Steel Laboratory Furniture and Casework by Longo


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Steel laboratory furniture has many commercial laboratory applications - contact Longo to see if steel casework is the best option for your lab space.

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Steel Laboratory Furniture and Casework by Longo

  1. 1. Steel Laboratory Furniture and Casework Presented by Longo Inc. [email_address] CT, MA, RI: (508) 635-4354 NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD: (201) 825-1500
  2. 2. Metal Laboratory Bench with Reagent Shelving & Stainless Pegboard Email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) to learn more about Longo’s Laboratory Design & Construction Services.
  3. 3. Air Foil Fume Hoods with Acid Storage Not sure what fume hood is best for your lab? Email [email_address] for a lab consultant to contact for a fume hood evaluation.
  4. 4. Metal Laboratory Casework and Resin Counter Tops Longo’s laboratory consultants advise our clients regarding casework cabinet configuration, counter tops and fume hoods (if applicable).
  5. 5. Metal Laboratory Benches with Stainless Steel Counter Tops
  6. 6. Walk-In Fume Hood with Vertical Sash Option
  7. 7. Steel Student Laboratory Tables with Wood Perimeter Cabinets Longo’s lab design and general construction division renovates privates school facilities in NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA and RI. Email [email_address] for more information
  8. 8. Commercial Laboratory with Metal Casework and Resin Tops Longo can take your lab project from start to completion – email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) for a laboratory evaluation.
  9. 9. Flexible Lab/Lecture Student Tables with Resin Tops Sheldon Laboratory Axis Student Lab Stations available in CT, MA, RI, NY, NJ, & PA – email [email_address] for more details.
  10. 10. Laboratory Fume Hood Visit to see fume hood product line.
  11. 11. Metal Laboratory Cabinets & Fume Hood Longo’s design and construction team has been renovating commercial labs for over 40 years – visit to see our work.
  12. 12. Student Lab Workstations These Sheldon TEII lab tables have a steel base structure with gray epoxy resin tops.
  13. 13. Steel Laboratory Casework and Fume Hoods
  14. 14. Industrial Laboratory Casework Email [email_address] to learn more about lab planning – our lab consultants not only maximize the space, but we also provide & install the laboratory casework and counter tops.
  15. 15. Fume Hood with Mobile Acid/Flammable Storage Cabinet
  16. 16. Steel Laboratory Casework & Shelving with White Resin Tops Visit to see commercial lab projects completed by Longo’s laboratory planning & construction team.
  17. 17. Combination of Metal Student Lab Tables with Perimeter Metal & Wood Casework
  18. 18. Metal Lab Casework & Shelving with White Resin Lab Tops Longo’s lab design specialists are available to assist your school with all aspects of laboratory construction – we can provide architectural drawings, advice of electrical/mechanical/plumbing, project management – along with the laboratory furniture.
  19. 19. Industrial Lab Casework & Fume Hood Visit to see other industrial labs designed and furnished by Longo’s construction team.
  20. 20. Steel Student Lab Table with Epoxy Resin Top The Sheldon Total Experience II is a great student lab workstation for both the chemistry and biology science classroom. Email [email_address] to learn more.
  21. 21. Steel Lab Benches with Black Resin Tops & Reagent Shelving Longo’s laboratory design & construction team provides full turnkey services to companies and privates schools in need of labspace facilities.
  22. 22. Perimeter Metal Casework with Flush Aluminum Handles
  23. 23. Steel Lab Benches with Services Installed on Resin Tops
  24. 24. Steel Laboratory Casework with Custom Stainless Steel Counter Tops Email [email_address] to learn more about the counter top options available for the laboratory setting.
  25. 25. Custom Steel Laboratory Benches Longo’s design team can work with your lab personnel to create innovative environments with custom cabinetry and tops – email Nat Longo ( [email_address] ) to learn more about how Longo can assist your firm/school’s lab project.
  26. 26. Metal Laboratory Casework with Sliding Glass Doors Option
  27. 27. Metal Cabinetry with Metal Reagent Shelving Longo’s lab planning and construction services are available to firms/private schools located in New England, NY, NJ, PA and MD.
  28. 28. Custom Walk-In Fume Hood Construction Visit for more on commercial laboratory furniture and equipment.
  29. 29. School Science Lab Cabinetry Longo provides turnkey construction services to private school – email [email_address] for more details.
  30. 30. How To Contact Longo? <ul><li>CT, MA, RI private schools should call (508) 635-4354 to meet with a lab consultant. </li></ul><ul><li>NY, NJ, PA, MD private schools should call (201) 825-1500 to meet with a lab consultant. </li></ul><ul><li>Architect/Design firms may email [email_address] to arrange for a laboratory presentation. </li></ul>