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Longview 7 Overview

Longview 7 Overview



Today’s global business environment is more complex than ever, and the pressure on companies from demanding customers, relentless competitors and regulatory scrutiny continues to grow at a rapid ...

Today’s global business environment is more complex than ever, and the pressure on companies from demanding customers, relentless competitors and regulatory scrutiny continues to grow at a rapid pace requiring performance management and analysis.
ERP Suites fall short in supporting these activities leaving finance staff relying heavily on spreadsheets. Leading analyst firm, Gartner Inc., estimates that 50 to 60% of large organizations still use spreadsheets for key financial processes such as Planning, Consolidation, Financial Reporting and Tax Provisioning. These are labor intensive activities that also pose business and regulatory risk due to the high frequency of errors, potential data duplication, security concerns and the difficulty of tracking spreadsheet data back to source transactions.
Longview 7 enables enterprise clients to collect, store, analyze and report on data in real-time by automating, centralizing and standardizing any one, or combination of, the following key financial processes: Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Modeling, Disclosure Management/XBRL Reporting, Statutory Consolidation, Management Reporting, Profitability Analytics, Tax Provisioning, Uncertain Tax Positions and Tax Data Warehouse.



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    Longview 7 Overview Longview 7 Overview Document Transcript

    • Longview 7Performance Management Fuels The Longview AdvantageFinance Transformation Overall Customer Satisfaction: Longview Solutions ranks #1 among all CPM vendors inToday’s global business environment is more complex than ever, and overall customer satisfactionthe pressure on companies from demanding customers, relentless Overall Value for Money: Longview Solutionscompetitors and regulatory scrutiny continues to grow at a rapid ranks #1 among all CPM vendors in overallpace requiring performance management and analysis. value for moneyERP Suites fall short in supporting these activities leaving finance staff After Sales Care: Longview Solutions ranks #1relying heavily on spreadsheets. Leading analyst firm, Gartner Inc., among all CPM vendors in after sales careestimates that 50 to 60% of large organizations still use spreadsheets Responsiveness of Customer Support:for key financial processes such as Planning, Consolidation, Financial Longview Solutions ranks #1 among all CPMReporting and Tax Provisioning. These are labor intensive activities that vendors in responsiveness of customeralso pose business and regulatory risk due to the high frequency of telephone supporterrors, potential data duplication, security concerns and the difficulty FinanceOwned Solutions: Longview 7of tracking spreadsheet data back to source transactions. provides maximum control to Finance teams and has the lowest burden on the IT Longview 7 At-A-Glance department Single Application, Complex Planning, Microsoft SharePoint and Office Integration Modeling and Analysis: Longview 7 provides a ERP Dashboards and KPIs Finance & Tax centralized data repository that meets complex Other Transaction reporting and performance requirements, while gration Suite Executive Systems Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting Business Data Warehouse Consolidation Disclosure Management/XBRL Analytics Operations improving data integrity and consistency Tax Compliance/ Inte Tax Data Collection Audit Point Solutions Tax Provision/Reporting Seamless Vendor Agnostic Integration: Profitability Other Data Tax Data Management Sources Tax Planning Analytics Regulator Longview 7 offers an open, agnostic data and application integration with any vendor stack Workflow, Collaboration and Security and infrastructure Longview 7 enables enterprise clients to collect, store, analyze and report on data Enterprise Grade Performance and in realtime by automating, centralizing and standardizing any one, or combination of, the following key financial processes: Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Modeling, Scalability: Longview 7 is grid-enabled to Disclosure Management/XBRL Reporting, Statutory Consolidation, Management Reporting, support some of the world’s highest data Profitability Analytics, Tax Data Collection, Tax Provision/Reporting and Tax Planning. volumes and user count with the highest performance ratings “Midsize and large enterprises that do not centralize finance systems and standardize finance processes will incur higher operating and compliance costs than those that do.” Gartner
    • Longview 7Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting ConsolidationLongview Planning greatly simplifies and streamlines the Longview Consolidation dramatically improves internalprocess of aligning the “top-down” strategic goals of your processes for consolidation, elimination, reconciliation,organization with the “bottom-up” plans and forecasts. modeling and reporting to key internal and externalWith Longview 7, you can build, track and monitor your stakeholders. It helps overcome the challenges andbudgets and plans at any level of detail; and our workflow complexities of sophisticated organizational structuresand approvals mechanism makes planning a collaborative and global operations, including necessary foreign currencyprocess across your entire organization. translations, allocations and inter-company eliminations.The dynamic roll ups within Longview Planning enable With Longview 7, finance can spend less time ondynamic planning and forecasting, so you can respond reconciliation and more time managing exceptionsfaster and more confidently to business and market changes and value-added analysis.with the most accurate and up-to date data. Contextsensitive, role-based reports, scorecards and dashboardindicators at any level, accurately reflect what is going onin your business in real-time. Longview 7 includes full support for MultiGAAP and IFRS reconciliations Key Features I Consolidates financial data from