Longview Tax Data Platform


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Why Longview Tax Data Platform?
- Enterprise software to gather and store all of your tax data
- Longview Integration Suite
- Web data collection for data and documents
- Foreign currency translation
- Rollup and consolidation over multiple years
- Multidimensional database
- Complex modeling/apply Business Intelligence (BI) to data
- Dynamic reporting
- Configurable dashboards with Microsoft SharePoint

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Longview Tax Data Platform

  1. 1. Longview Tax Data Platform Longview Tax Data Platform’s powerful calculation engine generates all of the defined and ad-hoc calculations you need, for indirect as well as direct taxes, and for every tax process, from provision to compliance. One data repository, one calculation, one result… the right result. Longview Tax Data Platform includes: n Longview Integration Suite – The platform is an enterprise-grade application that provides security, flexibility, and scalability. n Longview Integration Suite – Centralize any number of data source systems, databases and applications – including ERP/general ledgers such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft or feed any point solutions such as compliance or provision – via Longview’s bi-directional connectors. n Web Input Templates – Collect standardized, manually entered data from users anywhere in the world via the web. New templates are easy to define and create for any data collection need. The Tax Challenge Finance departments have made giant strides in applying technology to the task of controlling their data in recent years, but tax functions have not kept pace. Track the tax processes in any large organization and too often what you will find is a heavy reliance on manual methods for data input, retrieval and reconciliation; duplicative, ad-hoc number hunts; and endless back-tracking and fire-drills – in short, a maze of semi-automated efforts, poorly coordinated with each other and with the business at large. Where efficiency is impeded, so is transparency. Tax is perhaps the most important interface between business and government, and it’s rife with risk. As pressures on companies continue to escalate, confidence in the timeliness and accuracy of their tax numbers remains elusive for many CFOs and tax directors. Why Longview Tax Data Platform? “How do I increase efficiency? How do I get more visibility into my data? How do I reduce risk?” For many tax leaders, these are increasingly urgent questions, and for all three the answer is the same: A truly effective solution must start with a central repository for tax data. Longview Tax Data Platform integrates, stores, and distributes data from widely disparate systems. Think of it as Tax Data Central – similar to your organization’s consolidation system, but specifically for the needs of tax. Your point solutions may be great at what they do but can they talk to each other? With Longview Tax Data Platform, they can. Do you have multiple ledgers? Longview Tax Data Platform stores all your tax data so that all of your crucial tax numbers are available from a single location anytime you need them.
  2. 2. n Multidimensional Database and Configurable Data Storage – Collect, consolidate, reconcile and summarize data at any level of detail and in any rollup you choose to define. Store data across multiple time periods – including months, quarters and years – for actuals, as well as the forecast and planning timeframes. n Complex Modeling/Business Logic – Apply complex calculations and modeling to your tax data and save the results for reporting and analysis. Calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) for tax. n Foreign Currency Translation – Simultaneously translate any number of currencies for global consolidation and reporting. n Automatic Rollup and Consolidation – Build one source of truth for all views, from legal entity to consolidated, with tax data stored in a single database. n Web Reports and Longview Reporting and Analysis – Run standard reports and ad-hoc queries to create and save regularly used reports. Group reports and print them in batch with one simple step. n Longview for Excel – Integrate data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into your Longview database. Easily view and refresh your tax data in the familiar Excel format through a Longview for Excel workpaper. n Document Repository – Attach and view documents in web data collection templates and web reports. n Workflow – Track progress and status at every level of the process. Longview Tax Data Platform 2 n Microsoft SharePoint Integration – View Longview dashboard panels in a Microsoft SharePoint dashboard via links to web input templates and web reports, the Longview document repository, and graphs, tables, and KPIs. n Business Intelligence (BI) Integration – Connect with any third-party BI or reporting tool such as MicroStrategy, Cognos, Business Objects/Crystal, and Microsoft PowerPivot. n Mobile Dashboards – Longview dashboards and reports are mobile, allowing you to access your time sensitive tax data and reports from anywhere you go! The Longview Tax Advantage n A single, centralized starting point for tax data management, as well as reporting and analysis n Improved visibility due to seamless integration with your G/Ls and tax compliance systems n Less time spent manually gathering data, more time available for value added analysis n Improved efficiency through standardized and automated tax calculations n Advanced analytics that help you energize planning and strategy Full 360 degree view of the tax data in on location Longview Tax on the go!
  3. 3. n Faster and more accurate, transparent, and auditable tax provision improving the confidence in its accuracy and timeliness n Faster, more accurate, more transparent, more auditable tax provision n More control and reduced risk due to less reliance on spreadsheets n Flexible deployment options: hosted/software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise n Easy to use and maintain n Easy to install: tax service providers from many top audit and service firms are certified to implement Longview Tax Longview is: n Recognized as ‘Visionary’ by Gartner n Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, value, sales, support and value for money by Gartner n Backed by 20 years of proven experience www.longview.com/tax3 IntegrationSuite Workflow, Collaboration, Security and Dashboards Microsoft SharePoint and Office Integration Other Data Sources Other Transaction Systems ERP Data Warehouse Tax Compliance/ Point Solutions Ad Hoc Calculations Analysis & Reporting Microsoft Excel Web Data CollectionTax Data Platform Tax Data Collection Tax Provision/Reporting Tax Data Management Tax Planning Audit Finance & Tax Executive Operations Regulator Longview Tax is a comprehensive tax technology solution built on Longview’s Tax Data Platform that allows you to own and take control of your tax reporting processes. Longview Tax
  4. 4. 11/2012 About Longview Solutions Longview Solutions provides a corporate performance management (CPM) and tax data management platform that leading companies such as Aon, Brunswick, Lexmark, The Home Depot and Trustmark use to drive performance with speed, visibility and financial integrity. Since 1994, Longview has been helping clients create a single repository of financial truth from which all, or any one of the following key financial processes can be performed: financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, disclosure management/XBRL reporting, statutory consolidation, management reporting, profitability analytics, tax data collection, tax provision/reporting and tax planning. Longview is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in Philadelphia, Chicago (USA), London (UK), and Amsterdam (NL). For more information please visit www.longview.com. Division Headquarters US Headquarters UK Headquarters Netherlands Headquarters 65 Allstate Parkway, Suite 200 Markham, ON • L3R 9X1 • Canada 2 Radnor Corporate Center 100 Matsonford Road, Suite 230 Radnor, PA • 19087 • USA Nexus House, Station Road, Egham, Surrey TW20 9LB• UK WTC The Hague, 16th floor Prinses Margrietplantsoen 46, 2595 BR The Hague, The Netherlands Tel 905.940.1510 Tel 610.977.0995 Tel 905.940.1510 Tel +31 (0)854884 783 Fax 905.940.8310 Fax 484.367.1153 Fax 905.940.8310 Fax +31 (0) 854884 782 Email info@longview.com Email info@longview.com Email info@longview.com Email info@longview.com © Copyright 2012 Longview Solutions. All rights reserved.