A peek into Social Media


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Using Social Media to your advantage, whether it's promoting a business or building a career. Find out the basic steps of setting up a Facebook Ad Campaign. | Training session at AIESEC Cluj 10.09.2013

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A peek into Social Media

  1. 1. Use Social Media to your advantage Victor Gavronschi – 10.09.2013
  2. 2. Facts & figures Why use Social Media? Web usage in Romania 9.9 mil internet users over 50% penetration Social Media Facts in Romania 5.3 mil users 670.000 users 370.000 users 66.000 users2013: Online advertising market: 46 mil euro ! compared with Print and Radio (both with 19 mil euro) ! Source: internetworldstats.com & Media Fact Book 2013
  3. 3. Changing world How Social Media is changing communication? (through the eyes of marketers) 1. Finally, it’s a 2-way form of communication.  consider real-time interaction  improved customer service 2. There’s a opportunity to go viral.  this is your chance to be heard  it enables small businesses/ professionals with “super-powers” The dark side… Information overload Plenty of PR risks Irrelevancy
  4. 4. Facebook Facebook • Tips & tricks • Advertising • Set up a campaign • Security issues
  5. 5. Tips & Tricks Effective writing on Facebook Most interactions occur in the newsfeed (around 90%), not on the Wall, so try to use effective status updates: • Keep it short (no more than 2 phrases or your fans won’t read it) • Use rich Media (whether it’s a photo or video… you name it) • Engage – ask for action, start a controversy, answer questions. • Make use of weekends while others don’t… And don’t forget: People like people more than people like logos/ products! Source: Eloqua
  6. 6. Advertising What about Social Media advertising? 1. First of all, know your audience. (you need to know their habits, find out where they spend their time…) 2. Pay attention to every detail and monitor your campaign daily. 3. Keep it simple, as simple as you can. Save your customer’s time. Social Media/ Search Engine Ad – text or display Landing page
  7. 7. Facebook campaign Steps for setting up a Facebook campaign 1. Set your destination:
  8. 8. Facebook campaign Steps for setting up a Facebook campaign? 2. Set up the type of the campaign
  9. 9. Facebook campaign Steps for setting up a Facebook campaign? 3. Build your ad
  10. 10. Facebook campaign Steps for setting up a Facebook campaign? 4. Choose Sponsored Stories
  11. 11. Facebook campaign Steps for setting up a Facebook campaign? 5. Target your audience
  12. 12. Facebook campaign Steps for setting up a Facebook campaign? 6. Set up pricing and schedule of the campaign
  13. 13. Issues Security & Privacy issues How about using Social Media in recruiting?
  14. 14. This year… Trends for 2013 Content is King Content gives reasons to connect as long as it is relevant. More than that, it provides marketers insights of what’s important to the customers. Mass vs. personalized communication Basically, it’s useless to communicate with your customers without regarding his/ her specific needs
  15. 15. This year… Trends for 2013 Video adoption on a large scale As it proves more efficient in the customer’s eyes, video is becoming more and more used in digital campaigns. UX on multiple devices (smartphone, laptop or TV) We live in a very dynamic environment where speed and constant adjustments can make the difference.
  16. 16. Almost the end …and a final advice: Don’t just capture LIKES Always follow ROI (or answer the question: What happens after a Facebook post?) - Track comments to a post and audience reach - Track leads to your website and conversion to sales And remember: As budgets are increasing in Social Media, so is the pressure to get results.
  17. 17. Contact details: Victor Gavronschi | Managing Director victor.gavronschi@loopaa.ro +40 751 879 113