Longo Laboratory Furniture Comparison Details


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Longo's Laboratory Consultants are available to work directly with schools to design their science classroom spaces. Our experienced staff is able to provide both laboratory planning advice and furniture selection recommendations (lab cabinet configurations, counter top selections, fume hoods, acid storage options, flammable storage options, student lab workstations and much more).

Email Longo at info@longoinc.com to learn more about our products & services.

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Longo Laboratory Furniture Comparison Details

  1. 1. Longo Inc.
  2. 2. Laboratory Systemso Sheldon Cabinet Constructiono Biology Lab Layouto Chemistry Lab Layouto Innovative Lab Layout
  3. 3. Sheldon Productso Highest Qualityo Educationally Correcto Teacher Guidedo NSTA Approvedo Promotes STEM
  4. 4. Sheldon Caseworko Thru-Bolt constructiono Top & bottom fully framedo Premium grade materialo Available in various wood types and materialso Epoxy powder coat hardware
  5. 5. Dowel vs. Thru-BoltCompetitors Sheldon
  6. 6. Dowel Construction
  7. 7. Thru-Bolt Construction
  8. 8. Hardware All Sheldon standard hardware receives a corrosion epoxy powder coat finishCompetitor Stainless Sheldon Powder Coated Steel Hinge Hinge
  9. 9. Back side and front are ½” thick and receive a Constructed of 9-ply matching melamine baltic birch plywood woodgrain edge- banding on top Drawer bottoms areCorners are joined ¼” thick MDFwith chuck and bore hardboard with aconstruction, glued white melamine and nailed overlay Sheldon Drawer Boxes
  10. 10. Modern Chemistry Layout TE II Design
  11. 11. Vandal-Resistant Fixtures with 9” Wide Molded Powder Coat Epoxy Resin Finish Trough and Raised Turrets Sink CoverEpoxy Resin Countertopwith Molded Raised Perimeter Edge Modular Storage Cubicles Available (optional) Steel Pedestal and Formed Convenien Fiberglass t Access Support to Services
  12. 12. Competitor’s Versions of the Longo TE II TableDiversified Collegedale Fisher Hamilton
  13. 13. Modern Biology Layout Trifacial Design
  14. 14. Vandal- Resistant One-Piece Fixtures with Molded Sink Powder Coat and Raised Finish Turrets All Services Above Adjoining Wing Tables Integral 34-Gallon Sink with RaisedPerimeter Edge Formed Fiberglass Enclosed Under- Structure Heavy-Duty Steel Support Column with Access Panels
  15. 15. Competitor’s Versions of the Longo Trifacial Table Diversified Collegedale
  16. 16. Modern Chemistry Layout Axis Table
  17. 17. Spacious Work Surface for Lab Work and Testing Supports Computer AdjustableTechnology Height Work Surface for Lab/Lecture Molded Epoxy Resin 19-Gallon Countertop and Sink with Sink Drying Ledge Entire Unit Is Services Away Wheelchair from Student Accessible During Lecture
  18. 18. Competitor’s Versions of the Longo Axis Table Diversified Collegedale
  19. 19. Competitor’s Versions of the Longo Axis TableFisher Hamilton American Science Labs
  20. 20. Adjustable Height WorkDemonstration Surface Wheelchair Services Accessible Custom Storage Configuration Lock-out Cable Electrical Management Services Control System
  21. 21. Competitor’s Versions of the Longo Focal Point Collegedale Fisher Hamilton
  22. 22. Learn More About Modern Lab Planning• Contact Longo – Call (800) 635-6646 – Email info@longoinc.com