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Planika ventless bio ethanol fireplace create real fire without smoke or smell. Designed by renowned designers they become central points of attention of contemporary interiors.
The design process of Planika Fires takes place in the Planika Studio. The success lies in designing a new form that addresses contemporary lifestyle. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every modern fireplace . Attention paid to details on every production stage from the initial concept to the final product, careful selection of materials and respect for the nature allowed us to create a product that is in accordance with our sustainable agenda.

We are open-minded and draw inspiration from around the world. The busy world of today is full of creative impulses that foster young talents and inspire them to express themselves through design. We are cautious not to limit ourselves and we emphasize the role of development. Recognizing the importance of individuality and personal style it is crucial for us to stay open to fresh ideas as well as different perspectives. Aware of the significance of diversity we have created diverse collections with international designers. We have cooperated with Christophe Pillet and Arik Levy.

How bio fireplace started?

It started with a simple bonfire in the heart of the Australian continent, under the red Ayers Rock. Two tourists, Alfred Weilandt and Jerry Dabrowski were sitting by the fire, long into the night, listening to Aboriginal tales about a mythical Epoch of Dreams. The atmosphere created by the flames inspired the two to find an easy way to have the same fire in contemporary interiors.
Their intention was to overcome the existing difficulties in the form of soot, ash and the need for a chimney, all which are associated with fire in an interior space. Contemporary lifestyle demands products that through design have a character of their own but are safe and easy to use. This sparked the beginning of Planika by the two founders Alfred Weilandt and Jerry Dabrowski. After months spent on designing and testing, they came up with a product combining the beauty of form and the comfort of use thanks to bio ethanol fuel. But most of all a product that satisfies the atavistic need to commune with fire.

This is how the idea of Planika Fires was born.

