Security & Privacy at the Olympics


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Going to the Olympics in Sochi? Here are some tips so you can enjoy the games without worrying about security and privacy from your mobile phone.

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  • Ich halte es für zu schwierig, wenn manche angeblichen Sicherheits- und Schlüsseldienste, wie auch manche Bodyguards und Detektive nicht seriös sind.

    Sowohl die Bank, wie auch die Bahn und die Post vermieten für viel Geld Schliessfächer, wo sie eventuell doch darin herumspionieren.

    Wie kommt z.B. ein Bodyguard darauf, dass ein Betrunkener noch Autofahren könnte, wie im Fall von Lady Diana? Sicherheit muss auch Sicherheit im Strassenverkehr bedeuten.
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  • Imho,the security question at the Olympics is way overreacted!
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Security & Privacy at the Olympics

  2.   Heading to Russia for the Olympics? Keep in mind that taking your phone in public puts your privacy at risk.
  3. So you’re saying I should go live under a rock? NO
  4.   You can enjoy the games without putting your personal information at risk with a little common sense, caution and these tips.
  5.  Stay native Russia is a "hot zone" for mobile threats, where users had a 75% likelihood of encountering a mobile threat in 2013. This is largely thanks to unregulated 3rd party app stores and the availability of low risk monetization paths like premium rate SMS fraud. But traveling to the Olympics doesn't necessarily put your phone in jeopardy. 
  6.   Tip: Make sure your device settings reflect your native or regular IP address. The Google Play Store should be available to your device as normal in Russia, so keep using the store as it will be subject to Google's usual scrutiny. 
  7.  Don’t download on the fly Every Olympics season since the dawn of mobile malware, we've seen scammy apps that try to lure in the unsuspecting. Knowing that the risk of encountering malware via any 3rd party stores or side-load downloaded apps is 20 times higher in Russia than back in the US, you should exercise caution before downloading any "Olympic" app that comes your way. 
  8.   Tip: Use trusted app stores and Google Play when downloading apps. Review all apps you download and consult the official "Olympic app list" before clicking. Make sure the Android system setting 'Unknown sources' is unchecked to prevent dropped or drive-bydownload app installs. 
  9. Avoid using public Wi-Fi Your phone’s 3G or 4G data connection is probably more secure than the Wi-Fi networks that thousands of people are using. Stick to a secure connection, especially if you’ll be logging into accounts, making purchases or entering any private information about yourself.
  10.   Tip: Turn off Wi-Fi connectivity in your phone’s settings unless you’re confident in network security.
  11. $ Watch your mobile wallet  You'll find Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment stations around the Russian Olympics for your consumer convenience, but be cautious. 
  12.   Tip: Turn on NFC signals only when necessary and download Lookout Mobile Security to protect your mobile privacy and security, so your phone or credit card information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  13.  Keep your eyes on your phone From installing malware to taking the device itself, you never know what might happen to your phone when you’re not watching it closely.
  14.   Tip: Don’t leave your device unattended.
  15.  Watch out for phishing Phishing scams use email, text messages, Facebook, and Twitter to send you links to websites that are designed to trick you into providing information like passwords or account numbers. These messages and sites are often very difficult to distinguish from those of your bank or other legitimate sources.
  16.   Tip: Do not click on links or open attachments in email messages unless you can verify who sent them and what they sent.
  17.  Be able to find your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen. You’re using your mobile phone for so much this Olympics — including maps to get around, as a credit card via NFC, news feed and social communications. It would be a big problem if your phone is lost or stolen. 
  18.   Tip: Install the Lookout app as a layer of insurance for phone loss. You’ll be able to locate your lost phone and even lock and wipe it if you want to protect your sensitive data.
  19. For more mobile security tips, follow