any source system, such as SAP and Oracle (incl. PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards),Longview 7 displays accurate, realtime data throughout the organization based on different accounting standards (e.g. multiple GAAPs, IFRS) and statutory regulations.Key Features I Maintains a detailed audit trail of all transactions I Single repository of accurate, real-time information processed to arrive at the consolidated financial from across the organization promotes consistent, results, offering auditable proof of data transformation accurate planning and better decision making. and accuracy. I Advanced modeling engine supports the creation of I Performs foreign currency variance analysis for global enterprise-wide models based on financial or non- organizations with multiple currencies and varying financial drivers, allowing for complex, n-dimensional exchange rates; and compares foreign currencies, calculations and limitless what-if scenarios. while isolating the impact of rate variances. I Powerful workflow functionality, that includes e-mail I Creates all structured financial statements, along notifications and alerts, simplifies planning processes with KPI and scorecard reports, automatically and and makes it easy for users to track and communicate in real time. the progress of their plans and budgets. I Supports the consolidation of subsidiaries with I Input templates make re-forecasting quick and easy; different year end close dates. and audit functionality improves governance and I Collects and aggregates supplemental data to support compliance by tracking business assumptions, regulatory disclosures. underlying forecasts and forward-looking statements. 2
    • Longview FXR - Disclosure Tax Provision/Reporting and Tax DataManagement/XBRL Reporting PlatformLongview FXR provides centralized financial reporting with Longview Tax significantly reduces the burden and riskembedded support for XBRL tagging and document creation. associated with today’s complex global income tax processThis streamlines financial report preparation and publishing by streamlining and automating data collection, taxto internal stakeholders and external regulatory authorities. provisioning and tax planning. Longview Tax can cut theThis also significantly minimizes the risks of non-compliance, tax close cycle by as much as 50%, with a significantdelayed filings, inaccuracies, restatements or unauthorized increase in accuracy. Tax professionals can then spendsystem access. more time on higher value-add tax analysis and planning, improving the overall tax position and bottom line. Longview Tax increases the speed, accuracy, transparency and auditability of tax provision and reportingWith Longview FXR, users can edit, redline and comment on disclosures Key FeaturesKey Features I Integrates closely with G/Ls and all major tax compliance systems. I Simplified data preparation including rounding and I Automatically calculates the consolidated, global scaling adjustments. ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109), and/or IAS 12 tax I Comprehensive disclosure index showing status of all disclosures, including the effects of any jurisdictional critical period-end documents (10-Q, 10-K, 20-F, etc). sub-consolidations, using one set of financial data. I Automated creation, control and management of I Can track, calculate, and report the required disclosures footnote disclosures minimizing restatements. pursuant to Uncertain Tax Positions (FIN 48). I Advanced distributed document management I Improves efficiency through standardization and framework enables roll forward of report templates, automation of tax calculations - all required tax collaboration on disclosures, formatting provisions, deferred taxes and other disclosures are to XBRL, MS Word and “Edgar-ready” documents, automatically calculated with drill-down transparency by and extensive versioning and scenario capabilities. legal entity/jurisdiction/ account, based on appropriate I One-Button Financial Statement Publisher to generate accounting standards (GAAP IFRS). , XBRL compliant disclosures, producing draft 10-Ks, I Advanced analytics shifts focus from data 10-Qs, audit committee books and internal reconciliation to data analysis and planning. management reports in a variety of output formats. I Longview Tax Data Platform provides a single I Cross-checking, formatting and exporting functions. repository of tax data to quickly perform complex I Embedded XBRL tagging and reuse of existing data analysis and respond to ad-hoc requests. taxonomies. I SEC XBRL and HMRC iXBRL compliance. 3
    • Longview 7Web and Mobile Dashboards and ReportingLongview 7 provides the ability to easily generatemanagement, financial or ad hoc reports from a single,validated repository of financially accurate information.Sophisticated allocation capabilities and key performanceindicators (KPIs) provide an environment in which usersspend more time on in-depth and strategic business analysis.Reports, scorecards and dashboards can be generated basedon KPIs or virtually any business parameter. Longview 7 functionality can be accessed seamlessly through the SharePoint portal Key Features I Integrated view of Longview 7 scorecards, and dashboards (KPIs, metrics, tables, graphs, etc.). I Direct links to Longview 7 reports and data input templates.Longview 7 dashboards can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the web or on I Access to documents stored in the Longview 7mobile devices document repository. I Access to Longview 7 data analysis via MicrosoftKey Features PowerPivot. I Role-based dashboards provide a dynamic view I Single Sign-on for seamless navigation. of critical business information. I Intuitive interface, AJAX interactivity and an extensive Longview Smart Client selection of flash-based graphs and charts. I Drill down, analysis and reporting on live data. Longview 7 provides an enriched end user experience with I Enterprise-wide and real-time reporting via the web or a unique combination of rich client functionality and on mobile devices. performance, with the benefits of a web-deployed I Drill through to the source transaction systems. interface. The Longview Smart Client