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Planika publication

  1. 1. real fireventlesssmokelesssafe and easyodorlessportable
  2. 2. Fire DesignHow do you make your own need forfunctionality go hand in hand with your passionfor great design? Well, you have come tothe right place. At Planika, we’ve committedourselves to bring out the very best in allproducts we create – from overall design toevery little detail. You’ll even experience that ourfire is as well designed as its setting.Not to mention the main Planika speciality. Mostof our fire design products can be customizedso you end up with exactly the solution youwanted. Right now turn the pages and trust thateverything you see has been carefully selectedand produced with special attention to functionand detail. Enjoy our world of modern indoor andoutdoor design.Arik Levy designed the Fire Collection (Fire Table)Christophe Pillet designed the model JarJoanna Leciejewska designed the model Lighthouse
  3. 3. architectural wall mounted free standing table function spa kit outdoor Be your own fire designer. Unfold your creativity and surprise yourself with your fire design talent. Any time. Day or night.
  4. 4. Relax and enjoy a new look of coffeeCoffee Fire LongFeatures:capacity of the fuel container 0,26 galburning time 3:30h approx.Glassfire® Technologyedges joined at the angle of 45oFinish:natural dark brown oak veneeror MDF lacquered in white (matt)Dimensions:H: 13 3/8” (17 5/16”)W: 55 1/8” D: 31 1/2”
  5. 5. Making you warm even during the winter chill Beacon Lofts, Jersey City L-shape Features: capacity of the fuel container 0,53 gal burning time 3:30h approx. edges joined at the angle of 45o tempered Optiwhite glass, thickness 10 mm Finish: natural dark brown oak veneer or MDF lacquered in white (matt) Dimensions: H: 28 3/8” W: 47 1/4” D: 17 3/8”
  6. 6. Beauty and style on every wall Expresione Features: capacity of the fuel container 0,53 gal burning time 4:00h approx.powder coated (heat resistant lacquer) brushed aluminum tempered glass Finish: enameled glass black Dimensions: H: 24 13/16” W: 35 7/16” D: 10”
  7. 7. ClassicJar CommerceFeatures:Concrete basecapacity of the fuel container 0,53 galburning time 5-7h approx.Glassfire® Technologyfor indoor and outdoor useoutdoor cover includedDimensions:H: 20 3/16” (30 3/8” with cylinder) : 16 1/8”
  8. 8. LIGHT YOUR FIRELighthouse CommerceFeatures:Polystone basecapacity of the fuel container 0,53galburning time 5-7h approx.Glassfire® Technologyfor indoor and outdoor useDimensions:W: 17 1/2” D: 17 1/2”H: 50 9/16”
  9. 9. Totem CommerceFeatures:Polystone basecapacity of the fuel container 0,53 galburning time 5-7h approx.Glassfire® Technologyfor indoor and outdoor useoutdoor cover includedDimensions:H: 31” (41 15/16” with cylinder)” : 15 9/16”ELEGANCE
  10. 10. Fire Line Manual or Automatic to suit your needs
  11. 11. The Fire Line insert whether Manual or Automatic is a safe and beautiful approach to displaya long ribbon of flames in a wall recess or on a shelf. The length of flame - 800mm (31”)- combined with the burning time - 10h - makes this burner one of the most efficient andeco-friendly biofireplaces on the market. Electronic sensors control the safety and thefunctioning of the fire. There also is a flame regulation option. Fire Line is a marriage ofcontemporary design and functionality, applicable for most interiors which offers numerouspossibilities for architects, designers and builders. Fire Line Automatic is additionallyequipped with extra safety features and a remote control allowing for greater convenienceand luxury. Fire Line Automatic Fire Line Features: Features: Burner capacity 1,32 gal of Fanola® Burner capacity 1,32 gal of Fanola® Long fire display 39” Long fire display 39” No flash effect No flash effect Flames impervious to gusts of air Flames impervious to gusts of air Burning time: 10h Burning time: 10h Digital LED Display Finish: Automatic ignition/extinguishing features Staineiss steel Advanced microprocessor electronics Dimensions (inch): Remote control W 39” / H 5 1/16” / D 14 6/16 “ Btus/h 14,066 UL certified Finish: Staineiss steel Dimensions (inch): W 39” / H 5 10/16” / D 14 6/16 “ UL certified
  12. 12. Free standing See throughAquarioFeatures:pedestal for Fire Line Automatic/Fire LineFinish:MDF lacquered in white (matt) RAL 9016four temepered removable glass shieldsDimensions (inch):Aquario 45 7/16” / 21”H 35 13/16” with glass
  13. 13. Duo FireDuo FireFinish:lacquered furniture boardwhite semi-matt (RAL 9016)or black semi-matt (RAL 9005),tempered glass,Burner:Refer to Fire Line /Fire Line AutomaticStandard equipment:Refer to Fire Line /Fire Line AutomaticDimensions:H:18 3/4” (glass 9 13/16”) W: 55 1/8”D: 22 13/16
  14. 14. For building in horizontal Reflexo Fire Box The mirror like polished steel sheets reflect the light of The compact size of this insert makes it ideal for flames creating enhanced spectacle of fire. Reflexo in as arrangement in most horizontal surfaces, recesses and insert that can be build in a wall or a recess. table tops. Fire Box is an insert of numerous applications. Dimensions: H: 21 1/4” W: 36 1/4” / D: 11 3/4” Dimensions: H: 3 11/16” W: 15 3/4” D: 11 1/4”
  15. 15. design: Tomasz Tubiszsurfaces and recesses Fire Line Casing Designed to contain the Fire Line Automatic or Fire Line Casing: stainless steel Burner: Refer to Fire Line /Fire Line Automatic Standard equipment: Refer to Fire Line /Fire Line Automatic Dimensions: H: 26 1/16” W: 43 1/16” D: 16 1/16”
  16. 16. Artful way to enjoy the new soothing spa kitHow to use SPA KIT Take out the spa bowl Add a few drops Place it back on the holder and fill it half with water. of the chosen essential oil. attached to the glass cylinder.
  17. 17. Safety OMNI Test Laboratories, Inc. is a hearth accrediting company which certifies the product safety and low emission performance. O-TL is a Federal regulation in the US, not a voluntary measure, which is also recognized and accepted in Canada. * Safety tested and listed for sale in the US * Safety tested and listed for sale in Canada * Low combustion emission EcoLogoTM is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. Receiving Ecologo certification provides customers – public, corporate and consumer – with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. Receiving EcoLogo you can now trust Fanola® as one of the world’s most sustainable products. LGA – the LGA Quality Certificate certifies a product’s high and reliable quality. It also confirms the product’s safety and high performance capabilities. PZH – National Health Institute of Poland examined our products as to the chemical risk factor. The final evaluation proved our products to be completely safe for the public health.
  18. 18. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Do not pour fuel onto the burning flames!
  19. 19. Fireplace anywhere you wantPlanika USA LLC1099 Wall Street West, Suite 216Lyndhurst , New Jersey , 07071 USATel 1: (201) 933-7787Tel 2: (201) 933-7723Tel 3: (201) 340-4413F: