Sherlock
  • 21. Porting ICS to Gingerbread View Pager Indicator
  • 22. Porting ICS to Gingerbread HoloEverywhere
  • 23. Porting ICS to Gingerbread Android UI Patterns
  • 24. Tips and experiences● Dont be afraid to do it yourself● Be careful with legal issues● If you dont have a senior, #android-dev will suffice● Android users are very nice● More ICS users than gingerbread● Use dips, 48dip for your clickables
  • 25. References development-the-basics guide-to-android-development/1216 28operating_system%29