Planika Fire Line Automatic


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Planika Fire Line Automatic

  1. 1. real fire smokeless odourless no gasFIRE LINE AUTOMATIC - Patented Technology
  2. 2. Long Fire burner 39” (990mm) UL & CE certified No chimneyWall Mounted Over 10h burning time Reservoir 1.32 gal. (5L) Burns bioethanol Remote control Safety sensorsSteel Casing LED display Flame size regulation Any length
  3. 3. Fire Line Automatic is designed for architects and interior designers. The versatile, linear burner can mount into a wall, onto a shelf, or usedas a see-through or fee-standing fireplace.Fire Line Automatic is a completely safe, UL & CE certified device. The appliance is fully automatic with a large LED display and can beoperated with a remote control. Additionally there is a 4-degree flame regulation option. The burner is made of stainless, acid proof steelwith a powder coated base. 39" (990mm) 14 3/8" (365mm) 5 5/8" (143mm)The efficiency of the burner is attributed to a technology, where only the fuel vapour is being burned, thus, optimizing the burningprocess. The technology is also one of the safest as there is no direct contact between the flame, high temperatures and the fuel.Electronic safety sensors control the device at all times when working or in standby mode. The appliance is shock-proof and CO2sensitive and it will react to any seismic activity, movement or the raise in the CO2 concentration in a room. In case of anydisturbances there is a warning signal and an alert appearing on the display is shown and the fire is extinguished automatically in an instant.Without a necessity for a chimney, it is a completely universal device that can be placed in any room with ventilation. It can berecessed into a wall, or purchased together with a steel casing allowing for installation into any material. Other options includeincorporating the Fire Line Automatic into the Aquario, a free-standing elegant see-through fireplace or Duo Fire, a contemporary set oflow tables for living room area.
  4. 4. Fanola® is a bioethanol based fuel for use in biofireplaces. It is of plant origin and is safe for environment as well as for humans.It burns completely and clean, meaning that while burning it produces only: heat, water vapour and CO2 in amounts comparableto that of human breath. Planika USA LLC HEAD OFFICE Planika Sp. z o.o. 1099 Wall Street West, Suite 347 ul. Bydgoska 38 Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 86-061 Brzoza Tel1: (201) 933-7787 Poland Tel2: (201) 933-7723 Tel: +48 52 364 11 60 F: +1 201 933 7741 Fax: +48 52 364 11 70 e-mail: e-mail:
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