functionality allows customers to create tailored, interactive processes I Report and analyze for all possible combinations of entities and currencies. integrated with models and other comprehensive capabilities. This greatly empowers end users by allowing I Customizable dashboards allow users to query and drill through any aspect of the organization, to gain them easy and convenient access to powerful, interactive insight into operational reality versus strategic plans, functionality, while hiding the complexity behind it. enabling informed, timely adjustments. I Ease of use, administration and real-time access reduce overall maintenance and cost of ownership. I Capability to integrate with any 3rd party Business Intelligence or Reporting tools.Microsoft SharePoint IntegrationMicrosoft SharePoint is increasingly being used as anenterprise platform for corporate portals, collaboration andenterprise content. Longview 7 has a robust integration withSharePoint along with other Microsoft technology platformsand business applications including Windows, SQL Server,and Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). The integration withSharePoint can help customers seamlessly integrateLongview within their existing SharePoint infrastructure. Longview 7 Smart Client allows web access to modeling and other comprehensive functionality 4 www.longview.com
    • Key Features I End user access to powerful modeling engine with a rich and responsive user experience. I Zero-client benefits, such as elimination of client side installation and upgrades. I Customize the UI to any extent desired using Industry standard languages, such as HTML and JavaScript. I Ability to interact with data in a spreadsheet-like interface and conveniently run models and procedures.Data Integration Longview Profitability Analytics provides a detailed view into the keyThe Longview Integration Suite (LVIS) provides flexible, influencers of net profitabilityopen standards-based data integration to any number ofdata sources. Customers can simplify and automate data Key Featuresintegration with powerful ETL functionality and hundreds I Identifies the key drivers affecting the bottom lineof pre-built connectors. by examining each cost element piece by piece. I Detailed visibility into operational P&L and activities helps management understand the root cause behind costs and net profitability. I Powerful reporting, analysis and scenario analysis help identify issues and build a fact-based action plan. Client Services Longview’s proven implementation methodology delivers timely and predictable results, and because knowledge transfer is critical to the success of every implementation,The Longview Integration Suite simplifies and automates endtoend our Learning and Client Services teams work with youintegration of mutiple data sources every step of the way to ensure your objectives are met. From developing training plans customized to yourKey Features needs, to on-site architects and implementation staff, I Graphical data integration designer for shorter learning our knowledgeable, industry veterans will ensure you curves and faster designs. derive maximum value from your investment. I Powerful data transformation engine to handle the most complex transformations. I Real-time, scheduled or batch update for frequent Technical Support planning and reporting. Our internal team of financial and technical support I Highly scalable data integration with role-based access specialists provides customers with the best "behind the and control. scenes" technical support services to ensure that your I Automation, data validation, error capture, etc. Longview investment delivers maximum results and minimize errors and improve data quality. performance. Our customer technical support services include: 24 x 7 support services by our technologyProfitability Analytics professionals, award winning documentation and accessLongview Profitability Analytics significantly enhances a to certified technical resources.company’s ability to identify areas of highest profitabilityimpact in order to drive continuous profit improvements.Detailed visibility into revenues, costs, margins andoperations by dimensions such as customers, products,channels, segments and business units help developactionable plans leading to significant financial gains. "Finance executives are shifting their focus to performance management activities—decision support, business analysis, forecasting, and financial planning—to plan their growth strategies and measure the results of those efforts." CFO Research Services
    • About Longview SolutionsLongview Solutions provides a corporate performance management (CPM) and tax data management platform that leading companiessuch as Aon, Brunswick, Lexmark, The Home Depot and Trustmark use to drive performance with speed, visibility and financial integrity.Since 1994, Longview has been helping clients create a single repository of financial truth from which all, or any one of the followingkey financial processes can be performed: financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, disclosure management/XBRL reporting,statutory consolidation, management reporting, profitability analytics, tax data collection, tax provision/reporting and tax planning.Longview is an Exact company headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in Philadelphia, Chicago (USA), London (UK),and Amsterdam (NL).For more information please visit www.longview.com.Division Headquarters US Headquarters UK Headquarters Netherlands Headquarters65 Allstate Parkway, Suite 200 2 Radnor Corporate Center 3rd Floor, Viewpoint, 240 London Road Molengraaffsingel 33, 2629 JD DelftMarkham, ON • L3R 9X1 • Canada 100 Matsonford Road, Suite 230 Staines, Middlesex • TW18 4JT • UK P.O.Box 5066, 2600 GB Delft Radnor, PA • 19087 • USA The NetherlandsTel 905.940.1510 Tel 610.977.0995 Tel 44 (0)1784 221 270 Tel 44 (0)1784 221 270Fax 905.940.8310 Fax 484.367.1153 Fax 44 (0)1784 210 759 Fax 44 (0)1784 210 759Email info@longview.com Email info@longview.com Email info@longview.com Email info@longview.com Longview Solutions is an Exact company 11/2012© Copyright 2012 Exact International Development B.V. All rights reserved.